338 Farewell And Surprise

"Hmm… I… I see… heh… cough… hm… hehe…"

The transparent Ren Yuan couldn't stop the wide smile on his lip, at the same time ignoring the crimson color on his pale cheeks with his long eyelashes fluttering with a hint of shyness and happiness.

"If I didn't experience what happened between us… I'm not sure if I would have easily fallen for you in this life. You could say, it was because of you, that I can feel such emotion for the first time in my life."

Shao Cheng decided to be more honest, and open his heart to the Ren Yuan before him.

And it was not because he didn't need to feel the fear, anxiousness, and dread the same way he felt toward the person in his arms.

He just decided that the Ren Yuan before him completely deserved to hear his genuine thoughts after what they experienced throughout their life and for everything the man had done for him.


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