1 First

9 p.m. Oklahoma City

If it wasn't for the wish of her beloved Mother maybe now Aura is still enjoying the beautiful sunset sky in Oklahoma City.

9 p.m. Oklahoma City

There was a telephone sound from Aura's cellphone, which was a call from her mother.

"Honey, don't forget that tonight you must be in Indonesia!" Said someone on the phone

"Yeah, mother, wait for me at home, mom." Said Aura.

Now she just wished that a sudden blizzard and flight could not be carried out. We hope that the aircraft engine will be damaged so that it cannot carry out the flight.

But the current situation is inversely proportional to her imagination, in fact, now the weather is very, very good, there is no sign of a storm or snowfall coming.

Aura can only surrender to god and hope this does not happen.

Yes, Aura Amalia Anthony is a beautiful girl, smart, cheerful, a little moody, and girly. Who doesn't know her? The youngest daughter of the Anthony Family will inherit half of the company in Japan.


Meanwhile in another place.


The slam was quite loud in one of the CEO rooms of the company 'Alexander Group'.

The voice comes from an innocent document paper who is a victim of Dennis's annoyance.

Who does not know Dennis Gilgeous Alexander, his handsome, rich, slightly cold, and a little stubborn man is the owner of the largest property company in Asia and the owner of the most five-star hotels in the world! Only fools don't know him.

"Can you not bother me for one day huh?" he snapped tiredly.

"Oh come on dude! Life is not too flat let's play!-" Said the man.

"I told you I don't want to come with you!!" Said, Dennis.

"Hey calm down guys, I'm just asking you to go to the club. It's been a while since we went there, right?" invite the man.

"I don't want it!!" Said, Dennis. The snaps were full of emphasis.

"Come on Ray I'm lazy to go to a place like that it is too noisy." Said Dennis again.

The man Ray called looked embarrassed by his pious best friend.

"Huh, just say you're afraid!" He said irritably

"Well, I'd better just go alone then!" He continued.

After Ray left, Dennis was again preoccupied with piles of paper which were very annoying for Dennis, of course.

Knock ... knock ... knock

A man about 45 years old entered his son's room.

"Dennis, I want to talk to you," he said as he walked into the room.

"Can you clear your schedule tonight? Spend what little time you have to...-" He said again.

"Tch, what else ?! Dating again? I am 27 years old now, Dad, I can find my future wife." Said, Dennis.

"How long do you want to keep bragging! Yes, your age is not young anymore. I am sure that now you will feel different." Said his father,

"Oh yeah, as long as you know cutting the conversation is so rude!" Said, Dennis.

"Stop acting like I'm not your daddy." Said his father.

"Because the reality is like that," he replied casually.

"I don't want to know about the subject tonight, you have to be present at this dinner! No rejection!" he continued.

"Tch, just throw me a forest." Said, Dennis.

His father just shook his head with the boy's dramatic attitude while leaving the room which was quite messy.


7.15 a.m Soekarno-Hatta Indonesian Airport

Aura walks by dragging a suitcase. There was a sluggish face mixed with laziness.

"Auraaaaa ..." Said someone.

She turned her face toward the sound. Replying to the screams of Rio Anthony by raising an eyebrow.

"Wow, you cursed me, right? Look how rude you are" said Rio.

"So stupid... Anyway, why are you screaming like in a forest." Said Aura.

"I know you didn't hear, so yeah I used all of my voice," he said with an indifferent shrug.

"You think I'm deaf !!!" scowled Aura.

"Just relax, princess. let's go home. Look how ugly your face!! your face like clothes that have never been ironed, very tangled." He said,

Aura and Rio left the Soekarno-Hatta airport area.


8:15 am Anthony's Residence

"Mom, Dad... Where are you? This is your son already home!" Rio said as he ran into the mansion.

"Tch, oh my gosh, what a sin! My older brother has a loudspeaker on his mouth!" muttered Aura while squeezing her temples.

"I miss you, my dear Aura." Said Anni, Aura's mother

Anni, Aura's mother ran to hug her youngest child who likes hanging around.

"Mama is tacky, Aura just went on vacation after two days and was told to go home," said Daryl, Aura's father.

Anni just rolled her eyes lazily at her husband's words.

"Mam, it's been a huge event, pity Aura. She must be tired because she just arrived from America to Indonesia for 25 hours. Let her rest." Said Anni.

"Yes, I'm tired and I want to rest first, now when it's time to rest, we will continue the hugging event hehe." Said Aura.

"Okay, my dear." Said Anni.

Aura went up the stairs to her favorite room.

According to Aura, the room is the most comfortable place in the world besides his mother's hug.


6:15 p.m Mansion Alexander

Dennis walked into his house casually, while breathing the air of the metropolitan city in the afternoon. The twilight sky that began to darken gave Dennis its calm.

"Dennis, hurry up and take a shower, we'll be going!" Marista said, Dennis's mother from inside the mansion after seeing her son get out of the car.

"Ma, the event start at 8 o'clock, it's still late afternoon -" he said, looking at the Rolex watch in his hand.

"What? Still what? Get over there, hurry and take a shower, keep wearing neat clothes, you will meet a special person." Said Marista.

"Yaa yaa," he said, losing badly to his mother.


7:24 pm Loc. Anthony's Residence

Aura walked out of the bathroom using only a towel, it has become her habit to rarely bring clothes into the bathroom. After taking clothes from the wardrobe, Aura went into the closet to put on clothes.

Knock ... knock ... knock ...

"Aura, I want you to come in!" Said Anni.

Anni walked into the room of her girl who will be getting married soon.

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