The Psychopath's Harem

I shouldn't ask, but — What happens when a manipulative, narcissistic, half-psychopathic bastard with a broken god complex, who is a 12 years old incel, writes a novel? Congratulations, you have found the answer: "The Psychopath's Harem"! _________ Synopsis: Son of Destiny, this was the term used for the heaven blessed child who brings order and balance to the world. But what will happen if a psychopath is chosen as the destined son of fate? Will the he save the world or the world collapse with him? Wait there! It isn't a story of son of destiny ascending to the peak of immortality. The peak had been achieved and surpassed... It is not a story from weak to strong... Xia Tian does not stand at peak of mountain like other immortals, rather gaze from the sky like a God. A True God. Every Immortal wants to fly and soar to the sky and reach Godhood... But what after it? End of story? That is a new beginning and not the end... The story doesn't end after becoming a God rather starts... Join the journey, where Xia Tian toys with son of destinies and tramples above the arrogant female leads... He neither spares the Destiny nor his daughters, all are same in his eyes. . . . Every 50 Golden Ticket = One Bonus Chapter! Gifts: Dragon - One Bonus Chapter Magic Castle - Two Bonus Chapter Spacecraft - Three Bonus Chapter Golden Gachapon - Not Expecting to recieve this, so haven't decided. [The Bonus chapters would be released within one week upon receipt of gift, with the donator name written at the top of the chapter.] . . . Warning: This work is purely fiction, and it does not promote any kind of violence against any living being. Please read with caution. . . . Discord: https://discord.gg/dsc4fftBeF Disclaimer: Cover page is not mine.

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*Taming the fierce woman (2)*

"Did you say I was ra*ing you?" he spoke.

His voice was cold sending chills across Li Nan's soul.

"I-I" Li Nan wanted to speak, but gazing at those cold eyes made her whole body petrified.

'Why! why is he staring at me like this?! I don't like this!' she question herself in panic, it does not matter how much one hates a person, no one likes to be disliked by someone, even if it's your enemy.

When Li Nan was in terror, Xia Tian's voice rang in her ears again.

"Who has aphrodisiac in her body?"

'Who??' Li Nan muttered in her heart. 'It's me of course!'

She did not say it out loud out of hopes of not angering Xia Tian further.

Seeing the trembling Li Nan, a wide smile formed on his face.

"Who tried to seduce me first?" he questioned again, making the woman go silent.

Li Nan frowned.

Indeed, she was the one who tried to play with him first, without giving her time to think he asked again.

"Who failed in her plan?"

Li Nan's expression turned ugly.

'I-I failed?' she asked herself as if already knowing the answer.

Then, like a reaper of death, a voice again resounded.

"Tell me, if I had failed? Would you let me live?" Xia Tian asked.

Li Nan slowly shook her head in realization.

Indeed she would have long killed off Xia Tian if he wasn't as strong as he is.

She also realized him poisoning her with an aphrodisiac was completely fair.

Everything happened because of her own choices.

She planned against him first.

He merely reacted to her actions.

Xia Tian smiled.

"Who wants to be saved?"

He asked in succession, without giving time for Li Nan to react.

"It's you, right so what am I doing?"

Li Nan shuddered, and with a meek voice, she spoke.

"S-saving me..."

A strange expression formed on her face, indeed he was the one who was saving her.

He was the one who poisoned her, but that was due to her own actions.

'He didn't kill me, even after multiple opportunities but saved me instead....' Li Nan thought unable to understand his actions.

With a wary look, she glimpsed at Xia Tian, who was staring at her.

"I-I am so- "

"You know I have a principle," said Xia Tian cutting off Li Nan's previous words.


Li Nan said weakly, her arrogance had long been destroyed.

Xia Tian laughed inwardly, this is the reaction that he wanted.

With a grin, he spoke.

"If someone accuses me of a crime which I haven't committed... I don't defend myself! I just commit that crime..."

His words made Li Nan freeze yet again.

Xia Tian had a simple principle.

Women are often without any pity, they can accuse you without any cause if they find your presence unpleasant to them.

In the first world, a woman once accused him of ra*ing him, when he hasn't even laid a hand on her.

The people soon gathered around, him, they believed the words of the woman, and without even listening to him, they blindly believed her.

It made Xia Tian frustrated.

He was angry.

Without any second thought, he made up his mind.

Since he is already deemed guilty, and nothing is gonna change it... Because a woman doesn't have to prove that he commit the crime, instead he has to prove his innocence, which was not possible at that time.

He made up his mind... to be guilty.

To be guilty of the crime he committed...

Not for the one he doesn't!

He exploded his aura and pushed the crowd.

He caught the hands of that woman who was now frozen in fear.

Without caring about the onlookers, he ra*ed her in front of everyone.

Everyone was frozen...

They were terrified by his actions.

Even after finishing himself, he threw away the limp body of that woman and calmly smiled.

"Now you can arrest me..." he spoke.

But no one came forward!

They were too weak.

They realized he was a powerful expert, who can destroy their small village with a single movement.

They were too naive to believe the words of that woman.

She was unworthy to even stand in front of him.

Xia Tian never behaved without cause.

He can explain himself like those sons of destinies...

But why?

Why should he suffer for explaining himself when the woman was at fault? Who will return the time he had lost?

Can they return the time?

Everything has a reason.

The world has made him.

They had made him like this.

He is a survivor of this world!

The son of destinies died!

But he survived!

He survived everything! Even against the absolute might of God!

He survived against himself!

He is a survivor!

Which woman is worthy to stand next to him?

No one!!

Can they survive like him?

Can they go through what he has?

Today, the same incident was repeating itself.

It made Xia Tian laugh.

"The history repeats itself... " with a chuckle he spoke.

The woman was left confused, but Xia Tian next actions confirmed her mind.


With a punch, he destroyed the middle rod of the fence covering the flying ship.

"Ah!" Li Nan closed her ears in horror.

She felt her body being lifted by him, but she was too terrified to open her eyes.

'What? What is this strange feeling? Why is this too cold?'

She opened her eyes slowly, which made her instantly panic.


Her face and upper body hung outside the fence, it was stuck in the space between two rods that were horizontally bordering the whole flying ship, and her lower half was slowly put to the ground.

She was made to kneel like a dog, the only difference was her upper half was hanging outside the ship in the air from in between the space made by Xia Tian by breaking the middle rod.



Li Nan gave a startled scream, her ass was spanked, she turned her vision towards her back, her body was stuck in the fence so she wasn't able to see what was happening.

Xia Tian chuckled.

"Now let me teach you what is ra*e..."

His words made Li Nan horrified.

She did not realize but her inner walls were getting clenched due to it.

Her whole body tensed when the two cold hands were placed above her ass.

'No! no, No!!' she screamed inwardly when she felt her butt cheeks being separated slowly.

Xia Tian raised an eyebrow seeing her already wet pussy.

He separated her lower lips, to see her vaginal opening.

The sight of her tiny hole made Xia Tian narrow his eyes.

It was slowly contracting and expanding itself, as if ready to swallow his thing.

This was the result of Li Nan being extremely tense and panicked.

She did not realize her actions, were arousing Xia Tian and not getting any pity from him.

"This looks amazing" Xia Tian muttered, afterward he smirked.

He placed his dick near her the entrance of her vagina.

The tip of his penis touched her hot throbbing hole, which made him sigh, this was truly amazing.

Li Nan's frown deepened when she sensed his tip touching her hole.

She was feeling too uncomfortable hanging out like this.

Compared to the previous feeling she does like it at all.




Suddenly a sharp pain assaulted her whole body.

Xia Tian pushed his waist forward completely inserting his dick inside of her.

A slapping voice was sounded as both of their skins collided against each other.

A thin line of blood was flowing down her vagin, a few drops of blood traveled through Xia Tian's dick and dripped to the surface.

Li Nan's eyes opened wide, her expression was ugly due to pain, and she felt herself getting pushed forward.

Instantly a thought hit her mind, making her already ugly expression even uglier.

'I will fall like this!!' she screamed inside of her mind.

If Xia Tian kept pushing her like this, she would fall to the ground.

"Ah..." Xia Tian grunted.

Her insides were amazing, especially her walls which were trying to push his dick outside.

He moved backward and again thrusted

with full strength.



Li Nan's moan echoed, followed by a slapping noise due to the collision of their bodies.

Without waiting Xia Tian pushed again.


Li Nan moaned.

Her expression turned strange. It was definitely hurting her, but it wasn't as much as she thought.


She moaned again, a moan filled with pain and pleasure.

Soon, she yelled.

"Y-You were messing *Ahn* with me!!"

Xia Tian laughed and pushed his waist again making the woman moan again.


Indeed, Xia Tian was messing with her.

She wasn't significant enough to anger him.

Xia Tian isn't the same as he used to be in his first world.

Now, all he wants is to enjoy!

Why does no one understand his simple mentality?

He wants fun!

He just wanted to shatter her arrogance and see her terror-filled expression.

While laughing, Xia Tian kept thrusting inside of her, and Li Nan's body swung in the air with every thrust.

She had forgotten that she is close to falling down the ship.

Currently, she was irritated by Xia Tian's laugh.

But the woman can only moan and does not utter any other voice at all.

The simulation was too much for her, she opened her eyes and white clouds greeted her vision.

'Am I getting fucked like this?' she muttered in amazement as she realized the position they are in.






The woman's upper body lightly swung everything in the air when Xia Tian's body was slapped against her ass.

She was probably the only woman in the world right now, who was getting a unique experience of being fucked like this.

The pleasure was too much for her to handle, Xia Tian was madly swinging his waist.

Her cultivation was at the sage realm, so compared to Xia Shuiyao, he can afford to be rougher with her.

Her walls tightened every time his dick was pushed forward, she wanted to completely swallow him inside of her.


Li Nan moaned, and her whole body shuddered.

Something was building up neat her stomach, she panicked lightly but soon calmed down.

Her whole body was tensed.

Xia Tian felt her hole contacting, but it does not decrease the pleasure but increased it, with a grunt he pushed his waist again.



The woman was continuously moaning, she did not care about anything else.

As for Long Tian, he can go and fuck himself.

Right now, Li Nan can't bother herself with any other thoughts. Her mind is completely occupied.


She yelped lightly, but Xia Tian did not stop, instead, he moved backward and bit, and using a bit of strength he again inserted his dick inside her wet pussy.



Li Nan moaned as her body shook heavily.

Seeing, it Xia Tian sighed.

He slowly pulled his dick outside of her hole, and a translucent liquid mixed with blood flowed outside of it.

Li Nan breathed heavily due to the aftereffects of orgasms.



She needed some time to calm down, her whole face and neck have a reddish hue, and her whole body was sweating.

She felt her body being pulled inside the flying ship.

She sighed.

'Is it over?' she thought, there was some disappointment, but she was already exhausted.

Her body was tired due to earlier fight with Xia Tian, else she would go for more rounds without feeling exhausted.

But Xia Tian did not do as she thought, instead he made her lay on the floor, while he made her ass lift slightly upwards while protruding towards his direction.

"Hey!" Li Nan voiced out in protest.

Her face was facing the floor as she was made to lie on the floor.

The aphrodisiac effect was already gone, she needed to rest now.

Xia Tian smiled.

"You don't think you can get out, without satisfying me right?" he questioned.

" _ "

Li Nan turned speechless at his words.

She was hanging out for one hour!!

He isn't done yet!!

What a joke!

His dick was again pushed inside of her answering her questions, unfortunately, the woman can't voice her thoughts anymore and only moan.



Today the stamina of certain women will be tested by Xia Tian.

At midnight, in a certain flying ship floating between the clouds, the woman's moans were echoed disturbing the sleep of many flying creatures.


A/N: The chapter is over, don't read from here if you aren't interested in psychology.

I will go into further detail about the principle of balance from here which I earlier described a few chapters before...

The post-nut clarity may help you to better digest it.

I did not include it as a part of the novel but as a note because it is a little advanced and this was a harem novel and not a psychology class.

Let's begin. [Sorry in advance, because it may be a bit lengthy]

Now, we were talking about the principle of balance and the pygmalion effect.

It's all good in theory and a few examples... But where is it's used in the real world?

Do it even have a mass significance?

Well, indeed it has.

One of them lies in front of our eyes.

It is just we are too blind to notice obvious things.

Let's look at the east and west side of the world separately.

[East represents Asian countries and West as usual US, Europe, etc.]

Has anyone ever seen a harem anime?

Ever noticed how there is a tsundere woman who will just beat the mc and how it is used as a comedic reference?

It is perceived quite normal by the east side of the world in tv shows and anime.

The anime represents their culture nothing else, yea, the woman doesn't, of course, hit men like as shown in anime, it is exaggerated.

But as someone who lives in Asia, I can confirm things like a woman ruling over the husband, and shutting the husband with a single glance is perceived quite normal.

Even in eastern TV shows, it is quite normal, sometimes woman slaps the man, and later the man himself apologizes for being in the wrong without any fault. He would silently just move away instead of arguing.

But why I am mentioning this all? Advocating for men? Nope...

Now, let us look at the other side of Asia.

I live in an Asian country.

In my country, women is perceived as traditional, they aren't supposed to work outside late at night. They don't have a say in important matters. Arranged marriage is quite common. I mean, you get the thing right? What do I mean to say? Basically, they are perceived as housewives and nothing else.

Let's review the laws of my country, any domestic violence against women is immediately dealt with, while there is not even a law for domestic violence against men.

I know a bit of law as well, so there is also a law that man should compulsorily provide the necessities for his wife, regardless of his financial state, as for the earnings of a woman, it is irrelevant. It is her right, which you can't take irrespective of her financial situation.

During divorce, the man has no say at all, he has to pay regardless who is at fault.

Woman committed adultery? Don't care even if there is proof, the men will still be held liable for not keeping her satisfied.

Did you notice something? In my country the woman are perceived lower than men's, just as traditional housewife.

This is their disadvantage.

But did you see the advantage side? The laws in my country clearly speaks of it? The anime speaks of it?

The disadvantage is being offset by the advantages.

This is the universal principle of balance.

Now, let's look at western society.

In the western society the women have far more rights than the east. They can work for late at night without issue, better perceived in workplaces. Woman education is perceived normal. There is preference of male child but not as much as in the east.

The arrange marriage is almost non existent.

But wait, let's review their laws now.

The women don't have any extraordinary advantage when its comes to laws. [Yea, they are still at advantage I know, please don't plead for your side, that is also because there exists no equal right for them, there as well. Even in west the gender equality isn't there, it's is just less of a issue than east.]

In laws, as much as I have read, at least there exists a law for domestic violence against men. The same go for divorce, if the woman is proved guilty she suffer the consequences, in a past famous celebrity case the same can be observed.

Regardless, the laws there are far less in favour of woman as compared to east.

But isn't the same opposite for perception of woman as well?

Compare the japanese animes with american animated shows, and observe the actions.

Just like in anime which is made in Japan, in which unreasonable violence against men is perceive as comedy. No one finds anything wrong with it, but if the same is seen by west audience, they find it unreasonable, they think why the MC isn't slapping the woman back? Right?

Then let me tell you, if you slap her back, you will end behind the bars, that isn't the worst, but even before that you will be beaten my a mob of people for slapping a woman. Fault or not, you will be beaten first, hitting a woman is complete no, as they are perceived as weak and helpless.

This is balance.

Rights and liabilities getting balanced in both side of world.

If women are discriminated in east, they have more laws in favour as well.

If they are comparatively less discriminate in west, they have less favourable but more of equal sided laws as well.

Which is better one?

No one... We are not here to debate on it, let it leave for politics.

In the end, both side of world are nothing but equations of balance in which right and liabilities of men and woman represent individual numbers inside of the equation.

You can shuffle and changes all the numbers you want, but the balance would still be there.

If you decrease the discrimination, the law maker will be forced to make more equal laws.

If there is discrimination, the law makers will be forced to make laws in favor of women.

It means, if women are given the same perception as men, then all the laws would have to be revamped and made fair for both sides.

They will be forced to abolish laws which favour women.

And what is a hypocritical feminist?

She wants equal rights without changing previous laws, which were earlier made for safeguarding their interests.

They want absolute advantage over men and not equality.

They want to rule and not be equal.

They aren't ready to give up their previous advantages and want more rights.

They want only right and no liability.

[Keeps few special countries outside of the scale, because if there are only few extremely bad people in the world, then the opposite is also true. The extremely good people are also in minority. In the end both are balancing each other, we are talking about whole world here and not a single country which you can take as an example.]

Now how does pygmalion effects fits in here?

Well let's say, the situation in east is slowly changing.

The women are given more rights, but as a result which we can observe as well is, that laws are also becoming more fair.

The law makers are forced to change the laws and make it less inclined to the side of women.

Isn't that pygmalion effect?

It must be noted, pygmalion effect can never be directly applied for mass of people, it is made of individuals.

Though the main principle of pygmalion effect can still be observed.

We have to use an altered version of pygmalion effect for mass psychology which of course I won't explain.

The principle of balance is real.

It is no joke.

Science: Energy can neither be created nor be destroyed.

Economics: Resources are limited, all we do is just exchange one for another. Printed money is nothing but evolved form of barter system.

Commerce: For every debit there is credit... Balance sheet... Trial balance... Everything is balanced, in fact commerce was founded by a mathematician and maths itself is based on balance.

Be sure to appreciate the principle of balance.

There are three stages of moral development in humans.

1.Pre conventional Morality.

i)Punishment avoidance behaviour: Here we just belive that if we are punished we did something bad, so we avoid things which can get us punished. [ Most people are stuck at this stage and never move further, thanks to schools.]

ii)Individualism and exchange: Here we learn that out perspective is not the only right perspective. Others have different perspective than us, so if they punish us, its because their perspective doesn't match with ours. Everyone has different perspective, no one can decide which is absolutely right one.

2.Coventianal Morality.

i) Good boy/Good girl attitude: Here we try to get appreciated by others, we try to fit their defenition of good girl and good boy. We carve others appreciation.

ii)Law and social order: Here we learn about law and order. We learn functioning within the law. [Why north kore*ns didn't revolt? Because most of us have learn this stage of morality, for us law of the land is absolute. Combined with punishment avoidance behaviour out beliefs are futher strengthened.]

3.Post conventional Morality.

I) Justice and spirit of law: Here we learn laws are not absolute. Sometimes, the laws made by a country can do it's citizens more harm than good. Here we learn that laws aren't always absolute, unfortunately most peoples never reach this stage of morality.

[I am using country and society interchangeably]

ii) Universal principles: The last stage of morality, every few reach this and even few understand this.

If you think you have understood this stage then my friend you are wrong, even I and anyone else doesn't dare to say this.

Explain me, why someone can enjoy perks from birth and is born rich and why someone is born poor and loathed upon? Why some people suffer more and some less? Why some people have good luck while some bad luck? Why left is fair to some and why not to some?

I can answer the above questions slowly in novel.

As a hint, remember time doesn't exist for God, if you remove time from equation of balance, you may be able to understand rich vs poor one. And if you use bell-shaped graph, you can understand good luck and bad luck.

Nevermind, if you can't understand this yet, this stage is truly a mystery and takes a lot of times.

We can give out whole time but never understand it fully.

The novel mostly revolves around balance principle.

[Remember, the stages aren't in order, it can be possible that you may understand justice and spirit of law but haven't understood the good boy and good girl attitude as you may have skipped it.

Though we always follow the order for better understanding. ]

[But don't feel irritated, I won't explain things like this again in novel by the way of lengthy notes.

This is something I did as few people were actually interested in it. ]