The Princess and The Wolf Prince
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The Princess and The Wolf Prince


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What is The Princess and The Wolf Prince

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Princess Liviana's dream was to read thousands of books and become the best archer in their kingdom. At the age of twenty, the marriage never crosses her mind, but little did she know, her parents have decided to marry her to a prince. Prince Conrad is the crown prince succeeding to the throne, the next King of their kingdom. He is also leading a pack of a wolf as an Alpha. The wolf prince is going to meet a human princess. The marriage that bound to put them together in a situation that they have to accept, along with the adventures, difficulties, heartbreaks, romantic feelings, disappointments, and the truth about their kind. Read on to find out if their love can overcome the odds.

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really love fantasy ever since. love the personality of the wolf prince. make me kilig when im reading it especially when the prince and princess conversation. more chapters please. ❤❤❤


Reveal spoiler


conner and colten are funny they love livanda as their sister and i think conrad will soon open up to livanda i hope she will be able to handle the truth and i feel the pain of prince philip and prince andrew and who are the white wolf and why are they after livanda pls tag me on the next one


A captivating, heart wrenching story. I loved every word. The author actually caught me numerous times offguard. truely sorry to see it end.


This was such an amazing read. I enjoyed it from the first to the last chapter. The character developement was amazing. The story developement could use some work as it left some microscopic plot holes, but it still couldn't beat how right everything felt. The plot felt real and not like the author strained it to fit someone's expectation. I honestly don't remember when was the last time I cried so much because of a book so that also goes to show how much I connected with these characters. The writing is probs the weakest point of this book (and the reason I'm giving it a 4.8). Some words are used in the wrong way and pronouns get mixed up sometimes. Still, I would 100% recomend this book.


I love this book. I’m loving where these characters are heading. I can’t wait till to see her reaction when she finds out what Conrad is. 🤔


I have cried and laugh with this book. There were sometimes where i would question to finish it cause Lili’s and Conrad’s lovestory is unique compared to others of the genre! Though short, I would say its worth the read to see the where the author would take you. Loved it ❤️


It’s a really good book 📖 and once I started reading I couldn’t stop. The characters and story of this book is good so far. Worth reading 😃😃 let’s keep supporting the writer.


Such an interesting story i like conrad as a protective husband and andrew what a pity u cant marry livanda elias think he can keep conrad away from livanda no one can seperate destined lover i want to be tagged in the next episode




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