73 Did you stalk her?

Since the rain had stopped, they decided to walk home. Now that the rain had stopped, the night felt comfortable enough for them to walk.

As they walked, Little Han Ye suddenly looked up at his mother. "Mum?"

"Yeah?" Feng Ruoyun answered in a gentle tone. 

He then did something that he had not done for a very long time; he held her hand in public.

When she looked at him with a surprised expression, he said softly, "Don't ever leave me, alright?"

Feng Ruoyun smiled. "Not until you can take care of yourself…"

Even though her son was very mature for his age, she knew that he was scared. After seeing what had happened to his friend, no doubt he was afraid that he would lose his mother as well.

To take his mind off the bad things, she asked, "Miss Wushuang loves candy, right?"


She gave his hand a squeeze and smiled as she said, "Let's stop by the convenience store near our house later. We will get some for her..."

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