1086 The Voice Inside

As expected after Byroft finished off almost all the monsters in the forest he then smelled the human scent, coincidentally the creature came across a group of nomadic groups that had been hiding in the forest, needless to say further the group had no chance to escape Byroft clutch.

However, after Byroft, tastes human flesh the monster seem like it got an epiphany moment it become captivated by the taste of human flesh and blood to the point it began to ignore the other monsters and started hunting humans instead. 

Cavio, who has been single-handedly monitoring Byroft's movements, knows it is only a matter of time before this cursed creature finds its way into their village and Cavio is not sure the barrier he and Arthea create will be able to withstand the creature's attack.

Cavio's only plan is to lead Byroft far away from their village as far as possible so that the village doesn't feel the impact of their fight when it happens later.


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