1014 Entering The Last Round

"Li Xin?!" Lory was shocked, she didn't expect him to come so soon, does that mean Wei Zu Tian is dead, well that's good news. Lory did not have the slightest mercy for someone like Wei Zu Tian.

But Lory was more concerned with Zhao Li Xin's tense face. Lory knew right away she was in bigger trouble. Meanwhile, Zhao Li Xin didn't make a sound, he was actually still trying to control his shock when he saw Lory fall from the sky and seemed unable to control her movements, even though Zhao Li Xin knew Lory wouldn't die from the fall but she would still be seriously injured and even with the gifts she had, Lory would still feel the excruciating pain.

Zhao Li Xin landed on the ground but he didn't put Lory down and Lory could only raise her eyebrows but swallowed her words knowing it wasn't the time to complain other than she does feel very weak right now.


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