980 Misunderstanding

Guan Men Niang could feel Gao Mo's piercing eyes on her back instantly making the hairs on her back raise. Guan Men Niang had lived in the Heaven's Gate sect for a long time so she knows full well the character traits of the people that work for  Wei Zu Tian, especially the so-called Four Heaven's knights.

Each of the knights was crazy as the others none of them were sane but how they could be when they have to work for someone like Wei Zu Tian, ​​and Gao Mo was one of the worst there used to be Xuan Yi as a competitor but luckily Long Ming killed That disgusting bastar*  during the fight at the Whispering forest so left Gao Mo.

Guan Men Niang knew that all the women who spent the night with Gao Mo never had a good ending, most of them being tortured to death some even didn't last for a day.


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