The Pure and The Corrupted Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

The Pure and The Corrupted


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[Mature Content 18+] Anaya Willow, a resilient and beautiful Healer, enters Arcane Academy with a promise to steer clear from love. But her will is challenged within minutes of entering the academy when a she runs into a handsome stranger, Khai Heathcliff. A cosmic pull draws Khai and Anaya together, but scars from her past continue to haunt her, weaving themselves into her life at the academy. Despite her efforts to resist, his feelings for her remain unwavering. Will Khai’s love give her the strength to free herself from the shackles that confined her heart for so long? *** Anaya’s eyes narrowed when she saw that he didn’t believe her. “If you’re so good at reading me, what am I thinking right now?” She puffed her chest and folded her hands over them. Khai licked his lips, fighting his urge to kiss her as leaned towards her. She gasped softly, tilting back at his abrupt closeness. “Well, right now, I think you’re challenging me. Which means you’re curious about me. Tell me Anaya, are you curious about me?” *** This is a slow detailed book. Read until chapter 30 at least before you decide to drop it! Read my review so you know what to expect - or keep the suspense rolling and just start reading. I’ll love you either way :) *** This work is purely fictional. I don’t own the cover. If the owner needs me to take it down, my discord is Pato93 #4786