7 *The Dark Desires*

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"... you will never get my heart."

Listening to her words Xia Tian could not help but glance at her beautiful face strangely.

"Are you dumb?"

Xia Shuiyao's eyes narrowed at his remark, it was clear she was not having it.

First, she is about to get fucked by a person who took advantage of her, and on top of it, he is also insulting her.

How can she endure this?

But before she can even open her lips to say something, Xia Tian next actions dumbfounded her.

He inserted his left hand directly plunging into the region that was located slightly left of her cleavage.


Xia Shuiyao gaped at his figure in horror, her body got stiff, and she can only watch in terror as Xia Tian gradually pulled his hands back, but this time his hands carried a small triangular organ.

It was her heart.


She can feel it, her heartbeat, she can feel her heart thumping loudly, the frequency increased and she can feel it.

She is still alive!! How !?

"Is this your heart? but what will I do with this?"

Xia Tian said pointing to her heart which was beating loudly in his hands.

Xia Shuiyao did not reply, from her expression it was clear that she can not hear him anymore due to the shock.

He shook her body lightly, making her yelp in shock, then he glanced at her with a gentle smile and asked.

"What did I say earlier, pay by your?..."

Xia Shuiyao was genuinely scared at this moment, he was smiling but she is convinced that he is rather not, she dare not question him, and replied instantly, albeit with shuttering voice.


"Right!" Xia Tian nodded in satisfaction.

"From the next time listen carefully to my words. I wanted your B-O-D-Y, not your H-E-A-R-T."

He then threw away her body on her bed, climbing on top of it, he covered her lips with his lips.

Her heart has already disappeared from his hands and gone back to its rightful owner.

In all these years there are two emotions that Xia Tian enjoyed the most Fear and Greed.

He greedily started devouring her lips.

Xia Shuiyao was staring at him with wide eyes, before she can think of anything else, her body was rotated and now she was on top of Xia Tian.



He slapped her ass once, making her scream, using advantage of that moment he inserted his tongue inside her mouth and started exploring the insides of her mouth.

Xia Shuiyao's body quivered completely, immediately turning soft. But despite that, she did not move her lips away.

Slurping sounds echoed in the room.

It looked indecent, saliva started dripping from the corner of her mouth.

In between Xia Tian also bit her lips a few times, making her moan in pleasure and pain.

Xia Shuiyao was just following his leads, previously she wanted to be unresponsive during the sex, but this time she had listened carefully, he wanted her body.

She had engraved this deep into her mind and would never forget this again.

She still has lingering fear, which she felt when his eyes peered into her soul.

Amidst the passionate kiss, Xia Tian started to move his hands, caressing her naked butt and smooth waist.

He could hear Xia Shuiyao's muffled moans, her face was turned red in shame but Xia Tian however had no plans to stop it any soon.

He separated his lips from hers, glancing at her embarrassed face he can't help but marvel.

An idea popped up in his mind.

He immediately picked up her body and placed her ass directly on his face.

Xia Shuiyao's body jerked feeling a cold sensation down her, she can't help but look downwards, but before she can see what was happening waves of pleasure assaulted her.

Xia Tian's tongue made its way toward her pussy and started licking it intently.

"Ahn~, N-Not T-h-There...ahaan..."

Xia Shuiyao groaned in pleasure.


She used her hands to cover her moans, only to moan even harder.


At last her body shook heavily as she let out a long moan cumming on top of Xia Tian's Face.

Fluids gushed out from her inner region, But Xia Tian gave her no time to relax, he moved her body again, laying her body back in the bed and pressing her figure below him.

"Haaa, Haaaa..." Xia Shuiyao was panting breathlessly from the aftereffects of having an orgasm.

Her ravine hair spread all over the bed making her figure look breathtakingly beautiful. She shivered facing Xia Tian's hot gaze all over her body.

Her forehead was covered in sweat, few droplets of sweat made their way toward her neck making her figure look even more seductive, her lips were glistening in the light as they were coated with a layer of saliva.

She looked alluring as if inviting a man. Her sapphire eyes had a few drops of tears, which Xia Shuiyao herself wasn't off.

Xia Shuiyao looked surprised, she slightly moved her hands towards her eyes, feeling a few droplets of water she can't help but mutter.

"Why am I crying...?"

Some tears fell unconsciously due to her body being violated by Xia Tian.

It was the natural reaction of her body which she had no control over herself.

Before she can understand anything Xia Tian kissed her again, this time she tried to cooperate with him, he wanted her body so she will give him that, however, her body was saying something else, and more tears fell from her eyes, staining her fairy-like beautiful face.

She asked herself again. "Why am I crying?"

When Xia Tian felt her oxygen running out, he moved his lips away. He then moved towards her white neck, kissing, biting, and licking it passionately.


Xia Shuiyao's skin had a fresh taste perhaps because she had bathed in the morning. Xia Tian can still smell the lingering smell of shampoo and soap in her body.

His tongue traveled from her neck to her collarbone. Then it moved even lower, reaching her slightly raised peaks.

Her nipples were already erect, Xia Tian bit her right nipple gently as he used his other hand to play with her left nipple.


Xia Shuiyao's body quivered. She then felt Xia Tian's tongue over her breasts, her body trembled violently, and her tear-stained face turned even redder than it already was.

"They are beautiful." Xia Tian whispered in her ears and kissed her breasts gently. Then, he again bit her already erected nipples.

"Ahn~ "

A soft moan escaped from her lips, there were few scarlet droplets of blood on her lips, making her already red lips even redder, it was obvious that she tried to suppress her moans which resulted in bleeding of her lips.

Her moan and the sucking sound coming from Xia Tian's mouth resounded in the room.

Knowing that this girl is his biological sister in his life, further ignited his desires, since in his original life he was the one who butchered his own family, he haven't tried something like this.

Not to mention her half soul was of that girl, which intensified Xia Tian's desire to ravage her out.

He got completely indulged in sucking her breasts and caressing her skin, at the moment Xia Shuiyao's mind was already muddled, she was gradually drowning in the sea of lust.

Even her lower region has turned completely wet, staining Xia Tian's pants slightly.

He separated himself from her and glanced at her pussy which does not have a trace of pubic hair around it, then he kissed and started licking her forehead, her nose, her ears, and lastly her lips.

Every place of her's was marked by Xia Tian as his.

Xia Shuiyao let him do whatever he wanted and just moaned beneath him, she was too consumed by lust to think of anything.

Seeing that it was already time, Xia Tian instantly removed all of his clothes and threw them away, he put his knees between her legs and separated them away.

Xia Shuiyao woke up from her lust and stared at the figure in front of her, she observed Xia Tian's body slowly, his silver eyes were shining making them look his figure look godlike, his figure was perfect which will make any woman marvel, but Xia Shuiyao was instead ashamed of herself.

This was the figure of the man who is going to take her first time, she did not have any feelings for him, she was so scared of him that she does not even dare to hate him.

It would be quite accurate to say he is rapi*g her, the only difference is she was manipulated into promising her body to him.

Then, her gaze slowly traveled to his nether region, she was instantly shocked and scared.

A throbbing nine-inch dick was ready to pierce the entrance of her vagina.

Xia Shuiyao bit up her lips, staining them from blood, and turned her face to the other direction completely aware of what is going to come, tears were again flowing down her eyes without even her being aware of it.

"Why God, why? Why have I had to go through all this! ... What did I do to deserve this?" She thought inwardly.

On the mention of God, Xia Tian, however, was able to hear her inner thoughts, he can't help but smile even wider, as he glimpsed at her figure.

He thought, "Was she trying to control her moans this way?"

Xia Tian laughed scaring away Xia Shuiyao. "Haha, let alone you girl even your mother will moan beneath me."

But after saying this he can't help but found something wrong with his words. Aren't both of them siblings, doesn't it mean her mother is also his mother?


He just shrugged. As for whether he said it intentionally or unintentionally, this will be a mystery for now.

He pierced her vagina and inserted his whole dick inside her in a single swoop.


Xia Shuiyao's body shivered, a sharp pain assaulted her, and she can't help but let out a scream.

Blood slowly fell from her vagina, signifying that her innocence which was nearly stolen 18 years ago was finally gone.

Her arms grabbed Xia Tian's back tightly as her expression was contorted in pain, and her legs were unconsciously wrapped around his legs.

She knew that he will ravage her without care so she prepared herself.

But after sensing no movements from him, she can't help but open her eyes and glance at his face, her eyes met his eyes, and she noticed the smirk on his face as he was already expecting this.

Instantly, he started moving his hips, up and down.


Xia Shuiyao gasped in pain. Her pussy tightened around Xia Tian's cock making his mind fill with immense pleasure.

"It hurts!!" She thought in her mind and groaned, her lower body tightened itself trying to stop the invasion but it increased the pleasure that Xia Tian was feeling.

In and out, in and out. Love juices begin to flow out of her body, lubricating the walls of her vagina.

Gradually, the pain faded away, and along with her sanity, it was replaced by a hazy look filled with lust.

"Aahhnnn.... Uuu ... "

Soon, she started moaning in pleasure, her body trembled as Xia Tian pulled his dick and inserted it again going deep inside her body.

His cock reached the deepest part of her vagina, and with each thrust, he was able to feel the walls of her vagina rubbing against his rod.




Xia Shuiyao started to moan and gasp intently.

She closed her eyes and dripped Xia Tian's body tightly as their body collided with each other.


He continued pounding her, moving faster and faster each time.

In the middle of thrusting his hips forward, Xia Tian leaned forward and sealed her lips again, and started another round of kissing.

Xia Shuiyao had already lost control of her mind, she also leaned a bit and started responding to his kiss, she was inexperienced but learned quickly.

When the dark side of humans take over the control of their body, they learn thing much quicker as compared to when they are conscious, if one has a problem remembering a concept think about how you can use this concept to commit darker things such as crime, manipulation, brainwashing, etc and you will understand it much faster.

There is not a single woman alive who does not even for once thought of being ravaged by a large dick neither there is not any man who has not even once thought of how rap*ng a woman feels...

The dark desires.

Everyone is curious about the things which they haven't tried yet, especially the darker ones...

Before long, Xia Tian felt Xia Shuiyao's body stiffening, she gripped his body tighter and her moans became more unrestrained.

Aware that she is close to cumming, Xia Tian accelerated his movements, thrusting his dick deeper faster and deeper inside of her.

"Mmhhnn~ "

"Uuu.... Ahnn... Uuu... "

The moans of Xia Shuiyao filled the whole room, she grabbed Xia Tian's body so tightly that her fingernails pierced his skin, then all of a sudden her body twitched violently.

"Aahhnnnnnn~ "

Instantly, a flood of love juices squirted out of her vagina.

Xia Shuiyao shivered a retained a bit of clarity.

Seeing her expression turning back to normal Xia Tian stopped and stared at her, as if mocking her, "Someone was not going to moan?"

After observing Xia Tian's looks Xia Shuiyao turned silent. She remembered what happened before, her face turned slightly red, she wasn't supposed to enjoy this... How did she got overpowered by lust?

She had an ugly expression, she was angry with herself but before she can think anymore Xia Tian picked up her body and placed it on her lap.

His face was facing her emotionless face, she was inwardly scared as she had already been exhausted, but for Xia Tian fun was already beginning.

Without allowing her any time, he pointed his dick toward the entrance of her vagina but before he can put it inside, the door was opened, shocking Xia Shuiyao.

She instantly remembered the door wasn't locked.


The door opened and a beautiful girl with a maid's uniform walked in, she was Ran Ling, a servant to Xia Shuiyao and also the lover of Xia Chen, the son of destiny, however, he haven't gotten the opportunity to fuck her yet.

"M-Master... " She looked at the scene in front of her in shock.

Her master was sitting on the lap of a man, ready to be pierced.

Xia Tian frowned deeply, Xia Shuiyao panicked seeing the look on his face. Ran Ling was her maid, taking care of her since she was a child, and she is currently the closest person to her.

Xia Shuiyao faced Xia Tian with pleading eyes. "It isn't her fault... Please..."

Xia Tian was silent and just staring at the girl in front of her, she was one of the heroines of the son of destiny and still a virgin, he knew this just after a glimpse, her beauty was only slightly less than Xia Shuiyao and was up to his standards.

But did he care about this at this moment?

What he hates in this world is getting cock blocked!

Does this world take him as some kind of son of destiny who can just cock block him at the main moment?

He will destroy the whole world!!

Before he can get even angrier Evelynn appeared at the right moment, she sensed a dense aura emitting from him, and wondering what happened to him, she appeared in the room.

It was not only her but the whole sacred sky realm which felt the sudden tremor in his emotions. Even with the strength of the spirit formation realm, he can shake the will of the whole mid-level realm alone.

Evelynn immediately understood the situation, she took action at the fastest speed, she shot a small ray of qi at Ran Ling disintegrating her body and soul.

After that, she looked at Xia Tian, motioned him to continue, and disappeared again.

Xia Tian glanced at the remaining ashes of Ran Ling and nodded in satisfaction. This is what you get for disturbing him, then he pierced Xia Shuiyao again and started pounding her.

Xia Shuiyao did not even get time to grieve on the death of her friend and started moaning again from pleasure, as a few drops of tears fell from her eyes...

A certain son of destiny wasn't even aware that her current lover Ran Ling was killed ruthlessly and his other originally destined lover is being pounded mercilessly by Xia Tian...

What will happen once he knows that it is Xia Tian who killed her?

Will the story move towards the usual plot of villain vs son of destiny cliche?

Or something entirely different awaits him?

Even Destiny herself wasn't aware of what is going to occur...


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