The Real Rich Daughter is a Future Genius Scientist

Guo Miao, the national treasure of the Empire, committed suicide after completing a certain grand project. Everyone had theories about her motives, but no one was aware that she was a reincarnation and had simply ended her own life because there was nothing left for her to do. She did not expect to reincarnate back to her past life when she discovered that she was the Guo family's real rich daughter. In her last life, she did not turn down her parents who came for her, only to find that her decision left her in the abyss. Not only did her parents play favorites, but their fake rich daughter was also ruthless, framing her for a murder and isolating her, then leaving her to rot in jail while her stepfather died from depression. Now that she had reincarnated, she no longer sought familial warmth—only survival for the sake of those who truly loved her and to live her life! She earned countless honors and innumerable scientific discoveries by turning over a new leaf. Everyone who used to belittle her now regretted life, bawling as they begged for her patents. She coldly watched as they humiliated themselves and snapped at them icily: Dream on! In this secular world, she was the goddess to all and the most coveted person of every rich kid in the Imperial Capital. A certain man: The proudest thing I've done in my life is winning her love!

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While Lu Ning was imprisoned, Guo Miao lived in pain every day.

Lu Ning knew that she would be sentenced to death, but she still remained calm. She encouraged Guo Miao every day to cheer her up.

Moreover, the two of them used to study at the high school affiliated with Haicheng University, so they had a lot in common.

That period of time was the happiest time Guo Miao had in prison.

After that, Lu Ning was sentenced to death.

On the morning of the day she left the prison for the execution grounds, she had gotten up at five o'clock. She didn't wake Guo Miao up but left a note for her instead.

When Guo Miao woke up, she was faced with the bed that had been tidied up by the prison guards and the note with tear stains.

"Miao Miao, live on. I'm leaving. Don't miss me."

At that time, Guo Miao had gripped the note and sobbed out loud. Since then, she had never seen Lu Ning.

Since the heavens had allowed her to live again and meet Lu Ning, she had to protect her well and let her lead a brilliant life of her own.

It was the anniversary of Haicheng High School. The school had a seven-day holiday, during which the school would hold various student festivals and exhibitions.

Guo Miao was not interested in these student activities. The submission period for the National Science and Technology Academic Competition was about to end, and she was going to take advantage of this time to go to Jingdu and meet Li You and Lin Chao.

As for the Guo family, Guo Miao simply gave them a reason. Her parents knew that she was excellent in her studies, so they didn't say anything and just let her go.

Guo Miao chose to take a flight out on Monday morning. When she arrived at the capital, it was noon and the sun was shining brightly.

When she walked out of the arrival gate, she saw a big sign with the big "Mindy" written on it.

That was her WeChat name. The five letters were probably casually written with a marker, revealing the rough sincerity of a science student.

She walked to the person holding the sign and called out his name, "Lin Chao."

The other party was also shocked. He asked tentatively, "Big Boss Mindy?"

"Yes, it's me. Just call me Guo Miao." Guo Miao extended her hand to him.

Lin Chao's jaw was about to drop. This Big Boss who had been discussing academia with them was actually an underaged-looking child?

"Big Boss… may I ask how old you are this year?"

Guo Miao took off her mask, and Lin Chao was stunned again. This girl was too beautiful. Her facial features and outline were very delicate. She wore a pair of rimless glasses and exuded the brilliance of wisdom and wisdom.

"It's impolite to ask a lady's age. Let's go," Guo Miao said.

Lin Chao led the way for Guo Miao with the sign in his hand, but he was screaming madly in his heart.

The big boss was actually an exquisite beauty who looked like a high school student!

Looking at his own unkempt self, Lin Chao suddenly felt the difference between them.

"Boss, I've already called for a car. It's Chengyue Hotel, right?"

Chengyue Hotel was a first-class resort in the capital city. It was a luxury hotel brand under the Jinyue Group. Although it had not been open for long, it had become a popular hotel because of its perfect accommodation and first-class service.

"Okay, let's go over now." Guo Miao got into the car.

"Boss, I'll send you back to the hotel first. Li You is already waiting there. Let's have a meal. You can walk around this afternoon. Li You and I have schoolwork to do. When we're done, we'll come and find you."

Guo Miao nodded slightly and agreed. She looked out of the window and felt the sunlight of the capital on her hands.

Jingdu was in the North. Compared to Haicheng, it had more of such bright and beautiful days.

She liked this kind of weather. In her previous life, ever since she went to Haicheng, she had almost never seen the sun. Those sunny days were also shrouded by the haze in her heart.

Later, when she came to the Empire, people were already used to living on different planets. The planet she lived on happened to be illuminated by technology, so naturally, she had never seen real sunlight.

Now that she was feeling this kind of sunshine again after her rebirth, Guo Miao's heart had an indescribable satisfaction.

The car drove for half an hour and stopped at the entrance of Chengyue Hotel.

Li You was already waiting at the hotel.

He was shocked to see Lin Chao and Guo Miao get out of the car. The legendary boss was actually such a young girl.