19 Getting Out of Mindspace

*Step* *Step*

Xia Tian was not seated on his throne anymore but walking around his mind space.


A sigh escaped his mouth, he was bored in this place.

There was nothing fun to do.

Soon, he arrived in front of his statues.


With a single punch, the head of his statue was destroyed.

But it wasn't an issue because the next second it was restored as if the time was reversed.

He had already done this numerous times.

This wasn't the first time he tried to destroy it, but no matter how hard he tried the statues will restore themselves.

He tried to get out of his mind space but was unable to... As if something was stopping him.

It was his will... His will wasn't allowing him to leave this place.

All this time he had realized.

The statues aren't the one which is trapping him here.

But so as not to get bored he started destroying his statues.


After repeating it multiple times, he got back to his throne and sat down.

He was bored.

There was one thing bothering him...

As much as Xia Tian knows himself, there was no way he hasn't foreseen a situation like this.

If he had already foreseen this, then he must have the plan to counter it.

So where is the plan made by him?

Why hasn't it already begun?

After a few moments, Xia Tian got bored again and started taking out his frustration on poor statues.

While he taking down the statues in the north, he noticed there was an empty place ... Originally each square was filled with one of his statues, however one was empty, which piqued his interest.


The moment he got there, with a flash a silver runic pattern ring appeared in front of him.

"What is this?"

Xia Tian was left in bewilderment... What is he supposed to do with this ring?

Nevertheless, he wore it and proceeded to destroy the other statues.

Xia Tian's few memories were blocked which is why he wasn't able to recognize them... Or more accurately the rings were never supposed to exist in his mind space...

The only reason the rings were able to exist was due to their connection with Xia Tian...

As shrewd as this old fox was he already has prepared for this situation.

He was survival driven to such an extent, he even thought of a way to protect himself from himself... So he is never able to kill himself.

Huh, whether Xia Tian should be hailed as history's biggest genius or fool, is still a mystery.

"Uh, I got eight rings in all eight directions... But still, something is missing."

Even after gathering all eight rings, Xia Tian was unable to get out of this place.

One may think it will take a long time to figure out the last link.

But unfortunately for them, it was Xia Tian not a son of destiny.

"Even Idiots can figure out the last one lies there..."

A sneer resounded from Xia Tian's mouth, while he walked in the direction of the large golden throne.

The moment he got there and sat with all eight rings intact, a small portal appeared in front of him.


A small black cube-like structure appeared in front of him.

Xia Tian raised an eyebrow and cautiously touched grabbed the cube with his hands.

But the moment the small cube made contact with Xia Tian's skin, it started vibrating violently.

The next second with a flash of light it got inside Xia Tian's head.


The surprised look on Xia Tian's face did not last for long.

Right after that, a self-mocking voice was heard.

"I am a genius..."

All the memories of Xia Tian were restored including those of the rings.

As for why Xia Tian was mocking himself at the same time calling himself a genius?

"How the fuck it took me so long to solve this puzzle!?"

Yes, this was the reason.

He called himself a genius, because of his thought of a plan to even save himself from himself.

For others, psychopath lack empathy.

It means they are devoid of any emotion.

But that would be a wrong statement.

They are aware of each and every emotion, whether it is on others or themselves.

It is just they found it of no use, so they disregard it.

Their inner mind goes like this...

If they see a person smiling after getting praised, they would think, 'He is smiling because he got praised? So you require their acceptance to smile? Can't he just smile if he wants to smile?'

They would reason everything and divert their attention to logical reasoning.

Thus they are able to exhibit much more emotion outside than any other person.

If someone praises a psychopath, since he had already learned by his earlier observation, he would smile as well.

This is why Xia Tian doesn't care what his toys do... Although he loves Ningxue crying, he only forces her to make that expression when he wants it.

The rest of the time whether she smiles laughs, or cries, doesn't concern him.

Just like that some psychopaths when they see a person they wonder how this person would scream when he will die... So in the end they kill that person to see it.

They act upon their urges, but at the same time function on basis of a self-preservation mechanism, so even if they will murder someone, logically they are aware that this particular society doesn't allow this, for them it is wrong...so they would devise a plan to execute it in a manner that they would be able to escape the legal system.

In the end, outside he would appear more human than others around him.


Inside the void.

Xia Tian's eyes shined with silver glimmer once again.

"Hello, little girl."

The first thing which entered his vision was unsurprisingly Ningxue's face, who was following her usual routine of staring at him.

"Hi," Ningxue who heard his voice casually waved said.

But just a moment after it she realized something.


Her pupils shrank.


She rubbed her eyes twice, but no matter how hard she abused her small innocent eyes, the scene did not change at all.

Xia Tia was awake !!


Ningxue screamed loudly in excitement and jumped onto him.

Unfortunately, for her, she chooses the wrong person.


"Get off me," casually said Xia Tian as he held onto her face with his hand.

Ningxue fell to the bed in a sudden motion, due to being forcefully stopped in midair.

Her body slowly slumped down to the bed.

She was emotionally damaged, once again.


Unable to take it, she started crying.

Though, with slight observation, one can tell she was faking it.

"How many years have passed?" asked Xia Tian.

He was as emotionless as ever.

No changes were present in his body even after exiting the mind space.

On being suddenly asked, Ningxue's ears perked up.

How many years??

" _ "

She forget to count...

Xia Tian who saw her downcast expression understood asking this girl anything is useless.

Women are always undependable at the most crucial times.

He used his powers to find out directly.

"Hmm... 300 years have passed."

Although, 300 years passed inside the void but no apparent emotion was visible on his face.

He froze the time outside the world before coming here.

One can say, except center of the void, the remaining world was in a frozen state.

It was something he expected, but still, he did not expect his plans to move this fast...

Xia Tian can't help but glance at the lass in front of him.

She was definitely a variable placed by his predecessor God, but why?

Just like someone can't guess Xia Tian's thinking.

Xia Tian also can't guess his predecessor God's mind at all.

Xia Tian thought, 'What was he even trying to accomplish?'

Was the previous God helping him or plotting against him?

Ningxue who completely misunderstood Xia Tian's gaze glanced down and observed her figure.

Her clothes were wrinkled slightly, and her right shoulder was exposed to the air.

Not to forget, she was just pretending to cry earlier.

Placing all the things together, only one possibility struck her mind.

Instantly, a thunder struck her.

Her whole body shivered in fear.

No matter how hard she try to look, but just remembering those earlier memories was enough to send a chill down her spine.

It was dark...

Everything was blacked out...

She was left alone...

For someone like Ningxue dying was not hard... But the thought of being left alone was...

This is why she did not leave Xia Tian...

She would rather choose the devil she knows, than the devil she does not know.

With trembling hands, she started pulling her clothes slowly.


Xia Tian who heard sudden rustling sound looked ahead, and found a pale face Ningxue removing her clothes.

Her hands were trembling in fright.

He knew that how she recovered, after all just know he was digesting all the events which happened in these 300 years.

But why is she removing her clothes.

He was in mood to play with her.

"What are you doing?" He asked.

"Y-You don't want to?" Ningxue looked at Xia Tian and replied.

Though once can she only her eyes were focusing at him and rest of her body was still shaking in fear.

Xia Tian casually replied.


"Oh," Ningxue nodded her head slightly at him and again wore her clothes.

She was confused.

Wasn't he looking at her earlier?

There is no way he was caring about her ... This possibility never occurred in her mind.

So the only thing left was he wanted to play with his toy.

Did she misunderstood him?

Xia Tian then remembered something and spoke.

"Oh, by the way what do you want, you still haven't told me?"

What do she want?

Ningxue blinked her eyes.

But then she remembered, she had a wish.

She had actually forgotten about it.

Her expression turned into a serious one while facing Xia Tian.

"I want to die," Ningxue stated her wish.

Xia Tian wasn't shocked by her.

"You can die by yourself."

Ningxue shook her head at his words. If it was that easy she would have already killed herself.

She took a deep breath and explained. "I want to die for real... Kill me in a way so that even you or anyone else can't resurrect me... It just feels tiring to live..."

Kill her in a way that even he can't recover her.

On thinking about it, Xia Tian indeed found two ways.

First was destroying her soul elements permanently.

Second was cleansing... It involves clearing her soul elements, it will remove and alter the very properties of her soul, so even if anyone put her soul elements together, a complete different person would appear in front of them and not her.

Then, her soul elements can be scattered across the universe again, ultimately helping in giving birth to multiple life forms.

Xia Tian was never a wasteful person, so he naturally choose the second option for her.

He waved his hands in the air and a large portal appeared in front of them.

Ningxue was surprised by a sudden protal appearing out of nowhere, the inside of it was complete white which was enough to dazzle her eyes.

It was giving a sacred feeling to her... She felt attracted to it...

Unconsciously her body moved, and she arrived in front of it.

But before entering inside, she turned around.

"Can I hug you?"

Xia Tian who heard her nodded without any care.

Time was frozen outside, so it was never a problem.

Ningxue on getting his approval smiled gently and immediately leaped on him.

She never needed to ask Xia Tian for it...

Choosing beautiful women as his toys has few of it's own advantage... Like they are fluffy and soft... Not to forget the two melons bouncing in the front are multipurpose.

If one is stranded in an island, they can use those melons to satisfy their hunger, it has most amount of eatable flesh in an women's body.

After hugging him from few minutes, God knows where this girl got the courage, she pecked Xia Tian softly on the lips and left.

Xia Tian just sat there motionlessly, his mind was thinking about other important things.

Ningxue wasn't aware but he has changed a lot of rules about keeping his toys from a long time ago, she still believed the rules from his first world.

Nevertheless, she got what she wanted.

At the end she was going to die anyway.

She walked in front of the portal, looking back one last time she entered inside.

After this, Shui Ningxue will disappear forever.

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