The Princess Fall In Love With the Omega Queen

Wang Zheng is the powerful queen of the country of Wang, a beautiful and exuberant woman omega. After living almost 30 springs, much of the kingdom doubts her ability to marry and produce an heir. The council of elders of the realm obliges her to participate in the Bloody Spring: an event that forces the queen to choose a person to marry. Now she's being forced to find a good alpha... But what really catches her eye is a bold and beautiful omega with an eccentric mint scent. Fate had in store for them a challenging and exciting future. __________________ Support me and give me a gift! https://www.wishtender.com/moonsside __________________ *Isekai and Reincarnation are worked on directly from volume 005 second chance [extra]. _______________________________________ I don't own the rights to the cover image, it's an image taken from the internet and I couldn't find the author to offer the due credits.

moonsside · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
320 Chs

Time passes, but the memories live on in her mind.

Hong Bo left the school and soon saw her car waiting for her. 


John was standing next to the driver, carrying a small box that looked a lot like a lunchbox. 


Hong Bo smiled, it was a really nice welcome "I really don't know what I'd do without you."


She said softly as she took the box for herself. 


The food was fragrant and still hot, it looked delicious. 


The car had a couple of small tables that pulled out from behind the seats, so if she wanted to eat or lean on anything she could, so there were no problems. 


The driver and John chatted happily as they waited for Hong Bo to eat, driving would only give her indigestion or something. 


As she hadn't had her last lesson, Hong Bo could eat quietly and there would be no rush or problems getting ready for her work schedule. 


The laughter ceased slightly as the driver spoke. "Your father contacted me."