The President's Lover is a Fighter
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The President's Lover is a Fighter


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What is The President's Lover is a Fighter

Read The President's Lover is a Fighter novel written by the author LiLhyz on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Contemporary Romance stories, covering action, comedy, r18, sliceoflife, smut. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


[COMPLETED] "Andy, I love you so much." The man said while taking a breather after a long kiss. Andrea closed her eyes and held his face giving him small kisses before answering. "I love you too." "Babe, I know I said I'd wait till we get married, but… - " "Shhh…" She interrupted him and teasingly bit her lip before smiling. She gave him another set of kisses before finally adding, "I never asked you to wait… I want you too…" *** "Andy, tell me about your family? What have you been up to before we met?" Andrea's head was leaning against his torso thinking of what to say to him. She was suddenly silent and began sorting through a pile of secrets in her head, trying to decide where to start. She then turned to the side and hugged him tightly. "Andy?" "Sometimes, I wonder if I am that really important to you." *** BANG! BANG! Lu Fang closed his eyes anticipating pain to follow but as he opened his eyelids, he felt nothing. “Andy! Andy!” He screamed at the top of his lungs when he realized it was Andrea and not him who received the bullets and fell off the cliff. **** Inside a private facility, a woman woke up from a coma and the first thing she did was to call her sister. “I want you to arrange a marriage for me. Marry me off to the CEO of Lu-Wei Enterprises, Lu Fang.” **** Andrea Li was heartbroken and left her foster family. Since then, she commissioned herself as a bodyguard, hoping to forget her failed relationship while preserving her combative skills. By accident, she met Lu Fang, the CEO of Lu-Wei Enterprises, and the same man she was meant to protect. In order to keep him safe, she got caught in a pretended relationship until both their feelings turned real. As they got closer to the truth behind his assassination attempts, Lu Fang and his family speculated on Andrea’s identity. What secrets does Andrea have? Will Lu Fang Accept her dark past? I hope you stay with me on this romantic journey as we unravel the mysteries of Andrea’s life and put Lu Fang’s love to the test. *** WARNING: This novel contains content of a very adult nature. If you are easily offended or are under the age of 18, you may opt to skip this. *** I have three covers, the animated one is mine, made with love while the picture is from yanalya of freepick.com, and one is a licensed photo I bought. Join me on my server: https://discord.gg/mGDZ6aH Support me: https://ko-fi.com/lilhyz


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I am only at beginning and i love this story so much...highly recommended. Andrea is a woman who has such an awesome character. I am on her side. She is inspiring. I look forward to her future and even if it has many twists and turn i will be her cheerleader.


Good story developement and the main character family is really cute and loving. Love the fact that there is good chemisty between the main character-no misunderstanding and very faithful and it protray very clearly on how they raised their family. there was a lot of side character though-some that i don’t think that we needed to hear story about yet we do while other side character that’s a bigger part if the main character life we didnt hear much. Overall, i’ve enough this novel and often time can’t wait to read the next chapter:) finally finish this novel and will probably start on her other novel about yeong;)


Allow me to review my own. They say you gotta love your own right? Hope you enjoy the roller coaster ride of Andrea and Lu Fang and please feel free to leave any comments and helpful insights! Many, many thanks!


I highly recommend this novel! The grammar is excellent. The narration was smooth and engaging, as well as the dialogues. I felt the characters' emotions as the author successfully drew me inside the story. It’s thrilling to read, and the scene of the action is well written. STRONG FL! I love Andrea! And the chemistry between the two MC is charming and lively at the same time. I’m smiling like an idiot while I’m reading this. I’m still in chapter 18, but I’m confident that this novel has a promising plotline. Keep it up, Author. I will support this beautiful gem of yours all the way! God bless and thank you for writing this novel. I gave it five stars because it deserves it.


Why is this not even on the top 10? It's not your typical female lead who hesitates.She knows what she wants,mission wise and even love-wise 😉She's the perfect bodyguard,fighter,lover,wife, mother all rolled into one.It's not your typical.male lead either.He's equally perfect,powerful and knows what he wants.He can give his heart,mind,body and soul to that one person he cherishes the most.He's a loyal boyfie,lover,husband and father.Story wise,it's fast paced with a very good flow of things.This novel can make you be at the edge of your seat,can make you laugh,can make you cry,can make you feel loved,can make you hot that you'd want a cold shower after(lol).Overall,it makes you wanting for more!!!Great novel,well.done dearest author👍😎😊🥰♥️


I highly recommend this novel to everyone who likes action-romance.  HERE ARE THE THINGS WHY I LIKE THIS NOVEL.  1. The plot of the story is different and one of a kind. 2. The romance between the protagonists will not bore you.  3. I like Andy and Lu Fang’s relationship. I even remember that I was smiling in the first twenty chapters.. 4. There is no major misunderstanding between the couple. 5. Lil, the author, knows how to describe the settings of her story. (especially the S MUTs) 🤫🤫🤫 shhhh...


the story is really good...when i first saw the title of the story i was already interested with it doubled with the sypnosis, it was really awesome....as i read the book i was inlove with the FL already...she is my type of FL..a strong, witful, sexy and a badass chick accompanied by a super man (ML😂)...i love thier combination infact...the daily updates is what i am looking forward everyday and the author never failed to surprise with each chapter updates...they are so natural with thier "lovey dovey"😂 hehehe...not an ounce of regret downloading this book...im totally hook up...luv yah author😘😘


I just found this novel and have to say GREAT JOB author. I like how badass the FL is. And I also found the other one you wrote and have to give it another thumbs up. Please share equal attention to both novel. I really enjoy it and cast my votes for both novels ( and tdust me I am very stingy on it)


I just love this story. Its a hit for me.Am always expectant of updates cos this one book that is straight forward, it does not beat about the bush.Every update is a progressive one to the story. This book gives an overview of our inner demons and the strength to overcome them. Most importantly, we can give love and also find loven,for surely conquers all!


Very nice storyline, keep going author. It gives me the feeling that the characters are very real and the quality of finishing of the chapters encourages readers like me to read more of it. Very nice novel keep it up author, we love you❤❤


Amazing story telling done by the author. I like the build up of each character and the plot twist of the story is very interesting. Andrea is so cool! Hoping for your soonest update and please keep writing amazing stories like this. More powers!


Found new gem of story, nice development, strong female lead with strong male lead..with a dose of romance, comedy and action...reading this novel makes me fall in love with the crickets 😁😁😁😁😁😁


I'm only at ch 28 and I already love the chemistry and playfulness of Andreea and Lu Fang. The way their relationship is portrayed and their fun banter makes me feel all sorts of emotions, which is not that common for me. I am thoroughly enjoying this and I hope they will continue to evolve their relationship, personal and business, and not succumb to silly misunderstandings as I feel the level they connect at is higher than normal. I am glad I picked this up. Good job until now and hope to see even more chapters released, it seems I just can't get enough.


This book got me the moment i start reading it. And oh man my favorite power couple. The FL is a badass 100% and ML wow even better. He got our FL 's back like a trooper💞😘😘😘😍😍. FL knows how to protect her man and the ML knows how to spoil her and protect her even more. Their funny and loveable, it just keep getting better and better. Even the 🔥 scenes are hot shameless reader loving it heheh😎😎😇😇😘


I am soooo addicted to this novel! It is exciting and has a great story line. I couldn’t put it down and currently read up to chapter 46! I will continue reading the novel and hoping the author the best of luck!!!!! I love this novel!!!


I'm not good in giving sweet worlds to entice readers but I will have only few words...GRAB THIS BOOK AND READ YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT................................:-)...................................................


The author has done a great job in cultivating original idea and weaving the plot through fast and intriguing writing style. You won't find yourself getting bored, on the contrary will be on tenterhooks regarding upcoming chapters. I finished reading 100+ chapters in just two days( would have finished earlier if not for real life). The story moves steadily. The characterization is also well thought and given importance to even small characters. There are mature chapters too and if you're uncomfortable with them then author gives fair warning beforehand ( I like that). There are cute, funny moments. I loved how witty and funny ML is and how layered FL is. I would recommend this original story for it sure is promising.


Wow! I started with goals just to read 10 chapters, but I ended up with 30 non-stop. This is really good. A female character that is so strong (literally) yet so attractive at the same time. A shameless ML that is beyond gorgeous but in front of her, is forever a pervert. Their chemistry is amazing! The world was described really well. The way she fight when she climbed the body and hook her feet onto the neck and brought the man down. I could even imagine it! Great work. I will keep reading!


I wanna recommend this to everyone. It has a potential of series/movie. Great plot and story concept. No grammar lapses Great word construction Excellent creativity Superb writing skills I like how strong, caring, and at the same time mature of a woman Andy is. It made me more and more curious of how her story will be like as the story progresses. Keep it up, author! I'll support you even just reading a few chapters of your story and this is on my library already. 👍👍


5 stars for you, author! This novel is a gem, and I'm absolutely disappointed that its ranking isn't higher. I love the characters, especially the FL--strong and beautiful, but she's still human and ain't perfect. And I looooovvveee the fact that she's a sexual woman who ain't afraid to be an active partner in bed--unlike those in other stories where the FL is too shy or too timid to give a head. :P Ey, we gotta embrace it. Please, please author... Don't make her too perfect in everything she does. Although you made her a genius, it doesn't mean that she will be a genius in everything that she will do. There is absolutely no person in this world who can be a genius in anything that she gets her hands on... It's kinda exhausting and it gets irritating when the FL becomes a superwoman who can do anything and everything under the sun. She gets dehumanized. I'm still in Chapter 77, and I'm already wanting more. Keep it up and more chapter releases please!!!


This story is really really good. It is funny and also interesting. I mean like this is the first story that the FL isn't depending on the ML. They both have their strength and weaknesses. Most importantly, The grammar is really good. There are also some exciting scenes with details. Overall, Read it!


The story is actually super funny lol. I thought it would be on a more serious story based on the first chapter...then it took like a straight turn. I think the only thing that sort of bothered me as I was reading was how you would use numbers a lot instead of the words for the numbers (2 bodyguards or something if I remembered that correctly). But honestly, the rest of the storyline and character-building make up for it. Not that you'll need it but good luck!


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