The Prince Who Cannot Fall In Love & The Missing Heiress

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What is The Prince Who Cannot Fall In Love & The Missing Heiress

Read The Prince Who Cannot Fall In Love & The Missing Heiress novel written by the author Missrealitybites on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Contemporary Romance stories, covering sliceoflife, revenge, royalfamily, sweet, future. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


He thought he wasn't capable of love... until he met her. Can a marriage survive when 'love' is one-sided? Is the love of one person enough for two? Can you forgive the enemy when the person who destroyed your life is the person you love the most? *** Vega Linden was taken away from her doting parents and led a desperately lonely life in a quiet village, not knowing who she was. There, she met the prince who came to give her family.... or so she thought. She was the sun that shone over his darkness, the flowers that bloomed in his spring, the only woman he would ever love... if only he could. This is the story of the prince who cannot fall in love and the missing heiress. The book covers revenge and how love conquers all. Can bad people turn good? Will kindness really defeat evil? Can you forgive people who had hurt you so badly that you want to destroy the world just to make them pay? *** This novel shares the same universe as my two novels: "The Alchemists" and "Finding Stardust". This is the sequel to "The Alchemists". You don't have to read it to start with this book, but I think if you do read it, you will LOVE it. CHECK OUT MY OTHER STORIES: - The Alchemists - Completed - Finding Stardust - Completed - The Cursed Prince - Ongoing - The Cursed King - Completed - Till Death Do Us Part - Completed - The King's Wife Is The Alpha's Mate - Ongoing I DON'T DO SLOW BURNS You can buy me coffee through: https://ko-fi.com/missrealitybites Talk to me on Discord: bit.ly/missrealitybites Instagram @missrealitybites

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Volume 5 :Happy Family


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Hello, this is the author. This book is the sequel to my first novel "The Alchemists". It's a trilogy about immortals who live in the modern world. You don't have to read that book to understand this one, but if you did, I am sure you will feel entertained as it contains fluffy romance, secret identities, face slapping scenes, handsome and doting MLs, caring and loving FLs, and most importantly, a supportive family. The Prince & The Lost Heiress is going to be a bit dark, because it's a story about revenge and redemption, but I promise to make it worth your while. Synopsis: The world's most feared assassin had turned over a new leaf. But his past came back to haunt him. Since he had killed so many people, one of his victims was out to seek revenge, but taking away his most precious daughter. Will she be able to return to her doting family? Will they catch who was behind the abduction? Who is actually the mastermind?


since I am a super-duper-mega avid fan of The Alchemist I am all eyes with this novel I understand the story pacing because the author is trying to explain and introduce the characters whereas for those who are already familiar felt it's kinda slow especially for people like me who cant put a good book down till its over. somehow in this book you would think of thousand of ways how Fae will finally knows the truth about her real self and how would her relationship with Ren materializes knowing now that conflicts are now beginning to show just proves that there's more in store for its readers....Happy reading everyone and to our dear author - Good luck and more awesome ideas to you!


i always give this book a rating of 5 coz its just soooo perfect. from the story development character design updating of chapters to the quality of writing and world background...wow...i couldn't say anything more. just superb!


It is recommended, note it! this book must be included in the library. Submitting a neat story and an interesting plot. I'm addicted to keep reading. Author's spirit 💪😁🥰


Love the story line. I read all of the other book 940 Chapters. Now I want to find out what happens to Vega. I need updates! Bad thing about about beening a speed reader is I finish before the book has been complete. Ugh personal problems. :)


I love how this book focuses on my favorite family. Alaric and Aleksis are couple goals!! I do hope their daughter will find a man who will cherish her like her father does her mother.


(WARNING:ONLY FOR THOSE WHO ENDED READING THIS NOVEL.THIS REVIEW MIGHT SPOIL YOUR READING) Author,please,please,pleaseeeeeeeee🙏🙏🙏 Just make another version of Vega's story which she and Ren would end up.I know many of readers hate Ren and also I also hate Ren from the beginning of the story but I slowly end up wanting them to be pair up.At first I also liked Vega being with Mischa but as the story kept on and on I started to understand how Ren was also suffering.Imagine when you want revenge but end up getting in love with the woman who'm killed your father and uncle??????Everyone deserves second chance also same for Ren Right????…As for the fact that Ren and Vega met in chapter 328-332 of course they would somehow became stranger cause they didn't knew each other right???And Mischa was closed from Vega right from the start cause he is her father's foster son,and of course they would not act like stranger and of course Mischa and Vega are both stranger when Vega doesn't remember anything there wasn't also Sparks OK or maybe I'm just bias(T_T)………Although Charles/Karl,Ren and Amelia are sinful but all were blinded by hatred.Amelia blinded by love(she just loved Ren so much she even let Ren use her even if she knew Ren would never loved him),Charles changes cause of his brother and of course lastly—Ren became like this because of the what happened to his parents which died in painful and unjustifice way……EVERYONE PLEASE TRY TO UNDERSTAND THEM if your in their shoes!!!!!You would also blinded by HATRED of course!!!!…I've done this review cause I kept crying.LOL,after finishing this novel.It really breaks my heart upon knowing that they wouldn't end up being together.Promise I really cryied all day that my mother kept teasing me because I'm such a crybaby… ‼️‼️HOPE YOU NOTICE THIS AUTHOR missreallybites‼️‼️ from this anonymous reader


This book is really high rated so I was expecting some Psychic's Scarlet Dream level of writing or that level of story or characters. I can't help but feel disappointed. That said, it is a good book without a shred of doubt and I am going to continue following it as it progresses.


I love this book. This is the sequel of The Prince. I recognized many lovable characters immediately. I hope Vega will end up with Mischa. Please hear me, author... ❤️❤️❤️❤️


This story is to make you addicted. You can feel the emotions of this story. I love the story. I’ll always be waiting for the next chapter. Keep the spirit thor 😊😍


Just started reading the book but damn am already in so deep in this novel......sometime i read this almost throughout a day without doing anything....i think am already addicted 😊😊


This novel is very good. Missrealitybites also writes in good English. Recommended. It is good.to have daily update. Thank you for being good Indonesian writer. I am proud of you.


This author is very talented. All her stories are captivating and you will never guess the plot. Sure, some parts are cliche, but it's all in the perfect dose. This one is her newest book. I'd recommend you to read it. ❤️❤️


Hello everyone ☺️ the novel so good I would highly recommend this novel to everyone to have a look for the great work from beautiful author it has everything engraved in it beautifully .... like it just placed a beautiful and cool dashing 😎😏 modern life through the stories ..I really like and admire the handsome Ml and the beautiful and smart obviously inspiring fl from this story ......the planning, plotting, Twists and even the face slapping are just a way to good suitors and enjoyable with to the commedy ( I love comedy novels well)...oh I gave too much info blah blah ,....hey beautiful readers have a look by urself it's a full package of modern world and last but not least Thank u so much dear author for creating such beautiful and in interesting stories .. lots of love to u 💕💕💞✨✨


I want to give honest feedback as a loyal reader of this novel. I started reading this book because of the novel called the alchemist. it was a very great book. near the end of that book something happened to one of characters of that novel and author has seperated that part as another novel. so I have stopped from there and started to read this one. i want to say this one also very great. usually i don't buy coins to unlock chapters with huge amount. but this two books are exceptional. i highly recommend this book and the alchemist as wonderful novels. you will never regret buying so many coins to unlock chapters. you would love all the characters of these novel. because each has their own individual charm. 🥰🥰 they will seduce you and you guys will fall without fail.. believe me..


I really loved your story the alchemist. and i have spent ao kuch money to unlock all chapters in that book. now i have stopped it because i desperately want to see what happen to vega. so I started reading this but i am so sad I can't expend any more because i have expend so much for your book the alchemist. dear author are you planning to add more chapters to this in the future.. or is it really completed?


Love the story.. waiting for the next book! l was so excited to read The Alchemists up to where this novel started. Now to finish the rest. l read it all up to this point in 3.5 weeks. Binge reader here!!


Not sure if i reviewed this novel already but here is another if i already did o(〃^▽^〃)o Really like this novel! Its in my top 3 all time favs that ive been reading! I started this novel when it was in the 100s of ch and now its coming to an end 🤧 Ahhh team Vega x Mischa def but such a good novel! I def recommend for those who like romance n mystery but also it has some tragedy has well 100/100!




I love this author and her world but i cannot get behind this Leading man. I will need to return to the story later to see if he finally gains some redemable qualities but right now he needs to be shoved into a shark tank or go somewhere very far away from the female lead. Im sorry Vega but your husband really truly sucks and I hope you find someone far better or he grows up into a better human.


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