1005 Right on Time

When he realized who was hugging him, Wu San Bo used all his Qi to create a barrier so that the two forces collided due to the explosion of their power blowing them away, Wu San Bo hugged Guan men Niang tightly to protect him as their bodies hit the ground.

"What are you doing here!" Wu San Bo scream in panic and frustration as he looked at Guan Men Niang.

"I...I don't want to leave you" even though Guan Men Niang's lips trembled but her face was tinted with determination.

"Leave! what can you do here, LEAVE ME!" Wu San Bo frantically said that because he could feel his dantian was injured massively so it will be hard for him to gather his Qi when that happened he cannot protect himself let alone Guan Men Niang.

However, Guan Men Niang shook her head profusely, "I WILL NOT GO! what is the point of living if you are not there!" she gripped Wu San Bo's collar tightly for fear that Wu San Bo would push her away.


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