The Possessive Husband Book

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The Possessive Husband


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Dennis Gilgeous Alexander hates commitment and relationships. But when he and a woman, Aura Amalia Anthony, are forced into a marriage to please their families, he's stuck in a long term commitment! But as time passes, Aura melts his heart and Dennis begins to open up to her... Will their wedding remain just a formality? After all, Dennis hates it when people touches his things. He's what you call... Possessive. And now, Aura belongs to him, so it's only fair that when it comes to her... He's possessive! "our marriage is only because of matchmaking but that doesn't mean i will easily divorce you. i want this to be my first and last marriage. so starting today, i will learn to love you." Dennis Gilgeous Alexander. ---------------- Follow me on instagram @awisantoni Sooner or later, I will release a book of poetry. If you are interested, follow my instagram for more info.


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