1 Prophecy (Prologue)

A woman with long wavy bluish dark hair took off her dress and changed into blue jeans and a white long-sleeve t-shirt. She opened up her backpack and put in a few clothes and daily necessities. She did not take a lot of stuff as she needed to easily move around from place to place.

Done with packing, she put on her black leather jacket and tied her hair into a simple ponytail. She gazed at her reflection in the mirror one last time and took a deep breath. She slung the backpack over her shoulder and walked towards the door, opened it, turned, and took one last look at her room. This is where she lived for the seventeen years of her life. Her head filled up with memories. She blinked away the memories as she walked out and closed the door.

She walked through the long hallway. The ceremony was over, and the castle seemed quiet and empty. Only her footsteps echoed through the hall. She stopped right before a big door at the end of the hallway. It was a white big door with a golden doorknob.

A forbidden room lay behind the door. Only the royal family could access it. She stared at the door for a few minutes contemplating if she should enter or not. She chose not to enter but raised her hand to touch the cold door. She bit her lips to stop the tears from flowing down her cheeks as bitterness filled her.

"Goodbye…" She said softly. She inhaled deeply, turned, and left silently. Her eyes brimmed with determination. She clenched her fist to strengthen her will. This is the path she chose for herself. She did not know the ending, but she knew she would stick to her choice until the very end.


This world is called Verrion. The kingdom in which the twins were born was called Harland. One twin was named Prince Lucas Noland Lucient, while the other was Princess Lorient Joan Frau Lucient. Children of King Marcus Reginald Lucient and Queen Lorrenna Marion Frau Lucient.

Sadly, the Queen passed away when the Princess and Prince were only 6 years old. The King never remarried after the Queen's death.

The royal twins were almost identical despite their gender. They both had wavy bluish-black dark raven hair, pale skin, sharp nose, and the special purple-eyes – a lineage trait of the Lucient family.

The royal family lived in a central city called Herriond which was commonly known as 'King's City'.

The city of Herriond was five times larger than New York City. Most people used Magic and were called 'The Gifted', while the non-magic users were known as 'The Creator'. The Creators relied on science to develop technology and the technology in Harland was more advanced compared to that of other countries.

The two groups in this world didn't always live in harmony as they used to get in conflicts in the past. The conflict was born from the fact that some countries treated the Gifted as weapons, while other countries treated the Creators as second-class citizens. Their status was considered below that of the Gifted. Harland was the exception to this. The kingdom treated everyone the same. All citizens had the same rights and received the same opportunities.

Their king managed to make both groups work together to help each other for the good of the kingdom. It was through this that they were able to combine technology and magic to building a better future for Harland.

Every gadget, weapon, transportation, and everything found in the country was a blend of the two. The life of the people of Harland become quite stable. The crime rate reduced and there was no difference between the rich and poor. The living conditions of people in Harland was seen to be easy and peaceful.

They were fortunate because they had a king who was not only kind but also fair. Their king was just and served his people with his whole heart. The king was also known for being strong and formidable because he was blessed with the power of the gods. He was able to make an impenetrable shield around the King's city. Protecting the people from harm and his family in King City. It was for this reason that the reign of Lucient lasted for a thousand-year and become the most powerful kingdom to ever exist in Verrion.

In Harland, only a man could inherit the kingdom. It was not because they belittled women but because of tradition and a thousand-year heritage that only the royal family understood. It was because of this that it was decided earlier that the prince will be the next king. The announcement of the future king was celebrated by everyone especially his twin sister, Lorient, who was older by five minutes.

To the public, the princess always looked like the perfect princess as she always seemed graceful and poised. However, those who knew her saw her as stubborn, mischievous, and a little mean especially to people who talked bad about her family or tried to harm her family. Those who met her wrath found her to be scary… You could not touch her family and live unscathed… They had no one to blame for their consequences but themselves.

Despite her negative traits, she was kind and gentle to everyone who was close to her and would do anything to help them. She was also very loyal to her kingdom and would willingly sacrifice everything as part of her duty as the princess and as Lucient heir. She and her brother did not need to be taught about their duties. It came naturally. It was something in their blood that made them like that.

The years went by and the princess was soon seventeen years old. She looks amazingly beautiful with bluish dark hair that flowed down to her waist. She wore a blue dress with silver thread flower embroidery. She stood next to King Marcus on the balcony outside the King's study room. The princess looked dreadful.

Her eyes filled with horror as she clenched her hands to stop from shivering. She took a deep breath to talk as calmly as she could.

"Father, is it true?"

The King was silent for a moment before he answered.

"It is," he said firmly. The sadness in his eyes betrayed how he felt.

"NO!! I can't accept this!" Lorient lost her calmness as she shouted. She then lowered her voice as she was afraid someone might overhear their conversation. "Why... why him...? There must be another way, Father… It's hard to…" she anxiously pleaded with her father.

The King sighed deeply, "There's none... This is the will of the gods."

"Then screw the gods!" this time she really lost her composure. She was a little startled by her own cursing, but she didn't care. There something more important than cursing.

It was the first time she acted disrespectfully in her father's presence. She was not like her brother who was more easy-going in front of their father. Lorient had the most respect for her father and she gave all her love to her family turning her into a bro-con and father-con at the same time.

This also the reason why she chased away her suitors. In her eyes, there was no one good enough. They could not even compare to her family.

The King looked at his daughter knowing her pain as he also grieved. He felt the same way she did when he first discovered this awful truth. His twins were very close to each other with Lorient taking the mother role for her brother. She looked after her brother in more ways than a sister should.

It was something he was always grateful and proud of even though it was he never told her the same.

"Lory, everything was predestined before our time," The king tried to ease his daughter's pain even when he knew it was all futile. "All we can do is move forward and walk tall in every decision we make. That is the duty of a king."

"But I'm no king, father!" She shouted once again. She felt so heartbroken. Her heart ached. She clenched her fist. "I'm just a princess who loves her brother very… very much."

"I'll find another way, father… There must be another way… I have to…" Lorient murmured to herself as she tried to convince herself.

The king looked at his daughter knowing there was nothing he can do or say to change her mind. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes. He was angry with himself for what he perceives to be his incompetence. He failed to protect his family. It was the first time he felt useless and weak.

Lorient turned around to leave her father's study. She halted her steps at the door and asked, "Does he know?"

The King was quiet for a second. He took a deep breath and said solemnly, "I don't know."

The princess didn't say anything she took a deep breath as she realized her life will never be the same again. She had to fight if she did not want to lose everything and yet she was unprepared for this fight. She left her father's room and walked to the main hall. She found herself in the crown room. She gazed at the king's throne. She always believed her brother would sit there and become a great king like their father and the ancestors before them, but now...

"Something bothering you, Princess?" A calm and familiar voice woke her from her stupor. A man with short brown hair with a smart and handsome appearance smiled calmly at her.

She looked at him and gave him a faint smile. The man was Fredhard or 'Fred'. He was like a big brother to her. He was firm but gentle. Cold from the outside but warm on the inside. He was always unconditionally there for her and her brother and she needed him now more than ever.

"I have to leave… soon…" Her voice was soft but firm.

"Where do you want to go?" The man frowned as he showed his disapproval. He had protected the young princess and prince for many years, and they were more like a family. They did not let their titles between their friendship. He could not help but worry for her.

She shook her head slowly, "I don't know yet…"

Normally he would have discouraged her, but her calm demeanor and determined eyes made him swallow his words. It seemed she had already decided, and he couldn't stop her. "Does Lucas know…?" Lucas was her only soft spot.

She became quiet as her gaze turned somber, "No… he doesn't…"

"And the King?" He questioned her again. For her to leave the two most important people in her life meant it was a not simple matter. Fredhard begun wondering what had happened, he reminded himself to get to the bottom of the matter as soon as possible.

Lory took a deep breath, "He might have already guessed it... maybe... he is my father after all." she smiled helplessly at Fredhard.

"When are you going to leave?" Fredhard sighed. If the King couldn't stop her then he wouldn't have a chance to changed, her mind. Being stubborn was a family trait.

"Soon…" She responded. She turned around to leave. She took a few steps and stopped suddenly. "Oh… Fredhard… take care of my brother, okay?" She asked without looking back.

"Always…" He said with certainty as a gentle smile touched his lips.

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