1006 Second Round

"Don't worry Miss Guan, my brother and master Bei are very strong and this is not the first time they have faced Lesser-Demon like this" Jin Hua comforted her.

"Lesser-Demon, is that thing called Lesser-Demon?" Guan Men Niang looked at Gao Mo and Chung Tao with horror, they indeed look like a demon.

"You better find a safe place, I have a feeling hybrid beasts and creatures will soon join the fun so you better get ready" Lory warned Jin Hua and Guan Men Niang, "I want to be here with you guys but I have somewhere to go Lory turned her gaze into the distance.

"You want to face Lao Min Na right?" Jin Hua guessed.

Lory scratched her nose and smiled wryly "Yeah...I have a lot of thoughts to ask her" Lory was curious about the 'rebirth' she wanted to know what was the reason Lao Min Na had to go that far.

"Then you should go, Miss Guan will be safe with me." Jin Hua's voice hint at determination and Guan men Niang was touched by Jin Hua's sincerity.


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