1092 The Birth of the Serpent King

Snow fell silently without a sounds then slowly covered the brown, arid ground  including the carcasses of the beasts even the large carcass of Byroft covered completely it became one with the snow.

Thankfully it wasn't long before Cavio woke up, although still a bit weak at least that way they could return to their village if not arthea didn't know how to take cavio home all by herself.

Once they arrived at the village, everyone exhilarated and relief after these few days they have been like headless chicken after  Arthea suddenly disappeared from her house and there's no new news from Cavio, therefore they already prepare for the worst but luckily bot of them returs safely even Demian burst to tears when he saw Arthea and Cavio returns.

Late at night, Cavio was recuperating in his room when arthea came holding Demian who refused to let go, apparently the little boy was traumatized by their departure.


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