1073 A Farewell

'Where there is death there will always be death'

'To save the world, Lucient's blood must be sacrificed'

'Promised me, Lory, wherever you go, wherever it is, you will take me with you'

'When the time comes, you must let me go...'

The sound of fireballs shooting across the sky with a sizzling sound, Lory raised her hand to summon a blizzard and a cold gust of wind came with a howling sound, Lory lunged at Zhao Li Xin while raising her in front of her face.

Zhao Li Xin and Lory flew simultaneously while exerting their power once the two forces collided the two power exploded causing a tremendous impact that even knocked Girsha's massive body away.

However, Zhao Li Xin and Lory's figures shot through the wild wind and thick smoke. 

The tip of the crimson lightning sword split through the air at high speed, while Lory's hands were covered in sharp ice and they lunged at each other at rapid speed.


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