69 Clink, clink...

Clink, clink...

Suddenly, the sudden clinking sound made by the rings hung around his neck caused him to stop moving.

As he stared at the rings, he stopped what he was doing. In his mind, he was thinking, "This isn't right…"

They had just met, and Han Ye knew that he was looking at Angela Zhang as if she were Wu Yuexue. It was not fair, for her or for his late wife. With a pained expression, Han Ye then took a deep breath to calm himself down

"Han Ye?" Angela Zhang called out softly, somewhat out of breath.

"I'm… I'm sorry…" Han Ye muttered. A small part of him wanted to continue, to feel what it was like to be with another person again, but another part of him could not. Whatever it was that he felt earlier was gone. The feeling of lust was gone, leaving behind a rational and clear-headed Han Ye.

After a while, he sighed loudly and got up from her. As he picked up his shirt from the floor, he said, "I don't think we should continue…"

Unknown to him, his tone was a little cold because of the inner turmoil he was dealing with at that moment. It caused Angela Zhang to feel a little taken aback.

Her face turned red from embarrassment, and she quickly sat up. As she tidied herself up, she muttered, "I'm sorry."

There were tears in her eyes as if she were ashamed of what she almost did earlier.

"No no no. It's not your fault…" he said nervously as he sat down next to her. Gently, he wiped her tears away with his thumbs. He smiled as he thought, "She's a crybaby like Yuexue too…"

He then held her hand and said with a gentle smile on his face, "I'm just not completely ready yet… I thought I was, but I guess I need more time before we can do that… But, if it's alright with you, I'd like to see you again."

When she heard what he just said, Angela Zhang looked at him with a pair of teary eyes. She was still a little confused by his action, but she nodded. "Yes, I'd like to see you again…"

"For tonight…" Han Ye glanced toward his room. His wife's urn was still inside, and he didn't really want to bring another woman into that room. So, he said, "Why don't you stay in my brother's room for tonight?"

Since Lu ZiYan's room was filled with computers and lots of private documents, he brought her to Tian Le's room, which was like every other teenager's room.

"You can stay here tonight…" Han Ye said with a smile. As he moved around the room, looking for a new toothbrush, he said, "We don't have a woman living here, so there are no female clothes… If you don't mind, you can wear my brother's pajamas. He's about the same height as you, so it should fit properly."

He then went to the cabinet and took out a towel and a set of pajamas before he placed it on Tian Le's neatly made bed. He then placed the new toothbrush on top of the pajamas before he turned to look at her.

"There are drinks and food in the fridge in case you're hungry," he said while scratching the back of his head.

Angela Zhang nodded.

He then showed her around the room and the bathroom. Before he left, he picked up another set of pajamas so that Tian Le could have something to change into later, as well as his toiletries and crutch, in case the boy wanted to use it.

Once he got everything he needed, he stood at the door and said, "I'll be in my room. My housemate and my foster brother are coming back later, so if you hear some noise, don't worry about it. You can lock the door if you're afraid..."

Angela Zhang nodded. After a moment of hesitation, she hugged him and said, "Thanks for letting me stay here… I'm sorry about earlier, I shouldn't have acted that way."

"It's not your fault… I was the one who seduced you. After all, I'm a very good looking man," Han Ye joked with a smile as he tried to comfort her. He knew that he was a good looking man, and it was normal for her to fall for him.

Besides, she was not the one who initiated it. Even if she were, there was nothing wrong with it. He did not want her to feel otherwise.

He placed a kiss on the top of her head and muttered, "Don't think too much about it."

After a few more seconds of hugging her, he then released her before he said, "I'll leave you alone now… Don't sleep too late."

He then walked out, closing the door behind him.


Han Ye went to his room and took a quick shower. When he got out of the bathroom, he was already wearing a pair of light grey joggers that Lu ZiYan bought for him. According to the latter, he bought three. It was supposed to be some sort of family uniform. Whenever Tian Le came back, and if Han Ye was at home, they would put on the pants, eat snacks, and watch movies on the couch.

And to avoid them wearing each other's pants, each of their grey joggers had a little cartoon version of themselves that was embroidered on the left side of the pants.

As he was drying his wet hair with a towel, his eyes fell on the urn that contained his wife's ashes. There were a million thoughts that were running in his mind.

"Can I move on while being fair to Angela?" Han Ye thought as he continued to stare at the urn.

Draping the towel around his shoulders, he went into the bathroom to get a clean face towel. He then used it to wipe the urn. Once he was done, he said with a smile, "Yuexue, you're getting a new home soon... Even if we aren't together, I'll go and visit you often..."

After he placed the face towel into the laundry basket, he then sighed and went to sit at his desk.

He felt a connection to that woman, and he wondered if it was fine for him to make a move on it.

When Wu Yuexue was still in a coma, Han Ye never felt extremely lonely or anything. Working and taking care of her took most of his time. However, now that Callum was helping DX, Han Ye's work was reduced, and he had more time to think about things… Things that made him feel lonely sometimes.

While he continued to dry his hair, he thought to himself. "Maybe I can get Tian Le to move home for a few months until I have more things to do?"

Having a teenager at home would surely take his mind off things.

Once his hair was almost dried, he threw the towel into the laundry basket and proceeded to check on his emails. After he was done replying to the necessary emails, he checked on DX's work emails.

No matter what, this was still his job.

As usual, he proceeded to organize the unread emails according to their importance and relevance.

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