18 *Breaking a Toy* (2)


Xia Tian's gaze swept across the figure of a naked girl, he was speechless.

The girl's skin was unaffected, one can say the benefits of having an immortal body.

It has a passive self-healing ability, the wounds inflicted by Xia Tian were not deep enough, so in just a few hours they were healed.

Today was the fourth day of Ningxue inside the void.

For four constant days, she was abused by Xia Tian...

Though her skin was still white, her silver hair has turned into the color of mud, her eyes were blood red, her face has black marks left behind by tears, not to mention both of her holes seemed to be swollen.

Every time her body trembled, her breasts swayed in the air, making her look extremely erotic.

She was laying on the ground with her both legs up in the air.

It was not like, she does not want to put it down, but she simply can't, her legs were frozen in that state.

For many hours Xia Tian was pounding her in the same position, resulting in her current state.

Even in the air, her legs were constantly shaking.

As for why Xia Tian was speechless.


Her cries!!

This was the answer...

Her voice was irritating him now!!

After getting broken, she hasn't stop crying for even a second.

One may wonder how her body can produce this much water.

The answer is.

She is using qi to absorb water elements from the surroundings for it, and she is doing that unconsciously.

Xia Tian was fed up with her cries...

Even music starts hurting one ear if played continuously for days.

If you want to remove an addiction from a person, let's for say alcohol, then one of the ways is hiding all the alcohol available in the fridge.

But will it work?

In most cases, it won't.

The person will just go outside and found another source for it.

There comes another way... Get all the alcohol available in the market, put them all in front of the person, and force him to drink.

Keep forcing him to drink till he is disgusted even by the sight of alcohol.

This process uses a similar principle named as 'desensitization.'

[A/N: Before anyone comments, yes desensitization is based on the principle of the law of diminishing marginal utility.]

One must not misunderstand that Xia Tian is fed up with her crying look.

This technique work on amateurs only.

He still loves her cries and it is never gonna change.

For others, she is a goddess born to be treasured but as a person who was born upside down, Xia Tian's mind works differently.

So for him, she is something that looks the best when crying.


"Your voice is annoying me."

Xia Tian muttered and with his erect dick, he walked closer to her mouth.

Yes, it was her voice that was annoying him... Not her face.

He grabbed her head with his hand, then he inserted his two fingers inside her mouth.


He made her open her mouth wide with his both fingers, which stopped her annoying voice.

Her jaw was stretched beyond the limits by him.

Ningxue who was forcefully stopped to utter even a single voice glanced at the figure in front of her.

Her eyes were still filled with tears, so she hasn't stopped crying, it was only her voice that was suppressed.

Her gaze at Xia Tian looked like a baby, she was mentally broken... One can say her current self had the mentality of a newborn... Who knows nothing but to cry...

"Now it is good," with a nod of approval, Xia Tian smiled and removed his fingers from her mouth only to hear her voice again.


Xia Tian knitted his brows and again inserted his fingers inside her mouth, shutting her up.


Ningxue's mouth was again forcefully opened wide by Xia Tian.

Ningxue was broken, this was for sure ...

But how?

How was she broken?

Was she broken by the continuous physical torture of Xia Tian?

She was never broken by the physical torture of Xia Tian but it was the mental torture.

She was used to getting physically abused by Xia Tian, so breaking her physically was never easy.

But mentally, she was one of the weakest women around him.

Shui Ningxue's closest person in her family was none other than her sister.

So when her sister was brutally abused and died in the most terrible manner that a woman can ever die, it came as a big shock to Ningxue.

She denied to accept the reality.

Unconsciously she disassociated herself from that scene.

That side of her was hidden in her unconsciousness.

It never wanted to resurface again.

So, when she was abused was Xia Tian she has forgotten that he is the same person who murdered her sister.

She knew her sister died, but denied to accept that she died because of Xia Tian.

This was the reason, she was slightly broken from long ago.

Today, seeing rain and thunderstorm and her getting abused, resurfaced that side hidden in her unconscious.

That side of her was screaming in her mind, how can she make love with the person who killed the closest family to her?

It led to Ningxue again constant denial that Xia Tian is not that person.

Two sides keep fighting each other, which led to mental overload.

In the end, her brain self-protection system activated, and her age regressed to a few months old child.

As for the reason, why was she crying non-stop?

It was because the memories of her sister were playing in a loop, in her mind... Which led to her unconscious side crying.

As for her conscious half... Or what was conscious before breaking... She kept crying to keep Xia Tian happy.

After all, he loved her cries.

That was the only thing both sides agreed upon.

Thus, resulting in her current situation.

Xia Tian knew this all, because he was the one who did this...

As for why let's just say he is trying to do something...

He again removed his fingers from Ningxue's mouth.

But this time before she can utter a single cry, he inserted his complete dick inside her mouth.

"Shut Up!"


Ningxue's already red eyes, got even redder due to her being choked.

But an immortal won't just die from lack of oxygen.

She can absorb it from her skin instead.

Either way, even if she was dead right now, Xia Tian wouldn't care.

He started moving his waist.

He will just make her jaw fixated at that angle, just like her legs so she can't utter a single voice anymore.

Initially, there was too much resistance from her mouth.

But soon, there was enough saliva that it started feeling good to Xia Tian.



If anyone found Ningxue in her current state, there would be only one word for her.


Unfortunately, for Xia Tian, except her eyes, was not able to see any other part of her body.

She was looking even worse than the victims of lust demons.


At last, after 30 mins Xia Tian grunted and pushed deep inside her throat.

He released a large amount of semen in her mouth and pulled out his dick slowly from her mouth.

*cough* *...cough*


Ningxue coughed everything outside, making her look even worse, and started whimpering again.

Xia Tian seeing this without further ado, inserted his dick again blocking her mouth.

He again started moving his waist.

Soon, after an hour he again cummed inside her mouth and pulled out.



Ningxue again started crying in low pitched voice.

Everything started repeating like the first time.

Xia Tian again blocked her mouth and begin to move.

His mouth turned into a grin, and his silver eyes shone for a moment as if he was having fun.

He could have used a spell to shut her up immediately.

But if he did that how would he find this new game...

Yes, for him it was a game.

The whole torture was nothing but a game.

For the 37th time, he cummed inside for her.

Some of the Ningxue teeth have already fallen off her mouth... It made her mouth look bloody.

Xia Tian's dick was however unaffected...

He was conscious and protected his dick with a layer of qi.

It wasn't the first time he did that, he had learned his lesson from the past.

This time, something unexpected happened.

Before he can move his waist again, the silver glow in his eyes disappeared.

Only the blue glow was remaining in his eyes.

He fell to the ground in an unconscious state.


Shui Ningxue who was freed from her torture crawled to her old place back.

It was near the corner of the bed.

She crawled herself like a ball.

After recovering her body, she started crying again.

1 day passed.



1 month passed.



1 year passed.



Finally, 10 years passed inside the void.


Other than Ningxue's crying nothing was audible.


100 year passed.


Ningxue kept crying, but it was the first time she showed movement.

She lifted her head slowly and glimpsed at the unconscious body of Xia Tian.

Right after that, she started crawling on all four.

She arrived near his body and the old situation continued.

She kept crying... The only change was her position.


Ten years more passed.

This time Ningxue can be seen occasionally poking his body with her fingers.

Other than that there was no change in her body.


Another ten years passed.

The scene changed, Ningxue was hugging Xia Tian's body and crying.

No other changes in both of their bodies.


10 years more passed.


This was the first time Ningxue uttered a voice.

140 years have passed since the day Xia Tian fainted.

As for the changes in Ningxue's body?

One can only praise her for it.

No hand of Xia Tian was involved in her gradual self-healing healing.

Her unconscious side which disassociated herself from her sister's death was slowly fading.

Ningxue always had a weak and good heart... But it still took her 140 years.

Her unconscious side saw Xia Tian fainted and due to pity... It slowly started forgiving him...

Though Xia Tian was not awake else we would have a comical dialogue of, 'Who dares to forgive me? Did I ask your forgiveness women?'

Once her unconscious side forgave Xia Tian, her other side slowly started taking over her body.

Seeing no more inner turmoil, her brain gradually started losing the binds on her consciousness.

It will not be long, she retains her consciousness.

This time though, something will be different.

Her mind was slightly broken before, which will be fixed... Since her, another disassociated personality in her unconscious has begun to fade.


200 years passed from the day Xia Tian got unconscious.

The scene inside the void has changed.

In a lake, the figure of Ningxue can be seen, she was taking a bath in the river.

Her hair was no more color of mud, but silver again.

Her eyes were no longer swollen and red but shining with brilliance.

Her figure reflected an ethereal goddess taking a bath.

She had completely woken up two decades ago, and the first thing she found was Xia Tian's body, which she had carefully placed in the bed.

Then, she looked at her appearance which was anything but good.

The river was not here, but she created it with her power.

After all, women like to keep their body clean, unlike certain someone who bathes once a week...

After waking up she realized the Qi in this place is the purest that one can ever see.

It amplified her powers by leaps and bounds.

Creating a river was easy for her...

After finishing the bath, she wore her white dress which was carefully put in a safe place by her 200 years ago.

Xia Tian did not care about her clothes.

Ningxue liked that long white dress of hers, so she always keeps it safe.

One can say it was a good thing Xia Tian did not care about her dress, or else he will definitely rip it apart.

After wearing it, she climbed onto the same bed where Xia Tian's unconscious body was lying.

Xia Tian's eyes were strangely open, they were shining with azure-colored brilliance.

She stared at his face in an absent-minded manner.

One of her hands was caressing his face.

For hours, she sat there motionlessly.

"You may never love me... But I do..." saying this softly, she closed her eyes and fell asleep along with him.

This has been her daily routine from years.

Xia Tian though was not able to see or listen anything.

He was in completely another place.

In a large Colosseum-like place, a man was sitting in the center.

It was Xia Tian.

He was sitting on a large golden throne.

Around him, numerous figures can be seen, circularly surrounding him.

All of the figures had their eyes closed.

They sat there like statues.

The statues were never-ending... One can't count how many of them were present.

Though, all the statues have one similarity.

They looked exactly the same as Xia Tian, the only difference was Xia Tian had his eyes open, while they had them closed.

Xia Tian just tilted his head and stared at the statue in front of him.

It isn't the first time he is coming to this place.

It was his mind.

The other statues were his own personalities.

They were like sub-systems that Xia Tian's main system had developed over the period of time.

Over the ages, Xia Tian has acted using multiple personalities, which led to their formation.

While acting, he disassociates his main personality from himself to such a degree that every time he acts a new subsystem is born.

This is why no one can ever recognize that he is acting... Because he isn't...

He has mastered the technique of disassociation.

The subsystems are like hidden observers.

They observe everything, but they can't do a single thing on their own.

The main personality of Xia Tian acts as a central hub and has absolute control over them.

Previously, when he comes to this place, Xia Tian was easily able to leave from here...

Even now he can leave...

After all, he is the absolute owner of his mind...

The other personalities don't overpower him...

The only problem is...

"Why should I leave..." a whisper escaped from Xia Tian's mouth.

Earlier he had still work to do, there was a person above him who can manipulate him... He wanted to remove that variable out of the picture.

So he was easily able to leave this place.

But now after that variable removed, he has no actual motivation to leave this place.

He was always driven by survival-oriented behavior...

But now, nothing can threaten his survival...

Why should he leave?

If someone asks which is the strongest organ of the body... It would undoubtedly be mind... Without it one person is nothing.

But the opposite is also true, the mind is also the weakest part of any person.

Even the strongest person in the world would become helpless in front of his child...

All because of the mind...

For a normal person, there are two sides to them.

Both live within the same body.

One side does everything while the person is alive.

While another side keeps him alive, it can be called the person's survival instinct.

The survival instinct's goal is only one and simple, it wants to live... It will never overpower another side until there is something that threatens the main body's existence.

Many times we see people fed up with their life, and they want to die ... The poison is only one step ahead of them but they are never able to pick it up.


If you ever feel you have had enough of living, try to submerge your head into the water... Try to die... You will notice you can't... Once the oxygen is out, you will start trembling and immediately pull out your head.

If you really were ready to die why was your body denying you in both above cases?

Have you ever heard, soldiers who were close to death on a battlefield, saw weird images?

Like images of their children, wife, pet, and whatever they loved.

After seeing it, they got an urge to live and somehow actually managed to survive a wound that would be scientifically impossible.

Why do all these cases happen?

It is all because of that dormant side in a person's body which is called one's survival instinct.

It would do anything to keep you alive and let you survive.

Your main side can do anything, it will never interrupt.

But when it comes to survival, it will take over your main side.

But what happens when the survival instinct lost its very purpose... What if it doesn't want to survive anymore?

People die.

These are rare cases and happen in extremely rare circumstances.

They don't need poison to kill themselves.

But they die on the spot... Their body responds to their choices and stops their heart.

Which results in their immediate death.

The same happened with Xia Tian.

He was dead.

Previously he did not die coming to his mind because he had a purpose.

That is to survive.

After becoming God, his survival instinct realized he can no longer need his help...

He has survived everything in the world even against God himself.

So it chooses to die.

Xia Tian's main side naturally without any other purpose, chose to die as well.

He may be God, but what if he doesn't want to use his powers anymore? Wouldn't he be the same as any normal person in the world?

The only reason his heart was still beating was because God can never truly die.

If it was old Xia Tian he would be dead in reality ...

But now, he was a god... A true God.

God was never born... So how can it die...

Xia Tian does not have a real soul anymore...

Everything around him serves as a purpose of his soul.

He is present everywhere but nowhere at the same time.

Souls are the most dense element present in the universe.

This is the only element that has the capability to possess consciousness.

So as a person cultivates they do nothing but increase their ability to communicate with other elements in the air.

Each and every element listens to soul elements will and respond to them depending upon, whether the soul is able to convey their wishes to other elements or not.

Naturally for conveying one's wish, one needs to cultivate and learn more about other elements... The qi left by the god... Which is the source of every element.

However, for Xia Tian in his unsealed state, things were different, he does not need to cultivate qi to communicate with other elements.

He can command everything around him...

The elements don't listen but follow his orders...

This is why he was a God.

And a God can't die.

This is why his eyes were shining in blue.

He was in a state of eternal slumber, which is a death-like state for a God.


Note: Mind is not equal to biological brain. Mind includes one person soul.

[A/N: This time I used a simple concept of Neo-disassociation theory used in hypnosis. If someone is interested they can search the web.

I thought of mixing Freud's unconscious mind idea into this chapter to explain Xia Tian's behavior, but it would make this chapter too heavy, so I refrained from it.]

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