22 Selene

Divine Realm, Valley of the Mist.

The divine realm has many forbidden zones, one of which is the valley of mist.

A zone is classified as a forbidden zone, only if the danger limit exceeds even the divine overload class.

Evelynn was heading towards the entrance of Valley of the Mist.

She immediately came here, after getting pushed outside of the room by Nyx.

Coming to the entrance, Evelynn stopped.

"Selene? Won't you welcome me?" Evelynn said while looking at the mist.

"Why not?" a faint whisper-like voice of woman was heard.

After that, the mist was cleared, and what greeted the view was large gigantic mountains.

Lifeforms that can't be found anywhere in the world were roaming around.

Evelynn smiled seeing the mist clearing out of her view.

Ignoring the new lifeforms, which even Evelynn was seeing for the first time, she took a step in the air, in the direction of the largest peak, and disappeared.

A single step of her can map the divine realm from north to south, but here she has to take two steps to arrive at the peak top.

For cultivators of the divine realm, the Valley of Mist is a forbidden zone that no one has explored, but only a few know, it is altogether a different realm.

A realm that is created by Selene, a dimension even bigger than the Divine realm.

On the peak, three women stood tall, as if gazing at the mortal world.

Their eyes were shining with a profound glow as if peering into space and time.

All three women were diviners.

An existence that is most hated by any cultivator.

No cultivator wants to fight against a seer which can foresee the future.

Evelynn spotted the three women who were similarly looking at her.

She softly landed on the ground.

Her eyelashes trembled seeing two foreign figures behind a violet-haired woman.

"Who are they?"

"No one of your importance," the violet-haired woman softly said, after that she waved her hands in the air.

The two women behind her disappeared without a trace.

Evelynn snorted and arrived in front of the violet-haired woman.

It was clear, Evelynn does not like this woman, she just keep too many secrets.

A seer has manipulation in their blood.

And the seer in front of Evelynn was Selene, one of history's greatest diviners and also one of her sisters.

The Violet haired woman, opened her lips with a faint smile, "I wonder, what pleasure may I owe you today Evelynn? You don't usually come here."

"Don't pretend, why did you send that woman to the sacred sky jade realm?" an angry voice of Evelynn replied her back.

Selene acted confused.

"Which women?" the latter retorted.

On her retort, Evelynn frowned, how can she still keep her act in front of her?

This slut is a lustful bitch in bed but acts all high and mighty in front of others.

Evelynn gaze narrowed at Selene, who stood there unfazed against the former aura which was enough to crush immortals like ants.

The pressure was only enough to lift Selene's lavender hair slightly which enhanced her beauty further.

A pair of violet eyes mockingly gazed at Evelynn.

The figure of Selene looked like the supreme goddess of the world. She had a distinct aura that separates her from the people around her, an aura of fate. Shui Ningxue has this aura as well, along with the two women behind Selene who just left.

But the aura of Selene is far brighter, it shines with the brilliance of the moon.

Seeing the unfazed look, the pressure emitted by Evelynn increased further.


The ground was instantly crushed, the mountain peak which stood high and mighty turned into dust and vanished.

Selene knitted her eyebrows. "You are destroying my place..."

Her voice was clear, that if Evelynn gets any further than this, she would have to face consequences

Countless threads extended behind Selene's back, ready to attack Evelynn at any moment.

Each thread has the strength of an immortal weapon.

Selene can summon the threads at her wish, she had an endless supply of Immortal Weapons that can make any immortal drool.

It is just the immortals would be crushed by her pressure even before they can approach her.

Evelynn wasn't scared, she laughed softly. "You can keep your act, I would go and meet Isabelle... I wonder whether she would be as peaceful as me, once she knows you were playing with her servant's fate."

Selene's face turned unsightly at Isabelle's mention.

That woman is unreasonable, she would destroy her whole realm first then go for any peaceful talk.

The servant was none other than the immortal woman who was keeping eye on Xia Shuiyao.

Selene can't play with the fate of other void realm cultivators but a mere divine overlord is nothing but her puppet.

The calm expression on Selene's crumbled for a moment, Evelynn was enjoying playing with this prideful woman.

But it didn't last long Selene was able to come up with an excuse the next moment.

"I was keeping an eye on you. What if you harmed my Darling?" Selene said with a haughty look, she lifted her chest in the air showing her ample assets.

Evelynn can't help but mutter, 'Arrogant bitch!"

It was not as if her chest were bigger than Evelynn, but it was her prideful face that Evelynn wanted to crush.

All of her sisters' body shapes are nearly the same.

On being referred to as an 'arrogant bitch' Selene frowned.

Indeed what Selene did right now was stooping too low.

Her words meaning were simple, she would get Isabelle on her side, on the pretext that she was spying on Evelynn for protection for Xia Tian.

Though Isabelle will know she is lying, since the matter involves Xia Tian, she would not make her move.

When Selene was busy celebrating her victory, Evelynn had already moved.

"Today I will get out whatever you are planning!"


The dimension shook violently.

Selene opened her eyes wide, "Are you trying to fight?"

Before she was able to react the space started shrinking at a rapid speed.

Cracks appeared across the dimension.

Evelynn had disappeared from her place and was hovering above the clouds.

She waved her hands in the air, ancient runes started to hover above her.

A silver brilliance was emitted from the runes.

Instantly, A portal was opened that teleported her far into space.

"Blame yourself for it," Evelynn muttered.

Her body was floating in vast black space.

Her eyes peered across space and time, glaring at a large realm.

The realm was twice the size of the Divine realm.

But Every second it was shrinking its size.

Before long, it had turned even smaller than then a low-level realm.

The technique used by Evelynn was 'Dimension Shrink'.

Her silver eyes are not for show but it displays her mastery over the space laws.

A large magnetic field was enclosing the whole realm of Selene.

None of the beings created by her was able to escape.

In the end, the dimension started folding itself into the size of a large ball.

The ball kept shrinking till it disappeared completely.

A high-level dimension was eradicated in mere seconds!!

Evelynn sneered, "This bitch is too crafty, she won't die from this."

And just as she thought, a cocoon-like structure appeared across the space.

The white threads started unbinding themselves, and from inside of it a silhouette of a woman appeared.

It was Selene.

She was not fazed by the earlier attack, but still, Selene wasn't able to escape without damage.

A small cut mark was visible across her face from which scarlet blood was flowing out of it.

Selene lifted her hand with a blank look. Her fingers ran across her face, a warm liquid was flowing out of a small crack.

It was blood! Her blood!!

How many years it had been, since she last bleed?

She has forgotten this feeling.

"You spoiled my face!!"

Selene roared at Evelynn, her eyes glowed with brilliance.


Instantly her figure shot towards Evelynn.

Evelynn knitted her eyebrows, her attack should be more powerful than this.

Did her sister become powerful or she became weak?

She sighed and lifted her hands.

A barrier strong enough to take the explosion from hundreds of stars appeared in front of her. [Star = Realm]

Selene's figure crashed into the barrier.


The latter was pushed apart by the sudden impact.

Her eyes shone once again, multiple small portals appeared behind her back.

Whoosh... whoosh... Whoosh

Several glowing threads attacked the barrier at once.

Evelynn frowned. "This bitch has increased her power!"

Boom! boom! Boom!

The shock waves emitted by the impact destroyed multiple realms.

Numerous small and mid-level realms were destroyed by the pressure emitted by the explosion.

The shockwaves shook the whole space.

Numerous experts appeared far across space observing the battle from afar.

"Who are these monsters!?" A man who was from the devil race said.

"You better not know." Another red-haired man said, he was a human.

"Divine Emperor, do you know about them? These existences are far beyond us! Who are they?"

The short-red-haired man laughed. "Haha, Night Devil this is a fight of cultivators beyond fate itself! This is our once in lifetime opportunity to observe the battle of two supreme experts."

Cultivators beyond fate!!

This sentence out of the Divine Emperor's mouth shocked everyone present.

They sucked cold breath!!

Night devil's expression turned ugly. "But Multiple realms will be destroyed. The Devil and Divine realm will also be destroyed. We have to stop them."

To him, Divine Emperor shook his head. "If you have the power you can go and stop them."

Night Devil grimaced, how can he go and stop these monsters!?

They are watching from afar.

If they even step a single step closer, their Immortal bodies along with their soul will vanish by the shockwaves.

At this moment, Evelynn had a hard time keeping the barrier intact.

Cracks were already beginning to appear.

Another pink-haired woman appeared near the crowd who was observing the battle.

"Why are these sluts fighting?"

Her words were loud enough, which shocked everyone present.


Their backs were instantly drenched in a cold sweat.

But contrary to what they expected, both supreme experts either did not hear her words or ignored it.

"Sister please do not anger them more. They may leave you alive but we all will die." Divine Emperor wryly smiled at his sister, who in turn just sneered.

"What has your life to do with me?"

Divine Emperor can only shake his head at her words.

On another hand, Selene gathered a large amount of Qi and directly punched the barrier.


The space shook once again.

The barrier was cracked open, and Evelynn uttered a painful grunt.


Her figure was shot backward destroying multiple realms in her path.

Selene smiled and her figure disappeared.

Boom! Boom!

Shortly after, another barrage of attacks was launched from both sides.

It does not matter what comes between the attack, everything was destroyed.

The battle continued for hours.

Hundreds of realms were destroyed, fortunately, it seemed the supreme experts were avoiding the large realms.

Else too many cultivators would have lost their lives.

The space was full of colorful explosions, realms were getting destroyed every moment.

"Who is the woman master is fighting with?" A purple-haired woman asked.

"I don't know." another silver-haired shook her head lightly and answered.

Both were the women who stood behind Selene at the peak.

Both are diviners.

The Dragon Emperor was also present in the crowd.

The dragons live in the Forgotten Rift, which is a separate high-level realm.

One of the only realms which along with the Fairy realm survived the great era of gods.

However, the Fairy realm was destroyed about 1 billion years ago, so now only the forgotten rift remains.

[A/N: The seventh world in which Xian Tian is currently in, has gone through multiple eras, one of which is the Era of Gods. They were nothing but a bunch of immortals who called themselves gods. I am not touching Era stuff yet, so don't ask for more. Check 'Timeline' in the Auxiliary chapter.]

But just like others, Dragon Emperor didn't dare to move any closer.

"These women are active once again... It means that man is alive... He will soon come to collect his debt. How will we face him?" He thought.

He helplessly sighed and left.

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