663 Outstanding Princess

In the present Zhao Li Xin secretly sneak inside the Sanguan manor after he had a date with his beloved princess, inside his room Mong Yi already present by kneeling on the floor as a good duteous vassal should be.

"Greeting Milord" they cupped their fist to saluted him.

as always he strides across the room without answering them then lazily plopped to the chair "Tell me everything!" he orders with an apathetic look.

Mong Yi knew his Lord asked about what happened at the Tea house and he is certain that Zhao Li Xin will make anyone involved pay for their audacity especially Sanguan Li Ye and Sanguan Wu Ci, unlike the madam his master is very petty.

Mong Yi then told Zhao Li Xin everything that happened including all mockery and insult they throw at Lory, the more he heard the colder his expression becomes, the poor Mong Yi could feel his hair raising as the air grew thin.


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