362 CHAPTER 358

"I know you won't spill the beans to him. It would just add fuel to the fire." I said with a grin. "Dr. Catherine, I know you're swamped, so I won't chew your ear off anymore."

Catherine caught my drift that I wanted her to hit the road. Without a word, she turned on her heel and left the room.

She was a sharp cookie. She knew my relationship with Damon was a can of worms. Since she then knew that I was carrying Jones's kids, she probably wasn't going to spill the tea about me to Damon.

Her end game was to marry Damon to make up for lost time. Since the position of Damon's wife was then up for grabs, and she and Damon even had a kid together, everything was going swimmingly.

No one would have rocked the boat at that point.

After Catherine split, the doctor came in and did some basic checks on me. Just then, I felt a warmth down below, as if something was leaking out.


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