339 Waking Up

"You are finally awake."

In a room filled with light candles with a hint of purple color upon its fire, a slender figure slightly submerged upon the clear water of a heptagon-shaped pool slowly opened a pair of sapphire eyes.

The moment the person woke up, the countless small lanterns creating a mysterious formation with him as the center started to lose the mysterious glow upon it.

After a few moments of silence, a hoarse and cold voice softly echoed out in the entire room.

"Ren Yuan?"

The young woman kneeling a distance away from the pool finally let out a deep sigh of relief seeing the young man had finally regained consciousness. At the same time, her lips form a wry smile after hearing what the young man had spoken just after waking up. 

"Young Master Cheng really treasures him the most."

After waking up, he came first into your mind, huh? How much deeper have you truly fallen?


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