1097 The Decisions that Will Define Us

When Cavio died Arthea returned to her people but she moved them to another place because their village was completely destroyed and everything around was polluted with black mana making it impossible to live anymore, therefore, Arthea used her power of precognition to find a better place and for less more than fifteen years he raised Demian but when Demian was fourteen years old Arthea left him but before he left he passed a fragment of her power to Demian as a prophetic dream so Demian could find the people who later become his true confidant, a loyal guards that will never betray him and most of all a friends that will follow him wherever he goes, it also the mark of the beginning of the first Archknight.

Not only that, but Arthea also gave his final order that the villagers never mentioned his name to the next generation because of his sin which resulted in the death of her older brother she wanted to completely erase her existance from the Lucient lineage.


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