The Pleasure Lord Book

novel - Eastern Fantasy

The Pleasure Lord


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Alex, a reincarnated individual from a military family, finds himself transported to a medieval cultivation world after a fatal electric shock. Armed with his intelligence and ambition, he navigates the challenges of this new realm, honing his combat skills and delving into ancient secrets. Alex forges alliances, confronts his past, and strives to leave his mark on the cultivation world. Follow his enthralling journey filled with battles, self-discovery, and the boundless potential of an ambitious soul in an unfamiliar world. ------------------------------------------- Support the Author on: https://www.patreon.com/rollingpandaa (You can read my other novel here) https://ko-fi.com/rollingpandaa https://paypal.me/Rollingpandaa ------------------------------------------- 2 chapters per day Bonus Chapters as per power stones donated by the end of the week. Vote with power stones. Give reviews. Suggestions and encouragement in the comment box. Happy reading. Tags: Weak to Strong, Comedy, Reincarnated, Shameless, R18 Discord-->Rollingpandaa#8813 Discord group--https://discord.gg/8Xbe3qJ

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