The Possessive Bodyguard

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What is The Possessive Bodyguard

Read ‘The Possessive Bodyguard’ Online for Free, written by the author Marlie_Tolentino_0336, This book is a Teen Novel, covering ACTION Fiction, ROMANCE Light Novel, ADVENTURE Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: "I will be always beside you no matter what."


"I will be always beside you no matter what."

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Aoroi Kumar thought he had it all until his girlfriend, the daughter of one of the richest men in the world, publicly humiliates and dumps him during her graduation remarks. Fueled by revenge, Aoroi develops a virus to take down the anchor of his ex-girlfriend’s family fortune, The Emoji Telecommunications system, which rules the entire world. However, a glitch in his computer system sends him to the Emoji world where he is found guilty of creating demonic viruses that are ravaging the AI world known as Emoji land. The emoji AI system offers Aoroi two options: either go to Emoji Academy with a mission to stop the virus or have his soul erased within the void where he is being judged. Aoroi chooses to undertake the mission at Emoji Academy, but he quickly realizes that he's not prepared for the challenges ahead. He is mocked by his classmates and underestimated by his teachers. As he struggles to adapt and fit in, Aoroi makes friends with emojis named Mirrai, Bombshell, and Shin who become his closest companions. Despite his best efforts, Aoroi fails his first mission and falls into a deep depression. His friends are unable to reach him, and Aoroi begins to question why he even came to Emoji land in the first place. Just when he thinks things can't get any worse, a new threat emerges, and Aoroi finds himself facing even greater challenges. As he progresses through Emoji Academy, Aoroi uncovers shocking truths about the Council of Emoticon, the most powerful beings in the land who were in charge of Emoji Academy. He also discovers that the source of the virus is closer than he thought. With each obstacle he overcomes, Aoroi becomes stronger and more determined to complete his mission, but the odds are stacked against him. Finally, Aoroi confronts the source of the virus and engages in an epic battle. In the end, he emerges victorious, but at a great cost. Aoroi must say goodbye to his friends and Emoji land as he is transported back to his own world, forever changed by his experiences. Back in the real world, Aoroi realizes that revenge is not worth the price he paid and starts to rebuild his life. He also discovers that he has gained new skills and knowledge from his time at Emoji Academy, which he uses to make a positive impact in his world. The story ends with Aoroi reflecting on his journey and looking forward to a brighter future, but he knows that he will never forget the lessons he learned in Emoji land. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi there.... if you like what you are reading let me know in the comment section. Aside daily chapters, I will be releasing extra chapters every Sunday depending on the amount of support (reviews, comments, votes, power stones, etc) I get in that particular week. Thank you, bye.... Take care.

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Wait!! Is This Naruto??

In the modern world, there existed a certain soldier. And he was a Gurkha. The same Gurkha to which a German general said "If I had Gurkha, I could win the whole world." From Nepal. A country which never celebrates independence day despite battling with British Army. It's not like British couldn't win. It's just that they were astonished by Gurkha's bravery so much that they included them in their army way back before. His name was Hindu Prasad Lingden. He was currently retired and enjoyed living his life with his precious family. He used to be a professional in getting his job done. From assassination of terrorist to guard to spy to infiltration. He gets his job done quick and fast. And he had a motto. "Simply being weak than others doesn't mean you aren't strong. To overcome that dissatisfying feeling you simply have to work hard and surpass others." Now at first glance you may think he is someone who is very strict towards others and himself and doesn't like something small and may force his dreams to others and a stiff old guy. But he is exact opposite of that. He didn't force anything towards his family of any of his ideology. He let them choose their own dream. And the most surprising part about him is that he is an otaku or someone says weeb. And his favourite ones was related to his job which he loved since he was a child. Like Naruto and many others. He truly was veteran in his job but surprisingly he was more veteran in anime than his job. He had decided to join military through watching those Shinobi who are dedicated their life to protect their loved ones. But sadly he used to belong to poor family. But one day his cousin introduced him Naruto and he decided to never give up just like Naruto. So what would happen if such a guy enters the Shinobi world? Find out here. By the way Naruto doesn't belongs to me. I only own the new MC and some changes here and there. Note :- The mc will be good but not completely. He will be unpitying towards his enemies but this will be unlikely on some cases. As Naruto's full of broken villains. Also if you are interested, then by all means please join my discord server where we can chat and all. Link :- https://discord.gg/FcZNYA9y

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The E'Sance of EX'istance

Synopsis The origin of the E’Sance is unknown. According to the Akashic Overseers records, the E’Sance was once a part of a Primordial Dragon named Teth who challenged the Prime Creator and lost. Teth was removed from its position as an elite primordial and thereafter became a rouge Infernal Dragon. As a result, Teth’s power was halved because of its rebellion, and was cast out from ‘Prime Source’ condemned to roam the multiverse. Amid its power getting divided, Teth regurgitated a part of its core-self that morphed into the E’Sance. After the separation from its main body, the E’Sance was covertly spatted into the multiverse where it drifted for an unknown expanse of time. As an ageless wanderer, the E’Sance drifted through Nothingness unaware of its origin or itself. Millions of years passed again until it was drawn to a refuse portion of the multi-galaxy overran by infinite trash orbiting two suns; there, it was caught in the two suns gravitational pull for countless eons. Lacking awareness of its origins and primordial self, the E’Sance followed a ‘Prime Directive’ buried deep in its core fiber of its Being; to preserve itself and create like the Prime Creator: using its creator energy, cosmic force, and the boundless resources of space trash, the E’Sance began the slow process of reshaping, redesigning, and terraforming that sector of the multiverse. The E’Sance created seven planets with the aid of the creator mycelium, along with other microscopic organisms that assisted with the planets seeding process over the eons of construction; as well as different lifeforms that donated DNA to diversify the worlds. Countless undisclosed cosmic entities lent support in the birth of the seven new worlds. They aided in countless celestial, and terrestrial intricacies which includes the functioning of the firmaments and all things galactic. During the terraforming phase, the E’Sances’ creator energy was interwoven into the fabric of the seven planets physical existence as geomancy lines, cymatics, Nazca lines, crop-circles, and the terrestrial ethers. These lines or veins move independently throughout the seven worlds, and wherever the veins settle, massive amounts of concentrated haphazard energy surges into the atmosphere, and unpredictably; the High-speed E’volutionary rain falls, or Evo-rain. Abruptly, terrifying anomalies ripped through the seven worlds such as: terrestrial portals that allow interplanetary traveling within the seven worlds; these terrestrial portals are referred to as the ‘Belly of the Beast.’ The inexplicable occurrences that develop across the seven planets are due to the Evo-rain. The purple rain unlocks the genetic code of biological beings. Also, it rearranges the crystalline structure of all inanimate objects granting life to anything or anyone with a deep emotional yearning for change. Life was abundant and power struggles became rampant. The strong kill the strong who continually kill the weak. The E’Sance created 7 High Entities to rule over each planet individually. After countless millennia the seven high entities mysteriously vanished without a trace. The E’Sance retaliated by creating a powerful emissary to retrieve its power.

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Son Of The Moon

(Updates every week!) Four people... Adira is a warrior of the Crescent Moon Pack. As her pack starts to get threatened by a group of rogues that feed on flesh, they need help more than ever. She tended to forget there was someone destined to be with her. Luca is the son of the moon goddess. He used to spend most of his time enjoying his youth and immortality. But those things tend to get boring when you stay young for hundreds of years. He never thought his mother would give him a mate. Dalia is a rogue, fighting to survive in a world full of monsters. She wanted nothing more than to find her mate so she could finally leave the man who made her miserable. But when he finally shows up, he has to choose between his own freedom and his mate. She would do anything in order to survive. Caleb is the Beta of the Crescent Moon Pack. Smart, cunning, and handsome. With many responsibilities on his plate, he does not have time to take on another one. Especially when she brings back memories he'd rather forget. But he was never one to ignore efforts. Two couples... Join this pack as its members learn about the bond that unites them. Witness how, as they slowly grow closer, learn about what it means to have someone to love and risk it all for. --- Slow-burn romance Rejected wolf being given a second chance Immortal beings Character development Steamy scenes ;D **This is an unedited version. Once the story is completed, I will start to correct the grammatical mistakes**

Odette_Saav · Fantasy
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Love Under THe Eyes “Aku hanya ingin mencintaimu sampai kapanpun” -DN

“Mien, jangan kau menangis, aku disini hanya untukmu, percayalah cintaku hanya kepadamu!” Ucap Dion kepada Mien. Ini adalah kisah asmara Dion. Dion lelaki berumur cukup matang, usianya sudah genap 28 tahun. Dan gadis yang ia cintai yaitu Mien gadis yang dibulan Juni nanti genap 25 tahun. Mien tidak begitu cantik, Ia memiliki rambut panjang terurai dan mata yang bulat bak Purnama, Mien selalu menggunakan kardigan abu-abu kesayangannya. Mien gadis yang sangat ia cintai, sekalipun Dion di katakan lelaki gila cinta. Itu tidak membuat surut cinta nya terhadap Mien. cintanya memang selalu ditentang, baik dari keluarga mahu pun teman-temannya. Dion bekerja sebagai Penulis di salah satu penerbit daerah Hoisin, daerah dibisa disebut pedesaan yang mau lumayan maju. Semenjak lulus, ia tidak lagi tinggal sama orang tuanya, ia tinggal dirumah kontrakan dekat desa Sotoru. Desa yang dimana Mien tinggal. Suatu hari, dion merasa dilema, karena harus melepaskan cintanya terhadap Mien atau mempertahankan cintanya?” Ia berusaha meyakinkan orang tua nya bahwa ia telah menikah dengan Mien, namun orang tuanya selalu marah-marah. “sudah Dion, cukup” kata ibunya. “Kamu hapus saja cinta gila kamu itu, kamu harus menikah dengan Lilien. Dia gadis terpelajar. “ah, aku mencintai Mien bU”. Ujar Dion.” Bagaimana mungkin aku bisa paksakan cinta ku pada lilien. Ah, kenapa semua tidak mengerti.. Dion berlari menuju danau dekat ia menyendiri. Dion dilema... Apakah yang terjadi selanjutnya ? -jika sobat menyukai maka simpan lah di perpustakaan bacaan. Dan jika cerita ini menarik, dukung terus dengan memberikan cerita ini Powers stone, supaya cerita ini terus berkembang. Terima kasih Sobat CPMS Ig : @Arlandisme

Arlandisme · Fantasy
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