60 This is wrong...


Meanwhile, at a fast-food restaurant near Imperial Secondary School…

"This is wrong… When x=5, you should do it like this…" A teenage boy with a modern quiff hairstyle said as he wrote on the piece of draft paper.

The teenage girl who was sitting next to him watched his movement quietly, completely oblivious to the sounds of their surroundings.

"He has a few strands of white hair…" she thought as she looked at the side of his hair. She then silently count the strands of white hair, "One, two, three..."

"Are you listening?"

The slightly annoyed voice caught her attention, and she quickly looked at the piece of draft paper before nodding nervously.

The boy took the mathematics textbook that was next to the girl. When he moved, he bumped slightly against the girl's back and that made her blush uncontrollably. To avoid being teased, she quickly kept her head down as she pretended to study the workings of the question that she got wrong earlier.

As he flipped through the pages of the book with one hand while twisting a pen in his other hand, he said, "Algebra isn't as hard as you thought. You just need more practice."

He drew circles on a few questions spread across a few pages and marked the pages with small sticky notes. When he looked at the girl, he caught her staring at him.

"Yi Zhenya! Why are you looking at my face? Look at the damn book!" He tapped her head with the pen as he scolded her.

The girl immediately averted her gaze and focused on the book that the boy had slid over to her.

"Try and do those questions that I circled. They are basic algebra questions. If you can't even do this, I think I need to rethink our relationship."

"What?" the girl gasped.

The boy shrugged as he said nonchalantly, "I can't be seen with an idiot..."

The girl was stunned, and she shook her head nervously. "No, Tian Le! Don't think about anything! I can do this!"

She immediately picked up her pen and started to do the questions with a serious expression on her face.

Tian Le smirked as he picked up his can of Coke and he watched her while sipping his Coke occasionally.

He had been tutoring Yi Zhenya for a few weeks now, and he knew that she was faking her incompetence. For someone who was in the same class as him, how could she keep making the same mistakes? It took him less than one hour of their first tutoring session to know what she was up to.

However, since she wanted to play dumb, he was willing to play along with her. At first, he was only playing along as she paid him quite well for the sessions. It was tripled what he was making previously.

The allowance that Han Ye and Lu Ziyan gave him was more than enough, but he did not want to be a leech. Thus, he had been taking on tutoring sessions in order to help out a little.

He was going to end it after a few weeks. However, after a while, he found himself genuinely enjoying the thrice-weekly sessions with her.

Usually, he would not entertain her requests for a tutoring session during weekends, but since they would be having exams soon, Tian Le knew that he would have to end the tutoring session. Thus, he decided to spend as much time with her as possible.

After all, that silly girl confessed to him during their one of their tutoring session last month, and he had accepted her confession.

Even though he was new to this kind of thing, he felt that as a boyfriend, he should try to spend more time with his girlfriend.

Once she was done, he quickly marked them. When he reached the last question, he frowned.

"What the hell is this? I told you to do the questions. Why are there two pigs here? And what the heck is the love on top of them?" Tian Le asked and sighed.

Yi Zhenya smiled shyly as she said quickly, "That's you and me!"

"Heck, no! I'm not a pig! You can be a pig yourself," Tian Le said as he made a huge "X" over the pigs.

"You meanie!" Yi Zhenya pouted.

The moment she finished saying that, Tian Le grabbed the back of her neck and planted a kiss on her lips. They were still young, so their type of kiss was pretty innocent compared to what the adults did.

However, it still startled her. In fact, she was so startled by his sudden action that she froze, and she continued to be in a frozen state even after he pulled away.

Seeing how she was unresponsive, Tian Le sighed as he gently tapped her cheek. "Wake up…"

Yi Zhenya blinked for a few seconds before she touched her lips with a finger. "T-That was my first kiss…"

"Well, you called me a meanie... " Tian Le smirked as he said, "As a meanie, I should be the one to take your first kiss, right?"

Yi Zhenya's face turned red as she recalled his soft lips on hers, and she immediately covered her face with her hands while she smiled like a silly girl. She had had a crush on Tian Le ever since he was placed in her class, and she had spent hours thinking about what it was like to kiss him.

Tian Le was quite popular at school, and she never thought that he would accept her confession, especially since he called her an idiot on a frequent basis and he barely talked to her while they were at school.

Looking at how she was behaving like a silly girl, Tian Le sighed. He removed her hands from her face and this time, when he kissed her on the lips again, he lingered there for a longer period of time.

When he parted, he gently caressed the back of her head and said softly, "After this week, we can't have the tutoring sessions anymore. I can't afford to fall out of the ranks, and you should stop playing the games. I'm already your boyfriend."

With reddened cheeks, she asked in an almost whispering voice, "Then, can I still see you?"

"Well, you'll see me in class."

"No, I meant when we are not in class."

He thought about it for a moment before replying, "Probably not… I have tutoring sessions with the other students who actually need my help, and I have to study as well. Then, there are my club activities. And my sister-in-law's death anniversary is coming up as well, and this year, my…"

He hesitated for a while. This year, they would be putting Wu Yuexue at a private columbarium that belonged to the Du Family, so he would be out of school for a few days to help with the preparation. Along with members of the Du Family, they would also be visiting some of the deceased family members of the Du Family.

Apparently, DX's best friend, Layla Rong, who was currently residing in the US with her partner, Judge, and their daughter, Quinn, would be coming back soon.

All of DX's close friends would be in the same city for a short period of time, and they wanted to take this opportunity to visit an old friend of theirs who was buried in the private burial plot that was together with the columbarium.

"What, Tian Le? You zoned out," Yi Zhenya said as she looked at him curiously.

Tian Le frowned and knocked her softly on the head. "I'm not zoning out. Don't think that I'm like you. I'm just thinking about something. Anyway, after the exams, I would be busy as well."

Yi Zhenya pouted. "Then I won't be able to hang out with you anymore?"

"Only for a while…" Tian Le said with a gentle smile. He then patted her head as he said, "I would call you whenever I'm free."

"Still, that's like 4 weeks…"

Tian Le sighed. "Alright, how about this? I'll let you hang out with me during lunch time, but only if you promise not to make a sound or talk to me. You can only sit next to me while I study."

Yi Zhenya nodded. "No take back!"

She took his pinky finger and hooked hers with it before she said, "I promise I won't bother you during the exam period."

Even though she did not know why, but she knew that he was working hard toward something. If she could not help him with it, the least she could do was to not bother him while he was trying his best.


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