344 Escape

"My Lord?"

After a few moments of silence, Pengfei finally spoke up without his usual playful attitude, his voice carrying a far more respectful tone than usual, along with a hint of fear and unease.

And yet, his face swiftly showed an alarm when the young man in a white robe stumbled when he took a step forward, with his entire shoulder down, carrying an unbelievable amount of burden or emotion that no one could see.

It was in that instant that Pengfei knew that whatever occurred while the young man was unconscious, was extremely serious and severe enough to cause such tremendous bad conditions to the usually cold and indifferent young man.

The grace and unimaginable amount of confidence the young man showed just by standing there in silence like nothing could take him down was completely gone. Only desolation in his eyes, gloom around his figure, and untold grief upon his shoulder.

It felt like Pengfei was facing a broken man beyond repair.


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