1 The road to be a king

There was a family of 5 people, a mother, a father and a big brother and the younger brother, and a little sister this story is about the younger brother who is a boy with a mental disease his age is 19, the father is a general on the army.

there was a party the boy was a provocation by some other guys of the same age, the boy got in a fight with one of them the fight ends up with an accidental murder the one that was killed by the boy I the eldest son of the ministry of health, the boy got prisoned for 20 years even if he has a mental disease the father uses his connection to make the 20 years to 6 years but from that day absolved from the boy, the boy yells on his father and his family and tell what he was hidden in his heart from pain and harsh words from the family.

days passed and the boy was put o the city jail with an old man, the old man saw something interesting in the boy, in the next morning made a call to another old man in another jail, the old man says to the other one that he found some his monstrous aura was stronger than you the other one answered so what you need to send him here than the old man says a favor from the last ruler of the underworld, they keep talking until they reach an agreement to send the boy and the other help the old man with his stuff.

the boy was sent to that jail when his family discovered that their unwanted son was sent to one of the most dangerous prisons in the whole world a place where people do not deserve the name of humans.

The looks of the prisoners in the new prison are like a lion looking at its prey, the boy that was his name Albert was frightened by the looks of who will be his neighbors and roommate and especially for a child who was rising into a wealthy family the prison was like a monster eat bad guys and now he is one of the bad guys and he should be eaten, he was put in a cell with 5 old people.

a cunning and heartful voice say

'so you have come dear child '

Albert answered with a slow voice and trembling from the look of the one who was talking.

[do you know me, mister]

[Albert Vilmade the third son of Rainer Vilmade, a wise general and great leader how the hell did he have a moron child like you]

Albert look down and speak with an angry face

[I was born like this and I don't want to be his son either.

by the way who are you and how do you know me when my father never speaks to anyone about me and my identity is top secret in this jail]

[me yu don't have the qualification to know yet but you can call me master, after all, you are my succsesor].

A voice of someone crying at 2 am red eyes and a broken heart that what it seems to anyone who sees the boy even so with the noisy voice now one interpreted him and one of the 5 people stand up and went forward toward the child, with a calming and more sadness says

[crying wouldn't help with anything hide that sadness and loneliness in your heart, the deepest part of it with the time that feeling will despair and if you change your self maybe they will become an exciting feeling

trust me I know better]

The morning came to the prisoners got out to sell fresh ears as they say and eat breakfast and play a little and then start working.

Albert look in front of him and he saw that his roommate doesn't do anything, the old man was sitting in a chair with a cup of wine in his left hand and a newspaper in his right hand, and the other was doing something on the laptop and the other one was cooking a salmon the fourth was yelling if the linch was ready and the fifth and he was the one who spooks to Albert when he was crying like a child and he was sitting in a cheer and watching some prisoners fighting and the strangest thing that no one care about this like an alpha wolf no more than alphas sitting and enjoying the view and no on define them

a look of suspicious and a different smile Albert has never seen before a smile that he never saw on his father's face a smile of someone expecting a lot from you

but Albert that time was wrong that was indeed a smile of someone expecting a lot from you but Abert he doesn't know what his master expecting from hem it was a decision that will turn his life to be a bloody one a dangerous one a life that needs to be emotionless

An old voice was heard with a shocking sentence

[ Albert lunch is ready to come to eat]

a fancy dish a plate of sushi a man maybe he is in his 60 a face of an Asian person with a difficult name it was [ shi wen xian long]

a table with not that fancy food but it was very delicious that what the master says when they finish food and Albert master asks

[ did you enjoy the food albert]

[ yes it was verry delicios]

a shaking body and not that well-hearing voice that what the old men hear and saw they look around him and they understand why he was behaving like that

a new prisoner and he got along with the bosses of this prison and it was well known that relationships is not working here

and why a mere child get with those dangerous people

[who exactly is he ]

that was the question they all ask and in the future, this question will be very dangerous if he was been asked.

It was a hard name to say and the person who had that name it more difficult with a

the sudden question comes from his mouth

[what are you so sad and down about, don't act as a shut people had more difficult life than

you have.

Smile and get up because thought things and ugly stuff waiting for you]

With those words, a child takes a tourn into turning into a man

With a vicious voice as always, a sentence comes from the old man

[ your training will start tomorrow I hope you can survive dear child]

With a quick response [ yes sir] and a bright smile Ike the others laugh as someone has said

a funny joke or that what the boy thought

The morning comes everybody wakes up at the usual time except the sleepy one as always

Will not this time, a shower with the cold water

It was very a loud scream, to be exact it was like a girl screaming because her hair was a

mess in the morning

[ you were excited when you hear that the training will begin today why are you still sleeping]

[ people call to wake someone not by cold water]

[ you are in prison not in your house go run little boy]

[ why are interrupting my training old lady wait your turn]

A sock on someone's face

(I'm sure that is a man's face and a man's voice why did he call him old lady)

[little boy go run it's not the time to know yet] the master say

[ when I was 12 I started training by special forces soldiers so I have good stamina, but

what the hell is this it's been 4 hours and I'm still running and where the hell are those dogs

come from]

Will I wish you good luck our dear main character because right now your training began by

the hand of the best assassin in 20 century a crazy 63 years old and a Chinese male who

his targets have never got a happy death ending and everyone who trains dies in 3 days

I wish you the best of luck.

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