50 50. Epilogue

100 years had passed since Emperor and Empress Xing's Reign. However, their story had been passed down to many people as they were practically the first one who gave the throne to their child even when they were still actually capable of reigning.

Most Emperor would want to have the power for as long as he lived.

But not Emperor Xing.

Instead, he handed the throne to his son while he spent the rest of his life as an idle member of the Imperial Family.

Empress Xing was also very famous because of many ideas she had proposed and implemented with the help of Emperor Xing. Their title that came from the noble act of saving people in a city ended up as the tile that many people revered.


The people felt that the two of them were sent by Heaven to change their lives.

And Emperor Xing also become quite the legend because he really didn't take any concubine and didn't even express his interest to have one. While it might be because he was the one who married into the Empress' family, he could actually force his will if he truly wanted it.

But he stayed loyal.

The Empress couldn't speak, but she had written down many things that were still taught to the younger generation for the years to come. A lot of people felt that the Empress' wisdom was like the sky while theirs couldn't even touch the corner of it.

And when the two of them passed away from old age, the two of them were buried together.

"Emperor Xing is a great Emperor. Despite his humble birth and the fact that he's sent to the frontline ever since he was young, he managed to survive and eventually become the winner in the battle for the throne."

A melodious voice rang in the garden as a woman held a young child in her arm. She was holding a memorandum in her hand while the young boy looked at the book with clear interest.

"Why did they not change their title?" the young boy asked curiously.

The woman was silent for a moment. She shook her head. "Mother didn't know what the reason was, but maybe it's because they think that it's title is the most suitable for them."



Even though the title was originally meant to mock the two of them, it seemed to have become a prophecy.

The two of them were really 'lucky' to be the sole survivor of the whole incidents.

If even one of the event went wrong, it wouldn't have gone this way.

"He's a great Emperor." The young child concluded.

The woman smiled. "Many people wonder whether either one of them is actually so cunning or they're really that lucky."

An act or fate?

But whichever one it is, it'll not change the fact that both of them had made History.

"What do you think?"

"Both are amazing."

The young boy had grown up listening to the story of Emperor and Empress Xing.

The Emperor survived in harsh environment and put himself in the lower position. But despite that, he still did his work very well and when it's time, he strikes forward to take the position longed by others.

The Empress was originally an unknown princess who's pitied by everyone. But in the end, she became the sole survivor and seated on the highest seat even though she's a female. No one would be able to deny that from the time she become the Empress until her death, no one would dare to offend her.

"Right." The woman smiled. "What do you think play the biggest role in their story to cause such massive change?"


The woman chuckled. "I'm more inclined to believe that great grandmother knows more than what she's letting out. However, no matter which one it is, I know she's a great person. If she lived in this era, there's no doubt that no one could compare to her if she had high ambition."

One who's capable and had the ambition will be the leader.

She looked up at the sky and smiled. "And even without high ambition, just protecting herself alone can actually push her to the top. What do you think would happen when she truly wants the world?"

The young boy, who's also a young prince, listened to his mother's words carefully. He thought for a moment and nodded. There was no way there would be an ordinary person in the Imperial Family.

It was undeniable that the two of them must have schemed to make their way up until this point.

However, it was also the truth that the two of them looked so ordinary and rather low in their early years. Not many records were left about those period of time as they pale in comparison to other Imperial Family members at that period of time. What existed was simply a few sentences that explained their seemingly poor background.

Yet, they were the one who won in the end.

"Maybe, she can truly have it?" the young prince asked.

His mother laughed lightly. "Yeah, maybe. That's why, even though you're not as good as your brothers, don't look down on yourself. Keep on working hard and grasp your chance when it comes."

"Yes, Mother."

The young prince smiled and snuggled close to his mother.

What he needed was simply to have the same courage and determination as his ancestors. The two of them could create a legend like that while their descendants were all considered to be rather normal.

He wanted to be like them.

To grasp his chance and changed his fate. Even if he's just a prince from an unfavored concubine, his future might be different.

He just has to continue working hard and do whatever he could.

Who knows what the future hold for him?

- The End -