The Princess Fall In Love With the Omega Queen

Wang Zheng is the powerful queen of the country of Wang, a beautiful and exuberant woman omega. After living almost 30 springs, much of the kingdom doubts her ability to marry and produce an heir. The council of elders of the realm obliges her to participate in the Bloody Spring: an event that forces the queen to choose a person to marry. Now she's being forced to find a good alpha... But what really catches her eye is a bold and beautiful omega with an eccentric mint scent. Fate had in store for them a challenging and exciting future. __________________ Support me and give me a gift! https://www.wishtender.com/moonsside __________________ *Isekai and Reincarnation are worked on directly from volume 005 second chance [extra]. _______________________________________ I don't own the rights to the cover image, it's an image taken from the internet and I couldn't find the author to offer the due credits.

moonsside · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
320 Chs

A little pitiful.*

We finally started "The Princess Falls in Love with the Omega Queen" extras!

I like to call it "The Princess Falls in Love Multiverse," stories that are not in the same line as the main story but have the same characters, as if we were talking about parallel universes.

Yes, the first story is hers... The not so loved Hong Bo!

I know, I know, how does someone like her have a sequel?! Haha

Just read and see; let's see for ourselves how life really is full of surprises.

I already guarantee in advance that we have Liu Wei and Wang Zheng, as well as other characters like Chow Niu.

Some things that haven't been explained previously will be said, others are unique to this arc.

It's an extra that I'm particularly loving reading.

Hope you like it!


"Bo! Wake up!" Well, that was John screaming incessantly with all the strength his lungs could bear.


The man just wanted there to be no risk that she'd be late.