The Psychopath's Harem Book

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The Psychopath's Harem


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I shouldn't ask, but — What happens when a manipulative, narcissistic, half-psychopathic bastard with a broken god complex, who is a 12 years old incel, writes a novel? Congratulations, you have found the answer: "The Psychopath's Harem"! _________ Synopsis: Son of Destiny, this was the term used for the heaven blessed child who brings order and balance to the world. But what will happen if a psychopath is chosen as the destined son of fate? Will the he save the world or the world collapse with him? Wait there! It isn't a story of son of destiny ascending to the peak of immortality. The peak had been achieved and surpassed... It is not a story from weak to strong... Xia Tian does not stand at peak of mountain like other immortals, rather gaze from the sky like a God. A True God. Every Immortal wants to fly and soar to the sky and reach Godhood... But what after it? End of story? That is a new beginning and not the end... The story doesn't end after becoming a God rather starts... Join the journey, where Xia Tian toys with son of destinies and tramples above the arrogant female leads... He neither spares the Destiny nor his daughters, all are same in his eyes. . . . Every 50 Golden Ticket = One Bonus Chapter! Gifts: Dragon - One Bonus Chapter Magic Castle - Two Bonus Chapter Spacecraft - Three Bonus Chapter Golden Gachapon - Not Expecting to recieve this, so haven't decided. [The Bonus chapters would be released within one week upon receipt of gift, with the donator name written at the top of the chapter.] . . . Warning: This work is purely fiction, and it does not promote any kind of violence against any living being. Please read with caution. . . . Discord: https://discord.gg/dsc4fftBeF Disclaimer: Cover page is not mine.