So Good-Looking!

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A month later, Leng Rongrong donned the wedding gown. She was getting ready to marry the Fourth Master.

The Old Master was highly in favour of the traditional style of wedding. As a result, the Mo Family had gone with his wishes, and the couple was dressed in traditional outfits too.

"Rongrong, thank you for helping out Qingqing, I am very grateful to you as a mother."

Standing next to Leng Rongrong, Li Mulan passed a cup of water to Leng Rongrong in a simpering way. "Rongrong, drink some water, you have spent so much effort in getting ready. You must be tired, right?"

Leng Rongrong took the cup of water and drank a little out of it. Dressed in the red wedding gown, she appraised Li Mulan coldly. Li Mulan possessed the face and demeanor of a mistress.

Li Mulan reached for Leng Rongrong's hands, but Leng Rongrong moved them away quietly.

She took a sip of the water and said in an indifferent voice, "Stop pretending, I am not helping anyone, I was threatened! Just say what you want to say, or get out of here."

"Rongrong…" A touch of coldness flashed across Li Mulan's eyes. She knew that a wild girl from the countryside could never be well-behaved or obedient.

Leng Rongrong sat down on the sofa and suddenly felt a bit dizzy in the head.

She threw a sharp look at the cup. "You drugged me!"

"I had to make sure that you won't run away." Li Mulan sneered. "If you absconded, who would be the bride today in this wedding?"

"Mom, how did it go?" Leng Qingqing rushed in from outside.

Seeing the feeble-looking Leng Rongrong leaning against the sofa, Leng Qingqing let out a sigh of relief. "She drank it? Excellent, she can not escape now. I am finally relieved."

Leng Rongrong had not braced for anything like this to happen, since she already agreed to the proposal. Unfortunately, at this point, she had no strength to fight back.

She looked at Leng Qingqing and Li Mulan, bearing these two people deeply inside her heart.

Luckily, the bridegroom was a cripple. He was not capable of doing anything to her anyway, no?

Leng Rongrong felt a bit relieved inside her heart. A few minutes later, Li Mulan and Leng Rongrong's voices were fading away into distance. She slowly lost complete consciousness.

It was a hot summer, and the night breeze did nothing to lower the high temperature.

The Mo Family mansion was fully lit and decorated with colorful ribbons and banners. Happy sounds emanated from in-there and two large characters of Happiness on the gate indicated the big event taking place at the Mo Family.

In the hall, there were numerous guests, and luxurious food had been served on the table.

Though no groom or bride were present on this day, the Old Master of the Mo Family as well as his sons were busy receiving guests.

No one found this scene curious, because they all knew that Mo Linyuan was a cripple, seriously handicapped to be more exact. He was so badly paralyzed that he could not move at all, and was never seen in everyday life. He must be hiding in his room on this occasion as well.

In the meanwhile, in a room on the top floor, a woman dressed in a red wedding gown was lying on the massive wedding bed. Her long and black hair drew a clear contrast against her small, tender face.

The woman's eyes were shut and there was a frown between her beautiful eyebrows. Something seemed to be bothering her deeply even in her sleep.

Next to the bedside, there were two young men who glanced at the good-looking man in the red wedding gown. "Master, should we help you with anything?"

"No need, ehh…" The man started to cough violently as soon as he spoke.

The two young men exchanged a look, naked curiosity shining in their eyes.

A while later, one of them said, "Master, Old Master needs a great grandson, You better try hard. If you can't, ahem, we can help you."

Mo Linyuan frowned and coughed even more violently, as he waved at them sitting in the wheelchair, feebly.

Seeing the scene, the two young men walked out of the room politely.

They closed the door behind them and started to whisper amongst themselves.

"Just forget about it, it's impossible for the Old Master to get a great grandson. If the Fourth Master even moves on bed, he might end up dead!"

"True, but why did he still get married?"

"Old Master wanted that to happen. He knows that his grandson is dying but he adores him deeply, so he simply wants to have an offspring of the Fourth Master."


"What are you laughing at?"

"The Fourth Master is crippled, do you think that his manhood still works?"

"That is an interesting question. Maybe it is ruined too! Would be really strange if he managed to have a child!"

The two servants' voices faded away slowly.

In the bedroom full of red color, Mo Linyuan smiled lethally. He stood up from the wheelchair, walking towards the bed.

The woman on the bed was beautiful. Her face was small and the skin was like jade. The facial features were quite exquisite and her eyelashes were so long that they cast shadows on her cheeks like feathers.

A pale hand touched the woman's cheek and moved all over her face, until it finally reached the woman's neck. Mo Linyuan asked in a very low voice. "Are you marrying a cripple for the Mo Family's money or because you are a spy?"

His hand tightened around her neck.

Leng Rongrong, who was sleeping, suddenly struggled, lashing out at him.

If she had stayed quiet, it would have been fine. But this sudden struggle irritated Mo Linyuan. Leng Rongrong's limbs were strong. She managed to hit Mo Linyuan even in her sleep!

"You dare to hit me?!" Mo Linyuan frowned and leveled an interesting look at Leng Rongrong. "You are well trained, are you… a master of martial arts?"

His beautiful eyes emitted a touch of coldness. He went onto the bed with a flip.

"Okay then, since you are my wife, I can do anything I want, right?"



It was already the next morning when Leng Rongrong woke up.

The moment she opened her eyes, an overdose of red assaulted her eyes - red candles, red Happiness Characters, the red blankets…

Was this a dream?

Suddenly she felt her hair at her neck standing up. Leng Rongrong thought of the dream she had last night. She was lying in bed when a man dressed in a red wedding gown climbed onto her.

It seemed like an illusion, but felt real at the same time.

Leng Rongrong thought for a moment, staying still in bed. Then she moved her legs and found herself to be exhausted and in pain.

No way…

Wasn't the Fourth Master a cripple, a waste? How was he able to have sex with a women?

But that man from her dream, as far as she remembered, was a strong man with a lot of strength.

No, she must be mistaken. The Fourth Master should not have been able to have sex with her!

Leng Rongrong swallowed a mouthful of saliva, turned around and was startled. There was a face with a pair of innocent eyes staring at her, lying next to her.

"Argh, who the hell are you?!"

As she was cursing, Leng Rongrong gave Mo Linyuan an involuntary kick, causing him to fall down on the ground suddenly.

Mo Linyuan: "….."

Leng Rongrong's heart throbbed for a long moment before she managed to calm herself down.

Oh my god, could this have been the cripple, Mo Linyuan sharing the bed with her?

As per the rumour, he was so weak that he coughed after speaking even a few words. Her kick could not have possibly sent him to hell already, no?