1032 Long-Time Enemy

The Empyrean Green Forest was in complete chaos, the fight between Huwang Shen Zi and the giants also the battle between the palaces of the four kings, and the cursed phoenix destroyed half of the forest. The impact of their battle spread throughout the forest and even throughout the city, yet no one cared because they were already busy fighting themselves.

Especially for Li Mo Zhen and the others, it was getting harder and harder to find Yang Xi Ying now, moreover, they couldn't help but be dragged into the battle of territory between Hybrid Beasts and ordinary Beasts.

"What's the situation?" Ming Yue Yin wiped the sweat off her forehead as she and Yuan Shao had just killed a hybrid lizard with bat wings.

Meanwhile, on the other hand, Li Mo Zhen and his subordinates had also finished killing another Beast but it was an ordinary beast it seems they were involved in another territorial dispute.

We're done here" Li Mo Zhen said as he sheathed his sword.


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