Are they dining at this café too? My curiosity was piqued But I quickly snapped out of it, realizing that whatever they were doing here had nothing to do with me. Soon, we would all go our separate ways, minding our own business. Over dinner, Sofia suddenly dropped a bombshell. "I have some news for you all. Ian and I have decided to get married!" I nearly choked on my food when I heard the news and started coughing Luna and Alicia's eyes bulged out in surprise. "Are you really doing it?" "Some people might see marriage as a shackle, but not Ian and me. We see it as a fortress of love." Sofia was completely smitten with Ian. They were a perfect match in both looks and family background. Even though Ian didn't come from as affluent a background as she did, Sofia was confident he would treat her right. "Men are not reliable, Sofia. Don't let love blind you!" Luna was the most anxious. She clutched Sofia's shoulders, "Wake up! How about reconsidering for another six months?" Sofia knew we were just concerned for her. She didn't get mad, just laughed and brushed Luna's hand away. "You guys are probably overthinking how scary marriage can be. I'll make you believe in love again!" Luna wanted to say more, but I shot her a look, and she instantly shut up. While we were good friends, it was not right to interfere too much, offering advice was enough. "I have to hit the restroom." After dinner, while the others were enjoying their coffee, I felt a bit stomach- ache and got up to use the restroom. As I stepped out of our booth and turned right, I heard Mitch's voice coming from a room, "Damon, have you found true love?" I paused and continued to eavesdrop. Cooper Clarke teased, "Too bad, the lady doesn't seem interested in you. Even Mr. Coleman's charm doesn't always work." "She already has a boyfriend. You should give up. There are plenty of fish in the sea."

"There are plenty of college girls!" I understood that in Mitch and the others' eyes, I was not Damon's wife. They all saw Damon as a "single" married man. Then, Jones's voice came, serious and cold, "What about Eliana? Your marriage with her is protected by law." I suddenly felt guilty for staining his thermos with lipstick. A silence fell in the room. After a while, I heard Damon's lazy voice, "That's not true love, just a passing fancy. Haven't you heard the saying? The things we can't have are always the best." I didn't know what Damon said next because the discomfort in my stomach was getting worse. I had to go to the restroom. I was taken aback when my period, which had been missing for two months, suddenly came! I guess it was because I had been eating and sleeping well lately, and the nourishing supplements had regulated my body, so my period was back to normal. I looked down and realized my period had indeed come. After a minute of pondering, I decided to call Damon. He actually hung up on me! Was he too busy discussing how to woo Ariel with his friends to have time for me? The arrival of my period made me even more irritable. With a belly full of anger, I stormed into the room where Damon was, pushing the door open forcefully. Everyone was taken aback by my sudden appearance, especially Mitch who looked utterly flabbergasted. Damon was sitting at the head of the table, wearing a sleek black polo shirt. His face, which was beaming a moment ago, turned sour the instant he saw me. "What are you doing here?" He asked, frowning.

Ignored him and instead waved at Jones, giving him a somewhat shy smile. "Dr. Jones, I need your help with something. Do you have time?" Reluctantly, after exchanging a glance with Damon, Jones got up and stepped out. "What is it? Jones asked as soon as we were outside. I need you to buy something for me. I gave him a sweet smile, although I could have asked Luna or the others, but I didn't want to "What do you need? Jones asked, puzzled. 'Lean in" I tiptoed, and when Jones leaned in to listen, I quickly whispered, "Tampons and a skirt!" Jones's face changed instantly. He probably didn't understand why I would ask him to buy these things. "No way Jones flatly refused "You can sit around discussing how to chase other women with Damon but can't help his poor wife buy some tampons? As a doctor, do you not have any moral responsibility?" I chastised pursel sterrey Jones looked at me with a complex expression. Among Damon's circle, he was the only decent man. Although he had done some crazy things in pursuit of Ariel, he was single! Chasing a woman was normal! Compared to Damon, who had no sense of morality, he was much better Sure enough, Jones didn't say anything more. With a tight lipped expression, he turned around and headed for the stairs. I waited at the door, sending a message to Luna and the others to assure them I was okay. As I was waiting, the door of the room opened again, and Damon came out. Seeing me alone, he asked, "Where's Jones?" I painted towards the stairs. "Over there' Jones came back holding a black bag. His face was slightly red, and he looked a bit embarrassed. He handed me the bag sounding like an awkward bat. "Here"

I took the bag cheerfully, oblivious to Damon standing next to me. I shyly thanked Jones. "Thanks, Dr. Jones. I owe you a meal!" "Hold on, what's this?" Damon suddenly grabbed my wrist. I couldn't get away. He glared at the black bag in my hand, his eyes filled with hostility. I felt satisfied in my heart. Isn't Damon a hypocrite? Wasn't he afraid of people finding out that I betrayed him? And now I'm shamelessly getting close to his best friend, which must be driving him crazy. I let him grab the bag from me, open it, and watched as his face turned sour. 'How could you…" Damon is a guy with no manners, he never hides it when he gets angry. "You let Jones buy you this kind of stuff?" "Huh? What's wrong with him buying me some pads?" I played dumb on purpose. "And this!" Damon was so angry he almost threw the pink underwear at my face. His face was dark, fuming. Jones was also looking at me, seemingly pondering something. Actually, I didn't expect Jones to be so thoughtful. I only needed tampons and a skirt, but he considered that my underwear was dirty too. How did such a wealthy. good-looking, principled, and considerate man lose to Damon in my past life?

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