353 Decision

"Papa bug, the entire situation is extremely suspicious."

After scouring all over the territory of the Shao fief, Purple and Shao Cheng didn't find a single clue as to where the abnormal atmosphere in the air was coming from. There is also the fact that everything returned to normal like there is nothing amiss the longer the two of them inspect the land.

The tiniest trace of unusualness leaking into the air had completely disappeared with their arrival.

If Purple and Shao Cheng were to describe the entire situation, based on what had occurred in the previous life, there seemed to be a certain sickness or disease affecting the supposedly blessed land that should have continued to prosper and flourish further down the future.

And yet, this land had turned desolate and dead in the previous life, completely causing Purple and Shao Cheng to feel extremely dubious of the previous life's situation after seeing the thick blessed aura in the area now.


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