16 Warning

Pedro and his group stared blankly downward. On the ground, they saw their friend, Juan, clutching his stomach tightly. He was in a miserable state, as though without a sign of life.

But since he was yet to turn into ashes, they could tell that their friend had some HP left, still holding his life.

"You... How dare you launch a sneak attack on us!" Pedro, who was the closest, roared furiously as he bared his fang at Vi. After which, he clenched his hand into a fist and threw a punch at the other party right away.


Pedro wasn't merciful. Since he had long lost his temper towards Vi and was itching to smash his face already, he threw a punch with all his might and didn't hold back even a little. In his mind, Vi would be rolling on the ground when he received this punch he had just thrown.


But to his shock, what he thought would happen only happened in his thought. Pedro, who struck Vi with his fist, had his fist caught by the other party instead. What was even more shocking was that he caught it with that skinny hand of his. Not only that, but it appeared as well that he did it quite easily as that impassive expression remained in his eyes.

At that moment, Pedro felt a bad premonition ready to take place. His heart skipped a beat as he stared at Vi's impassive eyes.



Just like Pedro had expected, the bad premonition finally happened. Vi tightened his grip on Pedro's fist that he caught. And it took only a second before a bone-piercing shrill cry followed suit.

Pedro's cry echoed in the forest and it caused a chilling sensation for anyone who heard it. It was as though a villainous man was doing gruesome torture.

"Why are you all just watching blankly? Hurry up and kill this monster!" Juan, who was clutching his stomach on the ground, roared furiously as he couldn't bear Pedro's cry anymore. His words were naturally directed at his friends standing behind him. But it appeared as well that instead of a brat, he was now treating Vi as a monster.


But right after Juan finished his words, he received another beating. It appeared that Vi slammed his feet on the back of his head, causing his face to crush on the ground fiercely. Finally, he lost consciousness as his limbs and fingers couldn't even twitch anymore. But from the looks of it, he still managed to barely hold his life as his body was yet to turn into ashes. However, it appeared as well that he had some kind of negative status effect for his body to stop functioning.

Meanwhile, the other four men were snapped awake from their stupor when they saw what had just happened at that instant. They reacted quickly as all of them summoned their weapons and then went into their position. A bow-user, a staff-user, and two spear-bearers were the four men. The two of whom, the spear-bearers, rushed forward while the other two stood behind for long-range support.


The two spear-bearers' speed couldn't be said slow. However, in the eyes of Vi, they seemed as though they were children crawling on the ground. Before they could reach their distance towards their target, Vi had already made a move.

That said, Vi lifted Pedro while he held his fist with a tight grip. He then swirled Pedro like a rotor-wing and then used him like a log to strike the two men rushing in his direction.

The sudden event was too fast as Pedro failed to shout nor retaliate. He could only grit his teeth with the tears coming out from the edge of his eyes.


The two spear-bearers failed to react as Vi used their friend, Pedro, to pound them hard. The three of them were then sent flying and began rolling on the ground furiously.

The two long-ranged attackers were stunned by what they had seen. The bow user failed to stretch the string of his bow while, on the other hand, the one who wielded the staff couldn't even swing his weapon once and cast elemental attacks. Before they could recover from their shock, Vi had already appeared before them and made a furious attack.



With two consecutive punches, another two men were sent flying and began rolling on the ground miserably. All the six men found themselves lying on the ground, couldn't even stand up as their HP almost hit zero.

In this world, players could use their strength depending on the amount of HP they had. With a hundred percent HP, they could use a hundred percent of their stats. With 50% HP, they could use 50% percent of their stats, so on and so forth.

So, with the case of these six unlucky men, the likes of whom, who only had less than 20 percent HP left, they could only execute less than 20 percent of their stats as well. With their current levels, getting up from the ground they were lying on was, without a doubt, difficult. They could only take HP potions or other healing items to make their strength come back.

"You... W-who the hell are you?? Why are you attacking us all of a sudden? Don't you know us?" One of the six men who had been beaten up by Vi, one of whom wielding a spear, suddenly spoke in a weak voice. He was the first to stand up as he pierced his spear on the ground to help himself up. As he did so, he drank an HP potion, recovering his HP of about 50 percent the next instant.

But his tone of voice revealed that they were the victims here and were oppressed by the other party who they deemed the villain. His eyes carried a noticeable fear and the same went for his tone of voice.

Juan, Pedro, and the other three men seemed to recover from their stupor as they too drank an HP potion and stood on the ground with great difficulty. All six of them had the same feelings. Their thoughts were in unison, their eyes filled with terror were telling Vi, "Why did you attack us, you devil?!"

Seeing all the six of them, Vi had an urge to kill them already. If not for the fact that they weren't "Red Players", he would have done so and wouldn't spare their lives. That said, even though he wanted to kill them that badly, he still tried his best to hold back that feeling. After all, he would become a Red Player that would become everyone's target if he really killed them. It would be troublesome if he were to become the public's enemy.

"If I ever hear you all speak badly to Nethaia Roo again, mark my words, I won't let you off like this," Vi then spoke coldly. He then stopped bothering himself with them as he left, leaving only those few words. If he didn't leave as soon as possible, he felt like he would be tempted to kill these men even with the thought of becoming a Red Player.

At that moment, the sun was already rising. Darkness was now trying to hide. After walking a distance away, and upon leaving the combat mode, Vi suddenly disappeared without a trace.

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