1000 Courage

Guan Men Niang opened her eyes and found herself in the maid's room, she wasn't surprised because actually, she didn't faint she just used the medicine Wu San Bo gave her to slow her heart rate, thankfully Wu San Bo had put a lot of medicine in her spatial ring he even spends a whole day to teach her regarding all the items in her ring, Guan Men Niang was grateful by Wu San Bo meticulous preparation otherwise, their plans will fall apart due to Chung Tao's unplanned appearance.

Guan Men Niang took a deep breath, then peeked through the gap of the window and caught a maid was heading towards her room, Guan Men Niang hurriedly run and jumped onto her bed and pretended to sleep while at the same time the door opened and the young maid entered the room she then darts her gaze at the bed where Guan men Niang was sleeping.


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