The Reader will create his own ending Book

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The Reader will create his own ending


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"No matter how many times i pinch myself, the results remain the same. It really is the Flaura City huh?" said Blaze while looking around. Blaze Ignis (a 18 - years old high schooler) one day , suddenly wakes up to find himself in a field of beautiful flowers and soft grass. He remembered reading his favorite novel and wishing he would just transmigrate as one of the characters of the novel and get rid of his shitty life, before falling asleep. This novel was more precious to him than his own life (not exaggerating). it was what kept him going, when he almost gave up on his life too many times....His parents were pressurizing him because of the college entrance exam , and of course the high school graduation exams. Always comparing him to his cousins, in EVERY damn thing, EVERY SINGLE DAY. Ignoring his own achievements and hard work. This has been going on for the past 5 years , since he was 13....his endurance was definitely at its limits. Anyways...seems like a god has granted his wish, except he is in his own body and he has a system which is not supposed to exist at "this" point in time. It also contains some skills he has never read about before...and the description box is just showing [???] , even some skill names are hidden in a similar way. His only objective is to prevent the tragedies that are to follow Frore (MC of the novel) and through a change of events , obtain the kind of ending he wants to see. But ,is it really as simple of a task as it seems to him??