The Powerful Eye System in MHA

A normal man gets transmigrated into the world of My Hero Academia with an 'Eye System'. When waking up to the system, he learns he transmigrated into a body that's in front of UA to take the entrance exam but... HIS QUIRK WAS GONE?!? Fortunately, the Eye System had given him a 'Free Eye': Six Eyes, the powerful eyes of the Gojo Clan. This is the story of how a normal man transmigrated and became someone on the level of god. Tag: Multiverse Fic Inspired by "Eye System in RWBY"

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Chapter 20: Sports Festival Part 5

A/N: Most of the fights will be rushed to move on a little as if I were to write all the fights with detail then it would be way too long and I (and I'm sure most of you) want to move on from the sports festival. Yes, this is the final Sports Festival chapter.

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And so, with Present Mic's call, the first match between Tokoyami and Todoroki began.

"Good lu-" Tokoyami wanted to bow in respect of the friendly match, but was unfortunately the chosen one to face Todoroki's anger after a confrontation with his father and Izuku.

Without hesitation and no words said, Todoroki sent a massive ice spike towards in order to freeze him.

Tokoyami had pulled out Dark Shadow in an attempt to stop it. Unfortunately for him though, it was quite bright outside which meant Dark Shadow was quite weak and could not stop the ice spike from freezing them.

"W-we have a winner!" Midnight stuttered as she looked at the massive ice spike that towered over the stadium itself, "Tokoyami is unable to battle!! Todoroki moves on to the second round!" She announced as the crowd broke into a cheer and clapped their hands together, ignoring the drop in temperature.

"Sorry..." Todoroki sighed in disappointment towards himself as he walked over to Tokoyami, who probably had frostbites by now, as he got rid of the ice and freed him, "I went a little overboard..." 


Izuku and Setsuna stood at a standstill once they heard Present Mic's "BEGINNN!" as they waited for the other to make the first move.

They were both unsure of what the other person's quirk was, which prompted them to wait as they tried to find out.

"Damn it! I can't wait anymore!" Setsuna groaned impatiently as both her arms split into about 20 parts and floated towards Izuku at high speeds, catching him off guard as his wrists got grabbed by her detached hands, "Please get off the stage for me, will ya!?" She shouted with a confident smile.

"WHAT A SURPRISE!? MIDORIYA MIGHT BE OUT WITHIN THE FIRST FEW SECONDS OF THE MATCH, JUST LIKE THE FIRST MATCH! Is this how all the matches are gonna be...? That's pretty boring..." Present Mic mumbled, forgetting his voice could be heard by everybody.

The parts that weren't Setsuna's hands would hit Izuku every time he tried to break out of her hold.

"Kgh..." Izuku winced as he was probably gonna have a few bruises later on, 'I wanted to save as many fingers as I could...' He thought as he put the tip of his middle finger on his thumb in a flicking motion and aimed it towards Setsuna herself.

'Delaware... SMASH!' His flicked his fingers, causing a massive shockwave to head towards Setsuna who widened her eyes as she watched the shockwave get closer and closer.

"Shit!" She cursed as she got hit by the shockwave, sending her flying as her armless body was about to hit the floor.

Sadly, as much as she wanted to split all her parts and reassemble them to stay on the arena, she was unable to do that currently so she had to allow herself to be knocked out of the arena - much to her dissatisfaction as a frown appeared on her face.

"Tokage has been knocked out of the arena! Midoriya will move on to the second round!" Midnight called out as Setsuna has her arms go back to her as she walked up to Izuku and shook his hand as they were told.


"Let's have some fun, Bakugo!" Kirishima said with a smile as he hardened his hands and punched his palm.

"Hah!" Bakugo huffed, "That's if you last long enough!" Hearing Present Mic's "BEGIN!", Bakugo didn't hesitate to blast himself towards Kirishima with his explosions.

"Let's hope all the training paid off!" Kirishima muttered as he hardened most of his body and guarded when he saw Bakugo going for a big swing.

"DIEE!" *BOOM!!!* An explosion was released by Bakugo once he hit Kirishima's hardened body, causing smoke and dust to surround them which prevent the audience from seeing the two contestants for a few seconds.

"Heh... nice try!" As the cloud of dust and smoke settled, it revealed Kirishima firming Bakugo's explosion with only a few scratches on his hardened skin, "You'll have to do better than that, Bakugo!" Kirishima exclaimed as he went for a punch towards Bakugo's body.

"Did you forget who you trained with?" Bakugo asked as he easily dodged Kirishima's punch due to it being slowed down from his quirk, "That's right... ME!!" Bakugo shouted as he blasted an even bigger explosion compared to the prior one.

"WOAH! NOW ISN'T THIS AN EXCITING MATCH, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN?!" Present Mic said enthusiastically, feeling entertained from the match that lasted way longer compared to the previous ones.

With more marks over his hardened body, Kirishima knew he couldn't play defensive the whole match otherwise he would lose - which was obvious. So he decided to play a little offensive.

Kirishima sent a flurry of punches towards Bakugo, who dodged all of them until one punch collided with his stomach.

"Kagh!" Bakugo gagged as a bit of saliva flew out his mouth.

"Heh! It's over, Bakugo!" Kirishima smirked as he prepared to finish the match with one final punch. 

He tried pulling his arm back, "Huh?" He was surprised when he saw Bakugo looking at him with a smirk, "Gotcha!" Bakugo exclaimed, causing Kirishima's eyes to widen as he felt his arm getting hotter and hotter.

"Owowow!" Kirishima winced as Bakugo let off a massive hot explosion which sent Kirishima flying a few metres which revealed a heavily injured Kirishima barely holding on to his consciousness.

"I... s-surrender, ow..." Kirishima declared with a wince as he lifted his body up off of the floor with the assistance of Bakugo who helped him up, "Thanks..."

 "Kirishima has surrendered! Bakugo will move on to the second round!" Midnight announced as the audience erupted into a loud cheer at the exciting match - compared to the previous ones at least.


"Hey! Where's my title!? Like 'The Shocking Student, Denki Kaminari' or 'The handsome Denki Kaminari'!?" Kaminari complained, causing the onlookers to face palm.

The match ended with Kaminari being pushed out of the arena by Ida. Ida had spent the match juking Kaminari into using enough volts which caused him to turn dumb before pushing him out of the arena with barely any resistance from Ida.

The fifth match was Momo Yaoyorozu vs Tetsutetsu-squared which ended up with Tetsutetsu winning. Unfortunately, Momo seemed to be unable to utilise her broken quirk as she tried to beat Tetsutetsu by creating weapons and shields.

This was obviously quite a dumb move as Tetsutetsu just broke through her shields and firmed any attacks from her normal weapons, before eventually punching her stomach hard enough and getting her to surrender - Tetsutetsu had apologised as he would've preferred not hitting a woman.

The sixth match was Hitoshi Shinso vs Hanta Sero. Unsurprisingly, Sero lost against Shinso once he was brainwashed and hopped out of the arena. After all, he didn't have Izuku's plot which allowed him to snap out of it.

The seventh match was Ren Kiyotaka vs Mina Ashido. Unsurprisingly, Ren had won as Mina could literally do nothing against his infinity - it also didn't help her that Ren's limitless time had reset to 3 hours after it had upgraded.

The final match of the first round was Mei Hatsume vs Ochacho Uraraka. The match lasted about half an hour with Mei taking advantage of Uraraka's kindness by making her her lab rat. After all her 'babies' were shown off, Mei had hopped out of the ring which confused everybody watching.

With the first round done, this was the matchup for the second round:

1. Shoto Todoroki vs Izuku Midoriya

2. Katsuki Bakugo vs Tenya Ida

3. Tetstutetsu Tetsutetsu vs Hitoshi Shinso

4. Ren Kiyotaka vs Ochaco Uraraka

Present Mic announced a quick, small break for the first round of matches being over which allowed for people to rest up, have a toilet break, etc.

Ren decided to chill in the stands with most of his other classmates who decided to stay there as well.

"Man~... I wish I could've shown off a little more" Kirishima sighed as he put his hands behind his head.

"Same... if anything, I absolutely embarrassed myself..." Kaminari mumbled as he had tears threatening to fall out of his eyes.

"It's fine, guys! Kirishima, you showed plenty of what you can do!" Ren gave Kirishima a thumbs-up before turning to Kaminari, "And Kaminari..." He pat his back, "You totally embarrassed yourself" 

"HEY!" Kaminari's anger erupted as he began to chase Ren who ran away with a calm expression on his face.




The second round of fights began.

The first match of Izuku Midoriya vs Shoto Todoroki went just like the anime: Todoroki and Izuku had their exchange of words which caused Todoroki to eventually use his fire side and win the fight against Izuku.

The second match of Katsuki Bakugo vs Tenya Ida ended up with Bakugo winning by using his big explosions to overpower Ida's speed and cause enough damage to make him surrender.

The third match of Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu vs Hitoshi Shinso ended up with Tetsutetsu being too hotheaded and getting brainwashed by Shinso, which gave Shinso the easy win.

The final match for the second round of Ochaco Uraraka vs Ren Kiyotaka ended up with Ren winning by getting close enough to Uraraka without being touched thanks to infinity, locking her arms to prevent her from using them and throwing her out of the arena 'gently'.

And so, it was time for the semi-finals: The first match being Bakugo vs Todoroki, and the second match being Ren vs Shinso.

The first match ended up with Bakugo winning against Todoroki similar to the anime as Todoroki refused to use his fire against Bakugo, much to his anger which the other finalist would have to face in the next match.

The second match was Ren vs Shinso. Ren, knowing how Shinso's quirk worked obviously, aired Shinso's questions and easily won by throwing him out of the arena.

And so, the finals were here.


"Someone looks mad" Ren commented with a smirk as he looked at the fuming Bakugo.

"Don't piss me off even more!" Bakugo shouted in anger as he blasted his way towards Ren who stood still with a blank face.

"Why not? It's not like you can do anything about it" Ren shrugged as he watched Bakugo try to exploded Ren, but was stopped by infinity.

"Damn it damn it DAMN IT!" Bakugo repeatedly shouted as he sent explosion after explosion after explosion at Ren, attempting to hit him, "WHY CAN'T I DO ANYTHING!?" He complained with a forehead vein popping.

"Because throughout heaven and earth, I alone am the honoured one..."

'Is what I'd like to say, but I'd rather not die of cringe, so no thanks lol' Ren thought jokingly before actually responding to Bakugo's complaint.

"Skill issue, buddy" Ren replied as he did a 360 hook kick towards Bakugo's face which hit and made him stumble as he fell on one knee, "It's over" Ren declared as he looked down at Bakugo.

Looking up, Bakugo couldn't help but feel like a little pup facing against a mythical dragon as he looked up to see Ren seemingly tower over him like a skyscraper (Ren) against a rock (Bakugo).

"I... I... surrender..." Bakugo helplessly surrendered as a hurt expression spread across his face, 'I... I couldn't do anything... nothing! Todoroki wouldn't use his full power... I couldn't do anything against Ren... am I...

Weak?' Weak and Pathetic thoughts began to fill Bakugo's head as he had finally learnt that he wasn't as strong as he thought, 'No! I'm not weak! There's no way I'm weak! I'm gonna be the number one hero... I can't be weak!' 

And so, with Ren being declared the winner the two walked back to join their classmates as Present Mic announced another small break before the awards ceremony.

"Where's Ida?" Ren asked when he re-joined his classmates.

"He had to take a phone call, he should be back soon..." Izuku answered, a bit of worry in his voice as Ida had still not come back.

'Right... Stain' Ren thought as a small frown replaced his smile, 'I forgot about that' His frown quickly returned to his small smile to prevent others from asking any questions, "Well, I'm sure it's all good, he probably went to the toilet or something" Ren reassured Izuku with a pat on his shoulder.




"Now let's move on... to the awards ceremony!" Midnight announced with a smile on stage that had 3 standings as the students stood in front of her, with fireworks being launched.

"In third place... we have Shoto Todoroki" Midnight said as Todoroki appeared from the third place podium.

Todoroki and Shinso had to fight for third place, and Todoroki wasted no time in defeating Shinso and ignoring his questions.

"In second place... Katsuki Bakugo" Bakugo stood at on top of the second place podium with a solemn expression, and not being chained down by some asylum-type setup.

"In first place... Ren Kiyotaka!" Midnight announced as Ren stood on top of the first place podium with a smile on his face, "Now for the medals! Presenting them this year is... you know who!" Midnight cheered as a familiar voice could be heard from the sky.

"I am...

HERE WITH THE MEDALS!" All Might did a superhero landing in front of the podiums with medals in his hand.

He walked up the third podium first and stood in front of Todoroki and put the bronze medal around his neck, "Congratulations, Todoroki. Your performance was outstanding. You held back in that match against Bakugo, any reason for that?" He asked, making sure to turn off the microphone as the two had a private conversation - Excluding Ren and Bakugo who could hear the two as they spoke about Izuku and whatnot.

All Might then stood in front of Bakugo and put the silver medal around his neck, "Congratulations, Bakugo boy. Being top 3 is an impressive feat, I hope you can keep this up... you have a lot of potential as a hero, I can feel it" All Might said with a smile as he noticed Bakugo's mood being down, causing him to pat him shoulder and give him a small hug like a father does to his child.

"And finally... Ren Kiyotaka" All Might had a proud smile on his face as he stood in front of Ren and put the gold medal around his neck, "Congratulations on getting first place, your performance was one of a kind, though I'm sure we all wished to see a little more from you" All Might laughed before turning around and facing the other students.

"And so.... these are you winners, everyone!" 

He then gave a speech about heroism before ending his speech by saying, "Everyone say it with me!! One, two, and...

THANKS FOR THE HARD WORK/Plus Ultra-" The crowd, students and teachers voiced their confusion towards All Might and told him that he was meant to say 'Plus ultra'





[Condition Met: Get 1st Place in the Sports Festival]

[Jagan Eyes: Able to use telekinesis for 30 Minutes a day. Able to erase 10 minutes of someone's memory, 5 Day Cooldown] 

'Not bad' Ren smiled as the class changed back into their school uniform and headed back to class to finish the day off with homeroom.

"In light of the festival being over for you first years, you'll have Tuesday to Friday off... obviously there's the sports festival for the other years, which is why you have Tuesday and Wednesday off. Thursday and Friday is for every student to rest from the Sports Festival" Aizawa spoke as he stood in front of the class,

"Scouting reports and such from the pros will be waiting for you here after the break. So look forward to that as you enjoy your time off" He finished allowing the class to leave.

Ren and the others had noticed Ida hadn't returned to class, so the people who had his number prompted to message and call him, but got no response as his phone was turned off.


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