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the reader system: the villain with app!


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Discord: https://discord.com/invite/EVEjCxccjW ------------- Who is Mc? > Long Shen. Is Long Shen strong? > Yes Can he beat Goku? > Yes! does Goku have a bachelor's degree? is it harem? > Yes Rated18? > Yes Is he a regular-type Villain Mc? > *looking at such a question, the Author smirks at your stupidity thus, he doesn't want to answer it ** Is there Gore? > depends on how you usually read. Don't tell me there are annoying harem members. > **Gives you a Hug** worry not, I understand you. This pretty much answers your question, if you have any questions like, is it lgbtq, Yuri, NTR, blah blah blah... It's No! No means No. ------------ Long Shen a Typical Nerd, Who has a bachelor's degree in physics, chemistry and biology gets reincarnated into worlds of Novels. Not as a protagonist but a cheap cannon folder villain. Want to know more? > READ THE FUCKING STORY.


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