This is the story of a young boy who becomes horrible than Satan himself

Frogo_Skate · Horror
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2 Chs


Amil was halfway going to the priests office and even then she could feel a lot of tension she felt watched and judged on her way there, she felt as if Satan himself was in every single wall and in every painting watching her judging her feeling disgusted about her actions like she was the worse thing in planet earth even worse than any devil in hell. She walked up to the door, her arm shaking as she was knocking on the door. A voice told her to "come in" it was the priests. Amil gulped her saliva and went inside with fear in every step she took. She could feel something horrible could happen.

"Yes sir" Amil asked, "come closer" he responded. Amil walked closer to him "do u need something sir?" she asked "no but you do" he said. Amil was full of confusion and asked "what do you mean sir?" "YOU ARE A SINNER" he raised his voice. Amil afraid asked once again with a shivering voice "what do you mean sir?"

"You are a sinful creature of Satan Amil" said the priest, Amil was startled by what he said, she had never felt so devastated. She always thought that she would rather die than be called something related to Satan or his devil,. but she stayed as calm as she could and asked " what do you mean sir, why are you calling me such thing?" "your body is a sin my dear and has been touched by Satan" said the priest with a devilish smirk on his face. Amil with horror began to shrink in her spot she was having a panic attack, she cried and started to pull her hair while screaming. "Don't you worry Amil i know a way to cleanse your body from all evil", hearing this Amil went to the priest's feet and begged and begged for him to remove Satan from her body.

"Don't worry Amil but i do have to say that you must obey me in everything im going to tell you, and not say a word to nobody because they can be infected with Satan too and you don"t want Satan to be near you do you Amil" he said.

"No sir not at all" she answered while sobbing "now my dear you must take your clothing off" he said with a concerning tone to Amil, but Amil did as he ask since she believed that he could make Satan disappear from her body and mind so she did as he said while the priest looked at her his lustful eyes Amil felt as being seeing by Satan it was the same sensation she felt of something watching her all the time. "Good girl now come closer" he said with a perverted look and voice.

At the end of that horrible night Amil woke up disgusted by herself and what had happened that knight even though it was for her own good she felt as if what had happened was wrong. she coped with this trying to convince herself that it was for good and God is all good. Days passed and this kept going Amil felt as if she was going to lose her mind the sensation she felt of being watched just grew and grew stronger each day she felt as if instead of Satan disappearing it just grew stronger and stronger, and every time she said something to the priest he would just say "see me in my room at night ill take care of it" and do the same thing to her that just didn't felt right to her. Every night spent in his room was like torture to her like if instead of God cleansing her, Satan was dirtying her. The priest's hands were burning to Amil, every time the priest touched her she felt like it was burning.

A few days passed and she just felt horrible each day. She wasn't herself anymore she was sick of being alive, she was sick of living like this, she was sick of the priest she felt as if her hope was lost, but she couldn't find an exact reason why if all the priest did was to cleanse her body from Satan, but she didn't feel like that was it, she only felt disgusted by this. One of the many days this had happened She went to her room crying she started to throw all of her stuff in the floor she threw her pillows on the floor and started to strangle them she then stood up and grabbed the mattress from her bed and threw it over out of rage, but when doing so she saw the book that she had stolen. Her eyes began to sob more and more until she burst out in tears. After a while she fell asleep, when she woke up she was still pretty furious about herself and everything else she looked around her room to see the damage she had done and wile looking at her destroyed room she gave a glimpse to the book and felt curios to read it so she reached for the book and grabbed it.