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Zhou Xiaoxiao quickly served the tea that she had prepared earlier to the leaders according to their positions.

The members of the leadership team already knew that Zhou Xiaoxiao was the shining heroine today. All of them nodded in gratitude.

Zhou Xiaoxiao did not dare to be careless. She smiled humbly before retreating to the side.

Deputy Bureau Chief Wang pointed at Zhou Xiaoxiao's seat with his right hand and smiled at Zhang Zhenghuai. "Little Zhou is indeed smart and capable. You're a rare talent in our police station."

He originally thought that Zhang Zhenghuai would praise Zhou Xiaoxiao, but he was not in the mood.

He glanced at everyone with a heavy expression and said, "Since everyone is here, I'll tell you why we held this emergency meeting today…"

Zhang Zhenghuai seriously mentioned the suspicious point that Deputy Captain Chen Ye had raised.

What could have injured the robber in such a sudden situation and caused such precise injuries?

Hearing this, everyone's relaxed mood instantly disappeared. Everyone knew the seriousness of this matter.

Then, Zhang Zhenghuai gestured for Zhou Xiaoxiao to pick up her written report and read it to everyone.

Zhang Zhenghuai then continued, "Did anyone notice that Little Zhou's work report matches the robber's testimony provided by Deputy Captain Chen? All the suspicious points point to the sudden white light!"

What Zhang Zhenghuai was talking about was naturally the "flash" of white light that the two parties involved had mentioned. Then, a wound appeared on the robber's wrist.

After excluding the outcome of Zhou Xiaoxiao's attack, everyone realized that a mysterious person might have attacked at the scene!

"Chief Zhang, could it be that another comrade injured the robber from afar…"

Other possibilities were raised.

Zhang Zhenghuai waved his hand. "I've already communicated with various police departments after the incident. Everyone came at the wrong time and did not interfere at all!"

"That's strange. The hostages, the robbers, and Little Zhou all said that no one else appeared at the scene. The robbers might be lying, but Little Zhou and the hostages can't be."

"So that's what's suspicious."

"Moreover, once such a person is confirmed to exist, he must have an extremely dangerous and unknown lethal weapon in his hands. Then, it's too dangerous for this person to hide among the citizens!"


Everyone fell into deep thought and realized the seriousness of this matter.

It was like someone illegally holding a gun and hiding in the city. Regardless of whether the other party was friend or foe, this matter was no small matter.

However, the people present were all experienced police officers in the battle against criminals. They had never encountered such a situation before.

Zhou Xiaoxiao echoed, "That's right. I didn't even see him appear at that time and injured the robber."

"If that's the case, what kind of weapon did the other party use? Moreover, I didn't hear any gunshots at that time…"

"By the way, what about the surveillance cameras near South Street? Didn't the Technology Department say they were almost done repairing them?"

Speaking of surveillance, Zhang Zhenghuai's office phone rang at this moment. It was from the Technology Department.

Zhang Zhenghuai pressed the loudspeaker button so that everyone in the office could hear the voice on the phone.

"Chief Zhang, the surveillance cameras at exits one and two have been gathered, but there are no suspicious points.

"Due to the construction of the City Affairs Office, or perhaps because the robber tampered with it in advance, the surveillance cameras near South Street have suffered a certain degree of damage. However, our Technology Department still repaired some of the footage and has already sent it to you."

"Alright, thanks for your hard work."

Zhang Zhenghuai immediately gestured for Zhou Xiaoxiao to operate her computer and project the image on the projector.

Zhou Xiaoxiao understood and began to operate the equipment.

She was also very curious about this matter. As the person involved, she was the most curious about how the robber was injured.

Everyone was very excited when they heard that there was a restored scene. The answer seemed to be obvious.

After a while, Zhou Xiaoxiao projected the image onto the big screen and said softly, "Leaders, this is the only file issued by the technical department. I'll start playing it now."

Then, everyone looked up at the big screen.

The scene on the screen was near South Street. Judging from the angle, it should be a higher position at the exit.

Coincidentally, they could film the construction section of South Street to where the bus was standing. If they were any further away, they would not be able to see anything.

However, because it was too far away and had been destroyed beforehand, even after it was repaired, the quality of the image was very blurry. One could only see the outline of the person and the color of his clothes with the naked eye.

This was the result of the technical department spending a long time to recover.

At this moment, they could see that the man who had taken the money from the ATM had encountered a robber after leaving the house. The process was actually very short.

There was nothing suspicious about the content of this part. Although the quality of the image was so blurry that one could barely see a person's figure, one could tell that other than cash in the passerby's hand, there were no other items or packages.

More than ten seconds after the passerby left the surveillance footage, Zhou Xiaoxiao, who was wearing a police uniform, suddenly fell on her back with the robber.

It was obvious that Zhou Xiaoxiao had taken the opportunity to attack. The robber raised the gun in his right hand and shot into the air. In the next moment, he locked Zhou Xiaoxiao and wanted to shoot her…

But at this moment, the robber's pistol suddenly fell off!

Then, Zhou Xiaoxiao reacted quickly. She stood up and kicked the tumbling robber away. She picked up the gun and stunned the robber.

The incident was very clear, but no one saw anything suspicious with their naked eyes.

"Can you zoom in?" Assistant Chief Wang suggested.

"Alright, wait a moment," Zhou Xiaoxiao replied as she started operating.

Soon, the image was magnified several times. At the same time, the pixel point of the image became much larger.

This time, everyone clearly saw the obvious sagging of his wrist when the robber's pistol fell off.

"Just this image! Can you zoom in a little more?" Zhang Zhenghuai pointed at the screen and said anxiously.

"Will do."

Under Zhou Xiaoxiao's control again, this scene was magnified to the limit. The image became more and more blurry, and the pixels had already become blocks.

"Slow down and play this back and forth!"

Zhou Xiaoxiao did as she was told. Soon, everyone realized that something was wrong.

A white shadow was slowly flying in the air.

It was very fast, and it would be difficult to detect if it was not slowed down by technological means.

Of course, it was mainly because the surveillance cameras had been damaged.

The shadow quickly streaked across the robber's wrist. After flying out again, it flew out of the surveillance range.

Moreover, the surveillance cameras were damaged, causing the surveillance range to be limited. The other parts were all black.

"This is it!"

Everyone in the office exclaimed in unison.

Although the scene was blurry and couldn't be seen clearly, they finally found some clues about the other party's appearance.

As long as they found this weapon, they could follow this lead.

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