The Princess Fall In Love With the Omega Queen

Wang Zheng is the powerful queen of the country of Wang, a beautiful and exuberant woman omega. After living almost 30 springs, much of the kingdom doubts her ability to marry and produce an heir. The council of elders of the realm obliges her to participate in the Bloody Spring: an event that forces the queen to choose a person to marry. Now she's being forced to find a good alpha... But what really catches her eye is a bold and beautiful omega with an eccentric mint scent. Fate had in store for them a challenging and exciting future. __________________ Support me and give me a gift! https://www.wishtender.com/moonsside __________________ *Isekai and Reincarnation are worked on directly from volume 005 second chance [extra]. _______________________________________ I don't own the rights to the cover image, it's an image taken from the internet and I couldn't find the author to offer the due credits.

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After almost an hour of waiting, the Queen finally returned.

Liu Wei was facing the great hall door and could clearly see the beauty of the woman in front of her.

Wang Zheng was dressed in a long black dress with a train. The side opening gave a high sensuality and would make anyone hold their breath. Wouldn't it be a sin to breathe the same air as someone so beautiful?

The view of the lush hills provided by the V-neckline. It was the vision of paradise.

Liu Wei could feel her throat dry and her glands hot. And she hadn't even realized she'd been holding her breath for so long. She took a deep breath releasing all the air into her lungs.

She brought the cup in her hands to her lips in an attempt to numb her body with alcohol. Her emotions were shaky, increasingly intense and desperate for Wang Zheng.

She took a sip of wine and had already decided in her heart: if anything happened, she would blame the alcohol.

The queen was always surrounded by lots of people, so Liu Wei felt it was really hard to get close, but she used to stay close listening to the participants interact.

Li Zhang was Liu Wei's closest person, but they couldn't call themselves friends yet, so the young omega's days were lonely and uninteresting.

The best part of being in that palace was being able to see Wang Zheng almost every day, and whenever Liu Wei got to see her, her heart raced. She could feel her heart bursting with joy.

The queen walked across the hall and over to the drinks table, picked up a glass of wine and watched her guests approach her.

Yang Fan was the first to approach the queen, the young alpha wanted to pay off the bet she had lost as soon as possible. She was also very curious about the drink the queen had mentioned earlier.

"Your Majesty, could I accompany you?"

"Of course, after all, you lost a bet. Let's drink together."

The queen whispered something to one of her employees, they quickly mobilized and one of them came up with a large glass bottle with reddish liquid inside.

"This drink is one of the little secrets of this country and only royalty owns the formula. It is extremely sweet and alcoholic, not everyone can stand to drink too much of it. But please have a sip with me..."

Cups were distributed to both of them and were soon filled with the reddish liquid.

"Let's drink."

The other Bloody Spring participants didn't want to feel left out and also approached and tried to interact with the Queen.

Should they also drink the drink?! They thought so.

After all, how could they show weakness in a competition?!

"Could we accompany you?"

The queen smiled surprised. They didn't know how strong that drink was. "Well, sure. Bring glasses for everyone and serve them."

"Yes, Your Majesty."

The only one who refused to drink was Li Zhang, she was very sensitive to alcohol and was afraid of advancing her estrus in case she got drunk.

In a few minutes everyone had a small glass of red liquid, Liu Wei has extensive knowledge of alcoholic beverages as her family is a traditional wine producer. She soon managed to smell the strong aroma of alcohol slightly camouflaged by the sweet smell.

The queen raised her glass and everyone around her followed her movement and quickly emptied their glasses.

Many expressions were seen in a few moments. The queen laughed funny, she was very good at drinking and didn't feel much of the alcohol, but the others were different. "What do you think?"

"It's really strong..."

Yang Fan thought of herself as a good drinker, but the sweet taste laden with the sting of alcohol was something she couldn't quite enjoy. "Sweet. But I can't drink anymore…"

Wang Zheng saw that no one else was interested in the drink and only Liu Wei had not had a negative reaction.

"And Miss Liu Wei, what do you think?"

Liu Wei was startled at the sound of her name and almost tripped. Then she composed herself and smiled in response. "Well, can I have one more?"

Wide eyes looked at Liu Wei's cup being refilled.

The queen was enjoying herself. That girl was interesting.

"Sure. As many as you can take."

The queen decided to take the bottle from one of her servants' hands and she personally served Liu Wei's glass. The little omega could feel her ears burning.

Liu Wei smelled the sweet aroma again and the alcohol blended better now, probably she was starting to get drunk.

"I can take some."

The queen smiled and made a brief gesture for her to wait a little for her. She refilled her glass and held it up.

"I'll join you for another glass..."

Wang Zheng brought the two cups together making them touch and made a small toast.

"... Let's make a toast for great surprises!"

They drank the reddish liquid in one go and didn't hesitate to look at each other while they did so. Liu Wei was really drunk, but drunk for Wang Zheng.

Li Zhang approached the two of them and clapped her hands in excitement, "You're really good at drinking."

Liu Wei smiled. "Well, my family is a big wine exporter, we drank from a very young age..."


"Yes, we learn to taste."

"I see. You all learn to be wine sommeliers."

"Yes, but no one can have a palate as good as Mom's for wines."

Wang Zheng enjoyed hearing other people's stories and watched the interaction between the two other omegas with some satisfaction. There were very rare occasions when she was not the center of attention. The subjects always involved their jobs, their skills, or their tastes and never those of others.

Watching Liu Wei play with the small cup in her hands, she dared to ask if the girl wanted more.

"Would you like one more?"

The girl nodded and this really surprised the queen herself, she might feel very sick later.


She refilled both glasses and joined her in yet another small toast.

As they drank, Wang Zheng could see Liu Wei's gentle movement as she lifted the glass and gracefully touched it to her lips.

The little princess was sipping the drink with a smile on her face and the queen felt her face heat up and her heart race as she watched the young omega's drunkenness and blush rise right before her eyes.

She sighed in her heart.

A few hours had passed and everyone was still drinking and eating happily.

The queen rotated her attention among the guests and was never in just one place and was always walking among people.

Liu Wei was now eating a small dessert and was sitting at the table with Anna.

Anna was worried about Liu Wei's condition, the girl drank a lot when she was bored and her flushed face was a big proof that she was very drunk.

"You are right?"

Liu Wei knew how to drink, but the red drink was out of her plans and every drink when added together turned out to be too much. She felt dizzy and dizzy. "I am dizzy."

"Do you want some fresh air?"

Liu Wei finished her piece of cake and got up. Despite staggering slightly to one side, she was soon able to walk steadily.

"Yes. But I can go alone."


Anna watched her princess walk away, she couldn't contain her worry.

Liu Wei didn't have to walk far to find a good spot and the wide balcony of the palace had a privileged view of the garden and pool, after a few steps she saw a small bench and sat down.

She took a deep breath.

Her thoughts were interrupted abruptly by a velvety husky voice. The Queen had followed her.

"Aren't you having fun?"

Wang Zheng was just as beautiful at the end of the party as she was at the first second. Elegant and beautiful.

"Yeah, the feast is going great… I'm just a little high from the alcohol."

The queen had predicted that the omega wouldn't feel well, but she had to confess that from her state at that moment she must have had a very high alcohol tolerance.

'I see. Do you need anything?'

Liu Wei shook her head in the negative.

"Good. You're a good drinker. Not many can keep up with me."

Liu Wei was embarrassed and her face was burning. "I'm glad I made it."

The young omega smiled beautifully and Wang Zheng could feel her heart melting.

The queen approached the girl and sat next to her. It didn't take long for her to smell the mint, but now it was as sweet as honey. The queen was stunned by the big change in the pheromone, but happy… The mint was sweet and addictive.

She wants more.

Liu Wei could also feel the sweet pineapple and sighed in her heart. "Your pheromone is sweet."

Talking about pheromones was extremely intimate and personal, so for Liu Wei to comment on the queen's pheromone taste so blatantly she must have had a lot to drink.

But Wang Zheng was amused and interested in the girl's boldness. "Do you like?"

Liu Wei nodded, she liked it a lot! "I like it. I feel like I'm on a tropical island."

The queen laughed at the girl's comparison. "For real?"

"Yes. Feels like a vacation, you know? Relax, stretch your legs and drink pineapple juice."

That sentence was extremely ambiguous, after all it was a person's pheromone and not just a fruit juice, but the queen didn't feel embarrassed, she felt hot.


After a few seconds of silence Liu Wei decided to get up and return to the hall, but her legs were weak and she ended up tripping over her own legs and what stopped her from falling was a pair of hands on her waist. Hot very hot.

"Aren't you too dizzy to walk around?"

The queen was hugging Liu Wei from behind, her hot breath hitting the girl's neck and shoulder.

Now she could feel all of her strength fading.

"Well, maybe..."

Wang Zheng smiled. Liu Wei had an extremely sweet smell and the queen secretly admired her as she held her in her arms.

It didn't take much force to get her sitting on the bench again.

Liu Wei was really nervous.

She took a deep breath.

"You're so strong... You took down that alpha without any difficulty..."

The young omega touched the Queen's abdomen without any ceremony and even surprised Wang Zheng with the act.

The queen could feel her body heat up, she was standing in front of Liu Wei and she could see over the top of her completely painted red ears.

"Well, maybe I'm lucky..."

"It's not luck, you're really good."

Liu Wei looked up and stared into Wang Zheng's black eyes, what was that feeling?

The queen watched her silently and could feel the mint flavor gradually increasing. So sweet it could make her go crazy. Her whole body was enveloped by Liu Wei's scent and it was an extremely new sensation, she also decided to release more of her own pheromone and heard Liu Wei's sighing breath.

The mint flavor now was very different from the one she'd felt when she first saw it and before it was like a bitter mint leaf, the freshness uncomfortable. But now the mint felt like a light Christmas candy.

"You're beautiful, strong and smart... If you were an alpha you'd probably have a lot of omegas behind you..."

Liu Wei looked up in reflex and saw a smile on the queen's face, as she felt a light caress on her cheeks.

Gently Wang Zheng bent down and the two could finally look into each other's eyes, standing at the same height.

The queen took a small lock of Liu Wei's hair and put it behind one of her ears, approached and whispered. "I already have a lot of omegas behind me..."

Liu Wei was trembling in nervousness. Wang Zheng's face was very close. She wanted to kiss her… She wanted to bite those red lips.

"...I don't like being compared to alphas very much. I can have whoever I want if they like me back and I never needed to be an alpha to be good at what I do."

Liu Wei could feel the tone a little bitter and her heart was heavy. She felt guilty, she wanted to say goodbye and go away, but she was stopped by Wang Zheng.


Wang Zheng got up again and walked away briefly near the palace entrance and called one of her officials.

"Please call Miss Liu Wei's maid and tell her she needs help getting back to her room."

The man nodded and quickly left. "Yes, Your Majesty."

Liu Wei was a little embarrassed by what the queen had said, her glands were hot.

Wang Zheng approaches again and bends down. "Miss Liu Wei, it's getting late and I need to leave, I hope you're okay."

The queen smiled gently and touched the young omega's flushed cheeks lightly.

"You should rest and get ready for our date, don't forget to surprise me...I really want you to surprise me and I want you to achieve that more than anyone here."

The low tone sounded like a whisper. The husky, almost mute voice was velvety and sexy.

Wang Zheng got up and soon saw Anna approaching. "Have a good night."

Liu Wei smiled as she watched the queen's back pull away, she felt her cheeks warmer. That woman is too dangerous, she whispered in her heart.

Shortly after the Queen's departure Anna appeared with a worried look. "Miss Wei, your face is so red... Do you have a fever?"

Liu Wei stood up and took a deep breath. "I'm fine... I just drank too much."

Liu Wei was finishing drying her hair, much of the drunkenness had already passed. She was wearing her silk pajamas and could feel much more comfortable after taking off that heavy dress.

She suddenly couldn't stop thinking about what Wang Zheng had told her: I really want you to surprise me, and I want you to achieve that more than anyone here.

Everything about Wang Zheng seemed enviable, from her personality, her body, and her skills. Of course, she couldn't forget about the pheromone... Liu Wei could feel her glands getting hot. She sighed in defeat.

She now understood that feeling... It's love.

As she finished packing her things to go to bed, she heard a knock on her door and gave a brief command for the person to enter.

The door opened slowly and soon she saw her maid.

Anna was carrying a small tray with just one glass.

"Miss Liu Wei feel better?"

"Yes, thank you."

Anna put the glass on the small table in the room. "Your Majesty asked to deliver this... Honey water."

Liu Wei was very happy. She smiled widely.

"Well... I'm fine now, you can go. Thank you."

"Okay, good night."

Anna quickly left and the room became silent again.

Liu Wei looks at that glass and smiles happily.

Well, she's going to try to surprise the queen.

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