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The President's Man


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Book 1: Be My Strength (completed) Book 2: The President Man [No rape, no misunderstanding] This is a story about loss, grief, betrayal, and moving on. When you suddenly lose the one you loved the most, how would you deal with it? ... "The pain will always be there right?" she asked with a sad expression. "Yeah, always. It will never ever be fully gone, but it will be less painful over time. Trust me." ... For childhood friends Han Ye and Xiao Xiao Lei, both of them experienced the painful experience of having their loved ones taken from them in the most unexpected manner. And due to the betrayal of a trusted family member, Xiao Xiao Lei had to go hide in the underbelly of the world... with the promise that she would one day return to take back everything that was hers. A long, long time later, they were finally reunited again. This time, she was a mother who had to continue hiding in order to protect her son, while he was a powerful man who answered only to one man. This time, would they be able to walk out of their own pain and embrace each other? ... Note: While The President's Man would focus mostly on Han Ye and Xiao Xiao Lei, we would also be covering the stories of other couples from Be My Strength as well. xxx If you would like to financially support the production of TPM, please consider buying me a coffee here: https://ko-fi.com/luoyeyouling


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