The Prince Of The Elves Book

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The Prince Of The Elves


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Someone once said that love and hate... are two sides of the same blade. When I met the princess of the High Elves, I did not remember who I was, where I was, or how I got there. Looking back, I was glad it turned out that way. If I had known who I was, and told her I was ELION WINDSTAR, son of the Sun elves, she would of killed me right then and there. Instead, she took care of the stranger, she found wounded in the forest. ELION had been slayed down with force and dark magic, in a battle in which he had lost the love of his life. TALILIA was held hostage by a nearby malefic kingdom. As bits and pieces of what happened came back to him, he found that love and hatred could equally consume a person with passions. At that moment ELION realized, the warrior princess could never know who he was. As they balanced on the fine line between friendship and romance, they made a pact. ELION would help MEIRA fulfill the quest she was destined for, as she would in return help him to find his identity. Little did she know, he was her sworn enemy, that only used her to find the love he had lost. When the time came and TALILIA was rescued, ELION found it hard to admit that he had fallen in love with someone else. Besides, she could not never be his, or could she? He did not know what hurt the most; being near her, while he knew she was forbidden, or her absence, knowing she was forever his?!


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